Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

romeneskoblogs: (Romenesko) Obama named Time’s Person of the Year; Palin named a runner up.
anthonytaurus: USAnthony Blog: Caroline Kennedy. What Sarah Palin should have been!
Bill_Stevens: Good Morning. I have a bad case of the Blogojevich. I got caught trying to sell someone else’s blog. Thank you, I’ll be here all day.
famecrawler: New @Famecrawler Bristol Palin To Give Birth!:  
Bristol Palin is ready to pop a..
felipe_thomaz: Hoje os blogs são só inspiração: eu já li que o twitter acabou de matar o jornalismo e que a Kate Perry é uma Sarah Palin do pop… kkkkk
1dermint: Watching Governor Palin "Pardon a Thanksgiving Turkey" while others are slaughtered in the background! Gross and Classic!!!!
gypsyjr: Sarah Palin turkey "pardoning"… I HAVE NO WORDS.
wheeldog: @litterthisheart Sarah Palin, friend to all creatures except women who’ve been raped and democrats
UnderRadar: Watching the turkey slaughter behind Palin’s interview is just one more affirmation why being a vegan makes complete sense
JohnnyZito: OMG Sarah Palin Turkey Pardon video… just wow.
captjmartin11: Omg! Palin turkey interview!
ddeeaannnnaa89: On Olbermann right now: is Palin seriously oblivious to the turkeys being slaughtered behind her?? She’s happy to be there? What?
Dogs_Rule: Palin is such an Idiot……Gobble, Gobble!!
bigeasy: Watching the Sarah Palin turkey killing Thanksgiving Day Special with buckets of blood coming out of turkey necks.
orbitaldiamonds: One Stryker has already died, Palin!
onejuliandunn: holy crap this Palin turkey shit is UNBEELEAVBLE!!!!
chrisburdick: Good Lord! Palin pardoned Alaska’s Thanksgiving turkey, then gave an interview while turkeys were being slaughtered on camera behind her
ChristieM: oh. My. God. Has anyone seen the Palin interview where they are killing turkeys in the background?!?! MSNBC had to blue it it was so graphic
litterthisheart: HAHAHA. "Certainly we’ll invite criticism with this [...]" You don’t even know the half of it, Sarah Palin.
kevsung: Omg Palin hates turkeys!
Townie: Sarah Palin answered press questions in front of turkeys being slaughtered. Her image handlers haven’t learned a THING
copperbird7: Unbelievable! I have never seen or heard anything like the Sarah Palin Turkey pardon interview. She never shuts up and what a bozo. OMG
loveyou74: Sarah Palin is still an ass.
Oenophilus: Did anyone else see the Sarah Palin Turkey Pardon/Slaughter video? Freakin’ Incredible!!!
maggiebyrd: seriously. Sarah Palin is rediculous. Why pardon a turkey only to do an interviwe with other turkeys being killed. SERIOUSLY.
lizziebelle: headline on MSNBC: "Gov. Palin apparently oblivious to turkey carnage over her shoulder." Bwahahaha!
ophelia: omg. watching on msnbc a palin conference and behind her they are killing a turkey, & she’s so unaware that this guy is taking the head off
RatsOnParade: watching the horrible HORRIBLE interview with Sarah Palin. (not just horrible because of her interview, but the turkeys behind her.) OH NO!
tracytran: Sarah Palin should know about TV timing. Never, ever show a live killing of a turkey on-air. Tofu turkey, here I come.
mrmayo: anyone watching the Palin turkey decapitation segment right now
lruettimann: Dudes, did you see the turkey slaughter video with Sarah Palin? I just threw up in my mouth. #turkeyslaughter2008
hannahAM: sarah palin is such an idiot.
danielholter: ok, the Palin interview in front of the turkey killin’ is pretty staggering. staggering and hilarious.
airbrat77: If Obama compared his experience to Palin by using "running a multimillion dollar campaign" he should be held accountable for the fraud
chris23: @agreatnotion those are the folks Palin is in with:
johnhummel: Oh, good lord – Sarah Palin after pardoning the turkey is standing in front of – a turky killing blood draining booth on live TV (sigh).
daveweigel: Msnbc played at least 4 minutes of Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey
_fatcat: Now listening to Eye of Alaska with @tiberiuslazarus at the Blue Note. No Sarah Palin in sight.
rosepena: Guess they took the clothes back. Palin is pardoning the turkey in Wasilla with a fake Burberry look alike scarf on.
litterthisheart: "I, Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, friend of all creatures [...]" LMFAO IRL.
jtgurkin: Ann Coulter epitomizes everything I dislike about self-righteous conservatives (Rush Limbaugh is the close second this time)
JoeTheRuski: down again! Their answer is to put up cute images and act increasingly adorable just like Sarah Palin when cornered.
timhooker: The Stupids: As a general rule, it’s supposed to be art that imitates life. But, in Sarah Palin&r..
htxlisakate: RT @voteevanin08 colbert: "sarah palin’s getting a book deal, which means wasilla is getting a bookstore"
voteevanin08: colbert "sarah palin’s getting a book deal, which means wasilla is getting a bookstore"
SheilaMc7: Ohhhh, snap! Sarah Palin news on Countdown is gonna be trumped by… Some Crazy Larry Craig remarks to departing Uncle Ted Stevens!
thc1972: @Fledgist Sarah Palin as Norn? I dunno. Nor a Valkyrie (not enough honor). I bet she sees herself as Freyja (love/war/breeding/beauty). hmm
planetuga: Sarah Palin convidada para filme porno –
newbedfid: twilight twilight twiilght everything….sorry….Edward’s letters to Sarah Palin….BWAH!:

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