Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

sarahpalinfeed: Time magazine names Obama ‘Person of the Year’; Paulson and Palin among runners-up :
billym_timbro: @nylander Länk till Timbros ny rapport om den svenska mediebevakningen av Sarah Palin: #svpt
freerepublic: Obama named TIME’s 2008 Person of the Year: First black U.S. president trumps Clinton, Palin, Paulson, Phel..
NPpolitics: TIME magazine names Barack Obama person of year (yawn); Runners up: Palin, Sarkozy; people who mattered: Clinton, Phelps, Fey and Somal …
SamBrownback: Main Street Liberal: An Easy Call Loyalty is a virtue, but extremism i… Palin, Blaming America Back in her off..
trempy: @acarvin gosh I would have puked if they made Palin person of the year!
mclouthier: @dmataconis I’m going to ignore your Palin wrongness and focus on your avatar. What the heck? And where is your face?
tmofee: @limyh i would of said palin. she made more entertaining news. not as influencial though :P
acarvin: Runners-up for Time’s person of the year: Hank Paulson, Sarah Palin, Nicolas Sarkozy and Zhang Yimou.
BreakingNewsOn: The magazine has named Treasury Secretary Paulson, French President Sarkozy, Gov. Sarah Palin and Chinese director Yimou as runners-up.
Jormanks: lo mejor de Sarah Palin
mtellock: Dad: "I really like Sarah Palin…she has a bright future!…I support Bush 100%." Reason #241 why I’m NOT going home for Thanksgiving.
thedeloach: @GregAllen Do you feel like Todd Palin?
KimWarren: I rang out an alaskan at work yesterday. She sounded just like Sarah Palin. Scary.
SheilaMc7: Yay! Breaking Sarah Palin News on Countdown tonight! Something about a post-Turkey Pardon interview trainwreck…but who cares about details
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] The Palin-Reagan connection: I’m one of those who refuses to proc..
tribune: Fire Limbaugh and his ilk: columnist
kylesellers: Wow, NYT ran a story about the Palin/Africa story actually being an elaborate hoax. Meaning, it never happened.
wintersweet: @tikistitch What makes you think Sarah Palin would drive anything other than a Canyonero?
MadamaAmbi: woman doc ranted about Sarah Palin during my pap smear. That’s a first.
saddacracker: – Just request Christmas week off so I can hunt wolves with Sarah Palin.
sarking: @toryweg Yes, exactly. Impossible, and yet it’s Sarah Palin, so… I don’t know. She’s magic. The impossible is possible with her.
huffingtonpost: Pam Bristow: Dead Meat: Art That Even Palin Would Love: I’m not much of a red meat lover, but thro..
heidiryder: this is priceless: … especially love the palin "quote" at the end.
planetgeek: Bruno Miguel: Sarah Palin convidada para filme porno
twittfeed: Huffington Post Pam Bristow: Dead Meat: Art That Even Palin Would Love: I’m not much of ..
tikistitch: Just saw Sarah Palin driving a Honda Civic. Seriously. It was either her or Tina Fey. And why would Tina Fey drive a Civic?
epstein: I have kind of respect for the people who still have McCain/palin bumper stickers up.
ljsellers: Did you hear about the Palin/Plumber book deals? Join me in ranting a little.
s_carolinaBNN: Waldo Lydecker’s Journal.: Somewhere, Sarah Palin is laughing: Another argument for a Republican-cr..
newsblaze: Opinions: What if Electoral College Elects Sarah Palin to Presidency?
tinarfh: Conservative Feminism – Defined by Sarah Palin?
jezebel: 22 Questions We Wish We’d Asked Sarah Palin : Withdrawal creeps up on you slowly, like, say a huntress in..
EarvinD: Sarah Palin’s son gay sex scandal!
mjsante: AZ Gov Napolitano rocks! Will be a great head of DHS. See her & Palin on C Rose:
shellen: More exciting than a Sarah Palin rally around the office today. Less guns, same amount of winking.
sjcobrien: @greglinch @kev097 @selfmadepsyche Sen. Stevens/Gov. Palin: good for funny bone. I fear @barackobama is going to create a humor deficit.
rrcarter: 2 whole weeks since I had to see s.palin. beginning to take palin-less world for granted. THAT’S when they pounce. Watch your backs, people!
laurajo: rocking sarah palin hair tonight
top_pic: d: Palin Scream Parody – President Palin Picture: Palin Scream
lizscherer: @jenmccabegorman. "Ouch! Thought you wanted the background, not the Palin link! Though, this is a great link! Thnx!
abennie: thinks it is a sad state of affairs when Palin and Joe the Plumber are the only people getting book deals.
bluenc: BlueNC | Hahahahahaha:
NC Republican woman say lay off Sarah Palin. Hilarous!
yooper1714: @rhetter maybe they are selling them on Ebay to make some cash? It worked for Palin, why not them?
talea: @BrettRadin palin in spanish means quickie. yeah id say the name fit.
n_carolinaBNN: BlueNC blogs: Hahahahahaha:
NC Republican woman say lay off Sarah Palin. Hilarous!


KearaO: RT Progressive woman author channels Sarah Palin – to good effect. @huffingtonpost
joeschmitt: Another reason to love 30 Rock: Chance for Tina Fey comedy without the threat of Palin presidency.
Vegasseven: Okay, we have to boycott any book Palin writes

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