Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

redwhiteandnews: HANNITY IS NUMBER ONE: That’ll show all of you who think he’s closer to a diaper full of Number Two.
nexusdue: ha appena ricevuto da per natale il gioco blogstar sono commosso
vannschaffner: Op Free Swim: Your own twitter stream Hannity and Colmes. Take your pick , R or L. #opfs #TCOT
TheNeaL: @michellemalkin I hope you like this Sarah Palin video. Someone made some great new visuals:
Race42008: Sarah Palin Update: Two notes:

Sarah Palin got the Department of Homeland Security to reconsider the denial of ..

mkcho73: still, even a Barney tape would beat listening to GWGEW and the Palin talking about their hot flashes.
AndyG1128: @CharlieProfit Ahh, the Limbaugh/Stern Doctrine. Go to one extreme or the other to antagonize a group and gain audience.
SalocinHB: alyson hannigan is sarah palin:
OhThatLaura: (From Page Six) Bristol Palin, had a boy. The as-yet-unnamed kiddie already killed a moose with his bare hands.
anillosolidario: [MUJERES EN LA BLOGO Argentina, Tucumán: Polémica por la aparición de afiches
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Stupidity of the day: Number of comments: 1A George Soros-funded group names Sean Hannity the bigges..
n_carolinaBNN: Scrubbing the Times?: Did the NYT edit a Palin reference from this article on La Kennedy?References ..
dreamnotoftoday: Scoop: Palin book deal could rake in $7 million
TubularTV: New Tubular entry: How will Saturday Night Live survive in a post-Palin world?
tts28: The Rise and Fall of Sarah Palin - Key Learnings For Job Search:
bohemianhippie: @ricksanchezcnn How about because the media keeps talking about the ignorance & racism that Palin/McCain spread during their campaign?
mofopolitics: Watching Newt Gingrich kindly trash Sarah Palin
TeresitaMercado: @WendyNeverland Passenger side air bag: Rush Limbaugh riding shotgun
tylerdewar: Invoice for the GOP donors who bought Palin's clothes:
wisconsinBNN: Stepping Right Up!: The reasons we love Sarah Palin: Clearly, the Democrats and the media do not get..
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
bratling: In thanks for Sarah Palin's destruction of the McCain candidacy, please tell us what you can see from your porch. I can see a radio tower.
seanistheman: @ricksanchezcnn Maybe Sarah Palin can be the Commisioner of War instead of John Mccain
pipsipirate: how come I can no longer access the Palin rap on the NBC website? THIS IS NOT FAIR.
RandomTopicGirl: @draftmag Rosie O'Donnell drinks Natural Ice - Palin does Jager shots w/ Founders Breakfast Stout chaser
gmnikolaidis: A massive natural gas reserve underground in New York. Isn't that where Rush Limbaugh used to live?
BELLREHWOLDT: Is it true???? Sarah Palin is being offered millions for a book deal?! OY! America! What's up with you?!
dmooney9: When Palin said Harry Potter books were not even written when she was mayor of Wasilla, van Sustern didn't pick up on it. Is that true?
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
BigKahunaBrew: Of course everyone else is going to say Palin = Mose Drool!
EFHuttonBlog: EF Hutton The Many Sides Of Sarah Palin, depicts her meeting "Vikings and Valkyries" in whi..
BigKahunaBrew: @Draftmag Palin = McQuire's I'll Have What The Gentleman On The Floor Is Having Barley Wine O'donnell = Dogfish Head Golden Shower
seldo: Maybe if Sarah Palin really does earn the rumoured $7m for her memoirs she'll be rich enough to retire and stay out of our hair.
ChrisQuick: I just listened to myself leave a voice message and I totally sounded like Sarah Palin. My Yooper accent is atrocious.
talprince: @phdbre at least as funny as Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin for me. WAY too funny. Hope you are feeling better!
twittfeed: Huffington Post Why Palin in 2012 Needs Sen. Stevens to Win: As bizarre as it may seem, ..
Cheavor: @HumanityCritic I would be very disappointed if Obama appoint Hillary, McCain or Palin to his Administration.
z0x1c: @seilogramp "the economy tanking...had a lot more to do with [McCain's loss] than the VP pick" -Palin Again no reasoning.
incidentallove: barack obama on 60 minutes | Barack Obama on 60 Minutes-Biden Vs. Palin
phdbre: Laughing at: "Don’t make me come back there « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and mor …
buzzbishop: Wanna be rich and famous? Be stupid and ignorant. Palin working a $7M book deal.
MochaMom365: @djbigdaddy perhaps because they got tired of palin peepin’ in their backyard.
Jeffporn: @draftmag Rosie – Bud its a manly beer. Palin – Russian Imperial so she can show how she is improving on foreign policy.
Adam_Bitely: Sarah Palin’s Magic
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
37h3r: Why Sarah Palin Cost John McCain The Election…
babyblonde: Why Palin in 2012 Needs Sen. Stevens to Win
Al30: @adravan thanks – the Palin thing was fine – private email used for matters of public concern and therefore part of the record…
snackfeedbuzz: watch Video Letter To The Editor-Debate Porridge responds to a recent Washington article about Sarah Palin’s …
draftmag: What beer would Rosie O’Donnell and Sarah Palin drink?

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