Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

skepticsglo: New blog entry: Sarah Palin Republican VP Choice, WOW!
mredison: @pskinner I watched a LOT of the Nuge’s hunting show and followed up with reading his (t)editorials on Sarah Palin. Fun times.
HellaSound: @lizwebpage you’re friends with Sarah Palin on Facebook?
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Donald Trump talks to Fox’s Greta on Obama, Palin, Bush & money:
Trump on Dow dip,..
ganjablue: @nudememphis For some reason images of a Sarah Palin / Ann Coulter "coming out" campaign just jumped into my head, disturbing.
idealist615: @kudzu630 they already know its a few state workers. palin is old news to me. #opfs
republicangal: @NMBobblehead Looks like her handlers have taken a page from Sarah Palin’s aides.
Kudzu630: @idealist615 #opfs I’ll be waiting for MSM to tie this to Palin with innuendo
AudioShocker: Zombie Palin #10 – Tastes Like a Lame Duck
dbfulton: Retweeting @owillis Palin Country!
IainHolder: I saw a picture of Sarah Palin last night in an old newspaper. All I can saw is ‘phew’.
smartyp: Retweeting @redwhiteandnews HANNITY IS NUMBER ONE: That’ll show all of you who think he’s closer to a diaper full of #2.
gretawire: Here is a good idea ! Skip the raise ! (and hint to corporate executives!): Palin didn’t seek,…
OlcaytoCengiz: I got Palin’s mail, Yahoo!
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
mariodehter: Más clarito: el aqüita: "Provocación 2.0 o la Sarah Palin del EBE 08" por Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña
texburgher: In thanks for Sarah Palin’s heroic destruction of the McCain candidacy, please tell us what you can see from your porch. I can see Venus.
elgris: Para los fans de Sarah Palin, que sé que los hay
exador23: @t3knomanser although I must say that definition sounds suspiciously like retirement and/or childhood. (and possibly sarah palin ;-)
Xcitnite: @imrananwar LOL…response to moose-brain Palin..I think Palin will keep practicing to be Pres..She gets A 4 effort only
Ardenfaye: Who should America’s CTO be? Sarah Palin? Jk.
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
kfieldho: @Perlscript That and 1 too many "Palin p0wnz Obama bc he didn’t pick HRC as VP" etc. 140chr != political analysis
tassava: Sigur Ros: not good working music. I keep trying and failing to suss out the meaning of the words. Art-rock Sarah Palin interviews.
akdbman: @jmproffitt Sarah Palin in Juneau? wha? I don’t think that ever happens. That could well be a newsworthy event, especially before session.
terrisCA: Sarah Palin would like you all to know that she’s a feminist – "whatever that means," and she wants you women to stop being so narrow minded
chorrell: ‘Biden asked, "Who’s Palin?"’:
CassidyFletcher: @luvlee2003 you and me both. i wear my fuck off sara palin shirt with pride and determination
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
mssirinides: dude. the "earn" aside was a slight at our current president, who attended harvard as a dignitary. mostly, i’m trying to call palin a moron
kimblake1: It’s like Tina Fey or Sarah Palin. And my face is ROUND.
Jessabelle207: @DieLaughing How about this one: Your momma so fat that Sarah Palin wants to pick her off for winter season-sustaining jerky.
costel74: [NEWS] Rising Stars of the GOP
(The Weekly Standard): The Weekly Standard – MiamiSarah Palin wa..
MomLogic: Palin Could Rake in $7 Million From Book Deal. Would YOU read it?
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
shmu: [votes:87] Bruce Wilson: Katherine Harris Was in Sarah Palin’s Spiritual Warfare Network,
buchino: @RadKT you get to be Sarah Palin? for moneys? sweeeeeeeeet
sw061464: Laughing at: Sarah Palin and Madonna had Sex in the 1980′s ( )
jdpigg: CBS scores first Pres-Obama I-view. Coincidence!? I think not! Payback for Couric/Palin i-view… Corrupt cronies of the DNC
usnews: Sarah Palin for President in 2012? No Way:
There are practical reasons why a 2012 Palin presidential bid..
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
TubaraoEsquilo: Post: da série “gostar de cristãos hardcore” [Arrastão]: sarah palin gostaria de ter tido pri..
jmproffitt: @akdbman you’ll have to report Sarah Palin sightings when she’s in town. That’ll get you followers!
blazamos: @abbyalger He also has a McCain-Palin sticker. I think he’s a Republican.
Severuslovesme: Ok back awake after a hilarious dream that is too long to describe on Twitter. But don’t worry, friends. You will hear about Sarah Palin.
_holly: what the fucking hell? helen mirrem should have tea with palin, they’d get along beautifully:
human3rror: ouch. "You got Palinized" is the new blogger term instead of "You got Pwned." – ouch palin. … kids in pajamas? ouch.
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
mathewi: thanks for the suggestions on question of "if Hulu is Obama and YouTube is McCain, who is Palin?" top two: 1), 2)

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