Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

willclarkworld: lots of fun stuff on Warren, Obama, Blogo etc,
freerepublic: The Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread – Thursday, December 18, 2008: AND NOW . . . amidst billowing clouds of..
brittamarie: Twice now I’ve typed "Palin" instead of "Plain". Apparently I’ve got Palin on the brain O_o
idealist615: @kudzu630 Eric Croft sponsored the law to make them free of charge and said the only opposition he faced was in wasilla when palin was mayor
aprilliesel: Notice how the Associated Press is pushing that Alaska Racist email story more than Sarah Palin rejecting a pay raise that she didn’t ask 4!
happygirl616: My blog is suddenly getting lots of traffic from pro-Sarah Palin websites. How can that be? No comments yet, but I can’t wait.
newser: @dontgetcaught Or maybe a smart move: When Palin touted her experience, it only gave critics ammo.
WilsonHines: @CrazyOnYou Now, the blogo situation is showing his transparency.
bp_newsone: Palin Asked To Address Racist Obama Emails
ptdavis: Bloggers, Journalists and Sarah Palin’s Ignorance: Last week, you he..
IAMORME: Are you saying that because will was an eloquent speaker that means he earned his position more more than Palin could have?
velvet_trope: @jayrosen_nyu Palin’s sentences: she sounds like a cross between Yoda and a Jabberwock to me (no disrespect to Yoda and Jabberwockys).
nosilencehere: The real reason McCain picked Palin: When the economy slows down, lipstick sales go up….
thatlady: The significance of 2012 and Sarah Palin running for President in 2012… Interesting.
mclanea: @living3368 You can quote Palin anytime you wan. But it always makes me think of Tina Fey.
allfactsandopin: AF&O Latest Monday Music Video: Palin as “Psycho Killer”: Qu’est-ce ..
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) Chris Matthews: Obama’s Administration ‘Historically Wondrous;’ Palin Might ‘Dump on th..
newser: Bitch vs. Ditz: ’08 Campaign Was a Setback for Women: Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin shattered the glass ..
jamiemcquay: @mathewi Sarah Palin =
newsbusters: Chris Matthews: Obama’s Administration ‘Historically Wondrous;’ Palin Might ‘Dump on the Parade’: On ..
mathewi: Is Hulu like Obama and YouTube like McCain? — and if so, then who is Sarah Palin?
robschendel: McCain and Obama are meeting today in Chicago – what’s that about? McCain’s judgment is so poor (Palin for VP?), why ask for his advice?
bgamall: I just updated my Squidoo page: Sarah Palin is Evil /
Miss_Demeanor: Dick Cavett on Sarah Palin’s tortuous and tortured English:
shawnokeefe: the mccain/palin bumper sticker that some prankster put on my car sure makes for a nice desk coaster. gotta recycle and reuse you know.
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
michiganBNN: ROUGE REVIVAL: Sarah Palin – Go Ahead, Make Her Day!: And so … here we are … the start of yet another..
johnhummel: NewsPirates- Young children labeled as witches – Don’t tell Palin
raventos: Pensando en qué corte le puedo enviar a Sarah Palin.
Theresa111: A huge gaffe from McCain/Palin was driven into the chasm between voters. McCain must insist these inflamed racist attackers cease & desist
protean: Alt caption for Angered by Palin’s comments, Texas Gov Rick Perry begins to transform into jet fighter mode.
dhmspector: really good advice for Sarah Palin:
davidb: wow, sarah palin is on to something. This diet dr pepper is pretty good!
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
GoogleNewsElect: Queen Bee Palin Shows Up Party, Then Splits: Margaret Carlson – Bloomberg: TVNZQueen Bee Pa..
dailyherald: Palin’s purse pick? Elli and Friends
LindaLorie: NewsPirates- Young children labeled as witches – Don’t tell Palin
GrantGriffiths: @DawudMiracle Yes I did. I figured if Sarah Palin could kill a moose, I could kill and clean my own ducrkey
living3368: @mclanea Still thinking about that post. As Sarah Palin would say, "I’ll get back to ya."
msblog: @howardkurtz I’ve seen enthusiasm (along w/criticism) for Palin in the media as well.
AdamHertz: Ian Gurvitz’ STFU plea to Sarah Palin:
mssirinides: you know, since the palin comparison is "obvious".
8dot3: @JasonCalacanis Good thoughts on the economic collapse on @twit this week. Try telling that to the Limbaugh listeners!
nipslip: Sarah Palin: Sexy Legs in Short Shorts
tturff: I think the main reason the left hated Gov. Palin, is that she wasn’t sorry for conservatism.
kirkfontenot: @amywithlemon My old boss jokingly said my new glasses were "very Sarah Palin." It may have been a mistake to punch her in the windpipe.

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