Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

zuviel: How Sarah Palin protects turkeys: There’s always something about Sarah Palin giving interviews:
freerepublic: Palin REFUSES $25,000 pay hike: JUNEAU, Alaska, Dec. 18 (UPI) — Former Republican vice presidential candidate S..
jrkinsella: Lizard People/Palin ’12 via @ShareThis
alaskaBNN: Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis: Palin turns down proposed raise…sorta. However, it would actually be a pay cut!:


clint: r/t @ejacqui Sarah Palin replaced by Blago – Photo:
ejacqui: Sarah Palin replaced by Blago – Photo:
georgiaBNN: Peach Pundit: General PR Notice: Number of comments: 5I’ll be on Hannity Colmes tonight right at 9pm. [...]
houssein: J’aime voir que la blogo tunisienne est en effervessence et bouge bcp (dans le bon sens). Beaucoup d’ondes positives…
nansen: @tamij oh. take a photo please. Palin pins on Moose- the new Christmas theme!
terio818:, Sarah Palin anyone?
MUCHEE: @Veasel Yeah– I am not gonna lie- the sarah palin porno girl is pretty hott LOL
copydiva: is Motrin the new Sarah Palin? #motrinmoms
literallyfresh: Catching up on some Larry King podcasts. Listening to Sarah Palin dodge his questions and digress makes me extremely uncomfortable.
gameexaminer: Palin no match for Super Obama:
You think President-Elect Barack Obama faced his toughest challeng..
sarahpalinfeed: Sarah Palin proved point in recent interviews :
mentalerosion: GW Bush’s Crusade to destroy the GOP is nearly complete. Sarah Palin is poised to finish the job in 2012. Maybe the Aztecs were Republican.
ayse: @vruz Check out this doc. Shows where the GOP’s "power" lies–namely in race-baiting attack dogs, Palin being the most recent useful idiot.
hazella: Becoming even more confused by Sarah Palin on Larry King.
vruz: @ayse maybe McCain so mavericky and all, couldn’t afford to takeover the republican party and had to deal with some must-haves (like Palin)
nauticalcompass: Your sweater looks like sarah palin, you look like a republican, give it to sassy…
zachorly: I’m watching Bruce Wilis dressed as Sarah Palin and doing schtick on last week’s Letterman. It’s…odd…
HopeForTomorrow: Please Stop the Replays: Sarah Palin ended her gabfest & now the replays are on every f’n channel! Enough w/her annoying idiotic interviews!
iMurakami: Ahaha Sarah Palin on Larry King what a JOKE. She needs to just stay in Alaska and shut up.
debaoki: having election news withdrawal. surely there were *some* dumb gaffes from all those sarah palin interviews lately?
georgiaelizabee: Whoa nelly! A friend of mine breeds her dogs to sell pups, supported McCain/Palin, meat-eating Jesus lover, BUT is a member of PETA?! WTF?!
snackfeedbuzz: video added Sarah: The Naughty Librarian-Brian Haner’s original song about Sarah Palin
zenforlunch: Context re: Motrin tweet. Twitter mums are going crazy over a "controversial" ad: Almost wish Palin was still in the news
soupasherpa: Sarah Palin on larry king: please be quiet. You don’t have the golden shovel gift. You "gotcha" drift.
CalliCoop: That Palin wacko on Larry King.
Leatrice: @chaosinga LOL… I am having a Palin free day today… not going there with you. LOL. Welcome back by the way.
djadamjay: that’s so cool that Palin wants to reach out to that terrorist sympathizer now. i wonder what that makes her? other than the anti-christ..
chaosinga: Watching Palin on Larry King Live (hate that I can’t sleep). How does she NOT run out of breath. There are no (,) or (.) when she speaks.
ronijean: Coffee is to chugging as Palin was to vice presidency.
myklroventine: Laughing at the caption under Palin on CNN, "unleashed"
Mountainsister: Palin overkill…give it a rest girl. Use some of that energy and give those kids the attention they need.
jackola: Palin is on CNN. The sound of her voice is annoying to me now. For goodness sake, leave the spotlight already. Stop juicing it.
bcmagazine: I’ll Take One Hot Palin And One Cold Piyush "Bobby" Jindal–To Go…Please
Mountainsister: Limbaugh must be back on the stuff again if he is still spewing out his venom.
OroroDC: @riskin sigh. we are a pathetic lot, aren’t we? I certainly need Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to explain the ‘Obama recession’.
MisterNoodle: @mochamomma The #mcrib is to sandwiches what Gretzky is to Hockey; Buffet is to Wall Street; Palin is to Intelligence. Wait… forget that 1
massaint: [detikNews] Ternyata Kisah Sarah Palin Masih Laku Dijual: Senin, 17/11/2008 11:20 WIB – Wash..
viqifrench: Obama & Palin music video spoofs —
Daniel_Madden: @donlemoncnn NO more Palin! everyone I talk to is tired of hearing her,it’s the media thats keeping her NON-story going & going & going….
lcgal83: LOL…I’m a little tired. That last one should have said take down the McCain / Palin signs!! You lost…deal with it!
lcgal83: I think it’s time for people need to tame the McCain / Palin signs…I’m just saying….
jluhr: How is it that Palin’s hair has gotten more and more Bon Jovi since McCain lost the election.
BigPixture: @rassnapp It held up pretty well. Kline and Palin are great. Still funny. Still crude too. Don’t think I’ll let the kids see it just yet…
Audioptics: @saraknight13 You Betcha! (that was me making fun of sarah palin…)
alechosterman: And by "painful" I mean "I’m not a fan of Palin but can’t disconnect her from the state." Just had to clarify that last tweet.
alechosterman: Every time I hear the word "Alaska" I automatically think of Sarah Palin. I hope that will stop sometime soon. It’s too painful.

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