Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

rkischuk: Getting interrupted so much today I feel like a Democrat guest on Sean Hannity’s radio show.
donfubar: 1Up Yours was epic last night! There was Sarah Palin, Gary Busey, and even a mediocre John Madden! Can’t wait to hear the finished product
clint: [pix] Sarah Palin replaced by Blago
ccindyderek: Out into the frozen wastelands I go to shop for xmas gifts. If I do not return, tell you know you that I love her. Oh, and vote Palin 2012!!
freerepublic: Palin ‘well suited’ for Iowa (2012): Former John McCain pollster Bill McInturff said Thursday that in ..
mycall2rise: Attn: New York #TCOTers! Move now! Sean Hannity discussing the new taxes headed your way. Insane!
2012Palin: If You Discount Palin in 2012, You Are Forgetting Iowa!: John McCain’s pollster makes a great point about the 20..
Akula: @HeatherWit Ya same here. I figured she’d disappear like Palin after the election.
luge: HULU #’s drop post Sarah Palin Election Show…JOOST snickers in the BG;
somethinggirl: My dog’s smile is located at her tail, right? I wish she’d just give me a Sarah Palin grin and wink. Then I’d know she loves me.
TheRedlandsMan: I hate the fact that liberals blame Hannity and Limbaugh for everything.
khazaeinet: Chris loves him some Palin bestiality
khazaeinet: I saw Sarah Palin and the moose having hot raunchy sex in Noam’s backyard
khazaeinet: Sarah Palin told me that moose was lying
evangwynn2011: I really hope that sarah palin DOES NOT run in 2012 cause some people would actually vote for her
whatsnext: Now there’s a patriot if ever there was one. I wonder if Sarah Palin can do that?
freerepublic: Gingrich says Palin will not be the future GOP leader (Mods read the article before deleting): Forme..
corywright: on the Parking Cents bus sitting next to a Sarah Palin sound-a-like. Ugh
wisequark: @iTod due more, perhaps, to our desire never to see Palin again
msnbc_ent: Scoop: Palin book deal could rake in $7 million
meli1020: almost forgot about sarah palin until thesuperficial posted pics of her poolside. so glad she’s in a gossip column and not the white house.
stix1972: Thanks To Palin Is Obama Above the Law?:

A small business owner, a grocery store propri..

stix1972: Thanks To Palin Grass: While Tuesday was Veterans Day, we were all thankful for all the s..
Samsmomjen: When you get a chance check out John McCain’s linkedin page It’s just funny how he "recommends" Sarah Palin
madlolscientist: @sfoofie Did you see the Palin Baby Name Generator website? My name is Torpedo Vindicator Palin. ROFL!
howwastheshow: "The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla," Dick Cavett on Sarah Palin: ("I feel sorry for John. He aimed low and missed.")
palin_quotes: #Palin explained the defeat of the McCain-#Palin ticket this way: "You know, we got that ‘R’ by our ..
Mickeleh: Newt Gingrich And Bobby Jindal Succumb To Bush Derangement Syndrome, Agree Palin Is Awesome
ChunLum: Election ’08 may be over, but Sarah Palin is still an engaging topic of conversation with my 2-yr old nephew:
Soni_D: Hasn’t Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes run out yet… doesn’t she have some governing to do or something?
nebraskaBNN: RedStateEclectic: Gingrich on Palin: I tend to agree with Newt Gingrich on this one: But Gingrich, an..
jilliancyork: If you want to work for Obama, be prepared for a vetting more serious than Palin’s (h/t @ariherzog)
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Palin book deal: She’s worth a $7 million advance, the Times of London reported..
7thscreen: Sara Palin Is Now President. She is being interviewed by Steve Croft on 60 min. What would have been the difference in the interview?
getacellphone: Go to and type in McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden. Look at the bar graph results. Interesting.
mattmay: Palin’s shopping a $7M book deal? Who’d pay that much for a picture book?
dewalker: Watching LA. governor Bobby Jindal on Face the Nation; it boggles my mind that McCain picked Palin as a running mate over this guy.
melissajarquin: @iTod Im pretty sure those are Nike Tempo running shorts Palin is wearing. Guess they fall into the "slutty" category on a hot Miami day.
dikstrong: Visit for the latest on Sarah Palin
dikstrong: Have you heard? MSNBC network retracts an embarrasing story about Sarah Palin after it was found to be a hoax…….
CassieSkull: My friends and I rocked out on guitar hero, formed a band and named it Palin and the Russians. Yea that joke never gets old for us.
ET_nowplaying: Ridiculous – Sarah Palin thinks it doesn’t make sense. –
skynewsaust: Sarah Palin’s book deal: Sarah Palin may have failed to win America’s Vice Presidency, but she could ..
Race42008: More on Palin: I have been newly minted as a “Palin cultist” in the comments. Yes, I did tr..
tinapayson: @softfuzzybunny Hate to break it to ya, but the Palin thing was an act..a bad act. Evangelicals may offer her satellite radio gig, no FOX.
postpolitics: In the Loop: Sarah Palin Invites You to Alaska
diggitainternet: Per la Palin siamo pettegoli in pigiama
DarrenMills: McCain had indeed picked Palin… He went to the front cabin to tell Obama and his new running mate, Joe Biden. Biden asked, "Who’s Palin?"
tinapayson: @softfuzzybunny Why do you say "Palin’s career is just starting"? She has 2 years left as AK governor then she’s gone. Palin= GOP failure.

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