Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

djsnyder: Media Matters named Sean Hannity the "2008 Misinformer of the Year"
joshjs: Brewers signed LH OF Trot Nixon to a minor-league deal & Sarah Palin just got a good idea for the name of her next child.
sabler: @megabee What I do in the general direction of my TV when Palin’s voice comes out of it?
beaudotgiles: For that special someone on your Xmas list… the Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar over 50 photos of Sarah and family, 15% off
2012Palin: Sweet Home … Iowa?: H/T JP @ Sarah Palin for President John McCain’s former pollster says that former vice-pre..
bostonherald: Palin spokesman says she won’t accept recommended pay raise: ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would n..
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) Sean Hannity: Misinformer of 2008
wodego: Sean Hannity bragging about a lapel pin the Secret Service gave him. It’s always all about Sean – no matter what the subject. Lightweight.
agentjon: @daveconrey but we all know what Sarah Palin looks like…thanks Tina Fey!
egrasing: @rkischuk people are interrupting you AND spouting stupid crap at you? That’s Hannity….
iTod: so is anyone still pretending to deny the Palin/RNC/hotel/towel incident? not so hard to believe.
ConservatioNews: Sarah Palin Invites You to Alaska – – The Washington Post
agbullet: @ivelbob I’m no political pundit, but I think the world will chug along just fine with McCain. It’s only scary cos he’s 72, and Palin is VP.
jhames: For your family members and (ex-)friends that voted McCain/Palin, why not buy them a Republican Survival Kit:
danielerossi: She even looks like Palin. Oh this us too weird even for an Italian variety show.
huffpost: A. Sullivan: Still Hounded: Sarah Palin’s former brother-in-law, trooper Mike Wooten, un.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: A. Sullivan: Still Hounded: Sarah Palin’s former brother-in-law, trooper Mike Wooten, un..
whisp: U.S Airport Security – About as comprehensive as Palin’s experience in foreign relations –
littlestgator: covering crist vs. palin 2008-2012
SalonMedia: Bill Ayers: "The question is, What is terrorism?" : Sarah Palin called him a terrorist, Barack Obama c..
cowsandmilk: dear lord, I hope that falling oil prices cause Palin to have to start taxing Alaskans
dailydish: Still Hounded: Sarah Palin’s former brother-in-law, trooper Mike Wooten, unethically targeted for firin..
Flap: Gingrich says Palin will not be the future GOP leader: But Gingrich on Sunday sought to divert some media at..
baratunde: off to scrub the mcain-palin scum out of my bathroom. those two are nasty!
gopalshenoy: New evidence of Palin-teology –
dcrepublican: Blog: Baby Palin Video
VinnyTheAlien: Sarah Palin’s no loser with ‘$11m book deal’ – The Canberra Times
J3ssM3ss: I kinda miss Sarah Palin….
afrolicious: Still at the Nigerian thing and my dad just called Africa a great country. Chanelling Sarah Palin.
eviltwins: Fineman: ‘Chief jeerleader’ will be Limbaugh, not Palin: Download | Play    Download | Play On Saturday’s Chris M..
eviltwins: Late Edition: Sarah Palin Is So Excited To Work With That Terrorist Lover!: Download | Play    Download | Play (h..
hypatiadotca: Andrew Sullivan on why Sarah Palin still matters:
seasonothebitch: @matttbastard "why didn’t they ask Palin about hockey?!?!?!? SEXISTS only ask men about sports!!!!!
matttbastard: @seasonothebitch I can only imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth over in Wingnutville — COURIC! PALIN! IN THE TANK!!!one
crooksandliars: Fineman: ‘Chief jeerleader’ will be Limbaugh, not Palin: Download | Play    Downloa..
twittfeed: Huffington Post Newt Gingrich: Sarah Palin Will Not Be The Future GOP Leader: Former Hou..
KathrinOutLoud: @HereItComes Palin should have read a lot of things, no?
Macker: "bridge loan to somewhere, rather than bridge loan to nowhere." nice little sarah palin dig, mr. president-elect. isn’t the campaign over?
orbitz: memeorandum Gingrich says Palin will not be the future GOP leader (Alexander Bolton/The Hill): ..
amnesiak1978: "I blogger? A parere di Sarah Palin, intervistata da Fox News, “sono ragazzini in pigiama che si…"
gingerlatte: @KathrinOutLoud Palin should have read Lincoln lol
edsops: Headline: "Gingrich says Palin will not be the future GOP leader." And so, Gingrich positions himself for 2012.
TeeMonster: @PhilippaJane A publisher is paying 7M for Sarah Palin’s life story? Will it be written in crayon with a lot of pictures!? WOW!
RawStory: Raw Story Gingrich: Palin will never lead GOP: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) is ba..
ariherzog: Watching C-SPAN – Sarah Palin speaking wearing what appears to be a leather top
urbanbarbiedoll: Palin is not even worth my time. She’s a joke and simply a trophy to GOP.
BondGyrl: Did you hear the Palin "bridge to no wehre" swipe?
netdoc66: haha Palin snub with the bridge to nowhere line.
Adam10: Rasmussen says 64% of registered Republicans want Palin for the 2012 presidential nomination. God I hope she gets it. What fun we will have.
good_n_evil: Worse but funnier would be ‘Sarah Palin: Dick Cheney In Lipstick.’ Or not. But better than ‘Sarah Palin: Dick Cheney Without Dick.’

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