Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

joshuaculling: Gov. Palin will not accept pay raise #statebooks
usdemocrats: Sarah Palin picked as Time’s runner-up Person of the Year
tomcarmony: For those who can’t quite let go of the Presidential campaign – The 2009 Sarah Palin wall calendar:
oliviabaker: @sarahjbaker I just got "our" room cleaned and washed the sheets, I am ready for you to get here NOW palin!!
MTSeeker: Get ‘em now! The Sarah Palin 2009 Wall Calendar – Includes photos from Campaign trail, governorship, and family.
2cute2miss: @belleadorn Did you see the Palin pardon turkey video by any chance? I still lol at the thought of it.
wodego: Sean Hannity, "we’ve been under fire for a long time cause, frankly, we’ve been in the forefront of revealing Chicago political corruption."
libbysaprincess: top 3 fastest rising GOOG queries this year: 1) sarah palin, 2) beijing 2008, 3) facebook login
jenna_saisquoi: laughed at every welcome from blogo tollway sign.
Smokeybehr: I agree with Hannity: Who is going to be the first journalist to throw the "no experience" flag on Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg?
SarahPalin: Palin spokesman says she won’t accept recommended pay raise (Boston Herald)
newsminer: Palin spokesman: governor won’t accept pay raise
sallee58: "Fess up to it" Ha I like that Obama.My grandmother used to say that to us Hope ur a man of your word. Sounds little like Palin’s dictionary
dsawyer: Palin’s gettting $7m for a book? How dumb can a businessperson get?
eatthatpopcorn: why am i not surprised with these new sarah palin pictures?
richmazza: NMP!!! No More Palin!
good_n_evil: Back from Spicewood Spines succulent nursery. Bumper sticker on a pickup: Sarah Palin: Dick Cheney In A Skirt.
dikstrong: I am looking for sexy pictures of Sarah Palin. You might be interested in the pictures I have about her in
informationweek: Palin E-mail Hacker Trial Delayed
sharonhuey: Anyone else click on therealdexter? Comment made about Sara Palin running 2012. There may be a virus or something, no Sara. BAD
oklahomaBNN: SoonerThought: Quote of the Day: Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin: “I’ve never seen anyone say such awful t..
oklahomaBNN: SoonerThought: Cavett: The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla: Cavett’s brilliant skewering of Palin and the t..
grahamenglish: Ready to watch Obama on 60 minutes right now. Fact: It will take Sarah Palin 2 hours to watch it.
hatebu3: あなたは総理大臣の必要条件を満たしているか? – Welcome to Sakuma Consulting Office’s Geolog – Yahoo… [森喜朗][Sarah Palin...
CountryMe: Guess Palin hasn’t found out JTP
janets98: @aw625 In my best Sarah Palin voice… You betcha! It’s been a long time since Titans fans could hold their heads high.
joycassell: @anamariecox lets hope Palin is gone…I am not holding my breath….
ET_nowplaying: Joe the Plumber – Even Sarah Palin is starting to make Joe the Plumber the focus of her campaigning… –
mason_bryant: Rumor is that Rush Limbaugh developed his pain pill addiction after having his ass repeatedly kicked by @fakerahmemanuel
wendelldotme: I was a "Talk Radio" insider of the pre-Limbaugh era, but stayed in touch to see how it evolved and de-evolved. But too tired to comment now
joel_: @mattbraun idea for flash game: Sarah Palin debate emulator. Hit the wink buttons at precisely the right time to improve crowd reaction.
crooksandliars: Late Edition: Sarah Palin Is So Excited To Work With That Terrorist Lover!: Download | Play &..
DavidStephenson: I loved diagramming sentences. Missed in heat of campaign: some poor soul diagrammed Palin sentences:
StuffNZ_World: Palin no loser with ‘$12m book deal’: She won’t be the US Vice President but Sarah Palin stands..
botchagalupe: rt @noahgift before I forget, I came up with this quote, patent pending: "Palin was our generation’s cuban missile crisis".
PhoneBoy: @sherylbreuker hate to say it, but W sounds articulate next to Palin.
cricketgeek: @noahgift did you already post the one about the palin being a post turtle?
PrincessDi161: Shit CBS cancled for tomorrow… Katie needs the cam crew for something else. They’ll be here tuesday or wednesday. I blame Sarah Palin!
CTMom: @ManagerMom You can always throw in a Sarah Palin wink and a smile, just to break things up a bit.
cARTHAN: @SSrb1098 Palin was a pawn in her zealousness, but Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh tirade’s keep the ignorant haters riled up.
HighPlainsBlogr: Palin, the Anti-Crist: She’s also the Un-Pawlenty The Tampa Tribune’s William Marsh writes today ..
CountryMe: People dreaming about McCain R Palin R Obama R Biden, I’m no shrink but I think it’s because U have been watching too much TV politics lol
SSrb1098: Secret Service blames Palin for rise in death threats against Obama
Soob: Christ, enough of Sarah Palin already. She’s no Reagan, not even slightly. RGA was wise to snub her in choosing their 8.
chucknewton: Have already said that Pipper is the Palin worth watching. See slideshow.
Thers: Sarah Palin got lots of media attention last week — this week let’s hope it’s Joe the Plumber’s turn!
SherylBreuker: Back on the Palin bandwagon, 60% appears umusable. See?
dmooney9: @JOHNABYRNE can anyone really think McCain/Palin huge loss could have been averted by using more Rev Wright? Rove is plain wrong.
imKM: Creating a Sarah Palin for President 2012 Image. Say "Hello" @PhillyD…
caseyfern: @motrinmoms this is a joke, right..? a jab at Sarah Palin’s pain encourages product sales? my Motrin bottle is going into the trash now.

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