Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

2012Palin: Sarah Palin Runner-Up As Time Person of the Year: It was pretty obvious that Barack Obama was going to be on thi..
jdub: "is caroline kennedy our sarah palin?" … ha ha ha huffpo bloggers.
sarahpalinfeed: Palin spokesman says governor will refuse $25K midterm pay raise if granted by commission :
2012Palin: Palin spokesman says she won’t accept pay raise (The Charlotte Observer): (The Associated Press) Alaska Gov. Sar..
davidbadash: Words/phrases from 2008 I never want to hear again: Palin, bailout, Al-Gayda, Lieberman, Joe the Anything, subprime, Anything Crisis, Palin.
joethunk: #FoxNews: Palin spokesman says she won’t accept pay raise – FOXNews: Palin spokesman says she won&#..
deltapark: HIMYM photos – moments of 2008. Hannigan as Palin, the boys as the US Swim Team, Smulders as Blanchet in Crystal Skull.
intrepidblue: @johnhaydon not the fbomb … sarah palin is on her way to your house as we speak! better get some lipstick for that bulldog.
timstate: A moose named "Monty" is dancing on the concourse at the Metra station. No sign of Palin. A college intern lives another day.
Gerard_LeBlond: Broker Bernie Madoff versus IL Gov Rod Blogojevich. Former stole ~$50 billion from many & latter is guilty of just thinking of doing bad.
SarahPalin: Palin spokesman says she won’t accept pay raise (The Charlotte Observer)
Gerard_LeBlond: Broker Bernie Madoff versus IL Gov Rod Blogojevich. The latter showed us how politics works & former how financial world does its magic.
marcylauren: I wish Palin would just shut up – why are they giving this woman air time?
cantamais: Sarah Palin on CNN this a.m.: gave a "shout out to President Bush" b/c terrorists "haven’t attacked the homeland in the past 7 years".
baku91: is listening to Palin’s BS on CNN. Puh-lease!
JoostvandeLoo: sarah palin interview on CNN, still waffling away
leerichards: Two English speaking channels and Sarah Palin is on one of them. Does anyone care or believe what this woman says anymore.
ajanam: Did palin just give pres bush a shout out? Why is this chic still on TV?
brosetti: Wow, Sarah Palin being interviewed right now by Wolf Blitzer said: "I’ve got to give a shout out to President Bush." Ewh.
allysonnewell: I wish Sarah Palin would just go away already.
misterjacko: Sarah Palin just said on CNN that she wanted to give a "shout-out" to President Bush.
famecrawler: New @Famecrawler She’s Got Legs: Sarah Palin Sunbathing:  
Sarah Pali..
elgreg: At my gate. CNN is on. Palin is being interviewed. What the _hell_ is she doing on TV? I thought we got rid of her.
popvine: She’s Got Legs: Sarah Palin Sunbathing: Sarah Palin is enjoying a bit of down-time, relaxing with a frien..
Landon4576: George Straight and Sarah Palin ’012
wendybird75: Why is Sarah Palin on television again?
schg: New Tina fey movie = funny. Although hard not to think of palin.
creativerachel: Watching sara palin on CNN. Still talking about bill ayers. Seriously!?! Get over it!
MrNoface: In my best Chris Crocker voice: LEEEAAVE SARAH PALIN ALOOOONE! *sob*


tingilinde: peter singer talk .. how sarah palin is more ethical (animal rights wise) than 95%+ of US consumers
antena_3: Antena 3: Sarah Palin a primit o ofertă de 2 milioane de dolari pentru a juca într-un film porno
EndTheRoboCalls: 5. McCain made a huge mistake in picking Sarah Palin.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] US Rebublican Sarah Palin wooed for $11m book deal: US Rebublican Sara..
knithippy: thinks its funny that Michelle Obama is a better interviewee than Palin and Michelle never had formal training.
allvoices: Pukhtoons, Palin and Biden: During American presidential election campaign, It had become fashionable t..
missu: Giant Play at 1pm Knicks play Sarah Palin’s fav basketbell team at 3
torieapplesauce: Wishing Sarah Palin away. Let’s hope it works.
neosoulsister: @MochaMom365 Palin reminds me of the police chief from Fargo – You betcha!
steveparis: South Texas politcal radio is STILL campaigning for Palin. Ummm… Okay…
castorofotonico: ha saputo che anche Sara Palin consulta il Capitale di Karl Marx come Libro delle Risposte.
gebbuxton: @maxleisten And the best way to takeover America is through Alaska — just like Palin!
DLatino: 2012 – the end of the Mayan calendar and the rise of Sarah Palin. Coincidence?
MochaMom365: Oprah’s voice is deep…. Sarah Palin….shrill. I’m going to do vocal exercises…
thundRkat: they are slammin Palin on CNN…lol
clairecelsi: #least "Sarah Palin is the new republican standard bearer." Me: If this is true, be scared, very scared.
BlueCollarMuse: @johnmcjunkin @emzanotti Rockin’ the Palin do! There’s a 50′s tune in there somewhere? Next year’s SPN banquet perhaps?
viskar: Sarah Palin’s colloquialisms and multi-jointed clauses still scare the bejesus out of me. Recently on Larry King:
saranoh: im watching baby mama, and all i see when i look at tina fey now is sarah palin.
starsnsnipes: Palin wooed for $11m book deal: SARAH Palin’s account of her disastrous foray into US politics is a ..
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues

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