Eating Each Other Alive… December 18, 2008

When will the carnage end?

MaximusPolitics: #tcot Does your favorite talk show host tweet live with you? @hughhewitt & @thebcast do! #hhrs #bbtv #rush #hannity
rightblogs: [Powerline] Powell versus Limbaugh: I give Jay Nordlinger my proxy on this subject:

Colin Powell, ..

gutoguimaraes: Catzo! #House S01E17 tem o "Obama junto da Sarah Palin"! o_O
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
TMV: Obama and Palin as Publicity Saints: Much has changed since I worked in the Fame Factory as an editor, exploi..
yourdon: Huffington Post says that Palin is discussing a $7 million book deal. I wish someone would offer me a deal like that! :)
WineWonkette: @winebratsf only if they were praising Sarah Palin ;)
HighDef: Who’s laughing now? Sarah Palin reportedly has a book deal worth $7 million.
html (Huffington Post)
huffingtonpost: Rachel Ben-Avi: Sarah Palin in The Eye of The Beholder: I was puttering around today, going throug..
dailydish: Kurtz On Media Bias: The man who acted as Steve Schmidt’s stenographer and Sarah Palin’s p.r. outreach ..
sharkfighter: And NO!, Sarah Palin did not rickroll my grandmother!
sharkfighter: And no Sarah Palin did not rickroll my grandmother!
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
sharkfighter: I LOVE THIS > keep on clicking >
sharkfighter: I LOVE THIS >>> >>> >>> >> >> > .
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
chrisorourke: @TylerInCMYK Hey now I actually like most of the Cylons buster! Sarah Palin is…..crap um…Indiana jones 4.
leadslander: Who will it be for Secretary of State, Clinton, Kerry, or McCain? Palin may want to consult on the Russians.
TSMaryal: Vanity Fair’s dream list for Sarah Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe!
sixstring: If Sarah Palin tries to appoint herself Senator, does she lose the power to appoint as Governor before she actually becomes Senator?
whall: @martymankins No BB? that settles it. I withdraw my nomination for President in 2012 race. WHALL/Palin will have to go on sans whall.
TylerInCMYK: @kmcdade @chrisorourke It’s Sarah Palin
Rekidk: Oh, BTW, something I learned today: Palin DID know that Africa’s a continent. It was a hoax! I’m slightly shocked.
lukira: Does Sarah Palin, have an Airstream in her driveway?
lofatmo: Dick Cavett on Sarah Palin (because she WON’T. GO. AWAY.
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
alexgeana: P.S. Notice, Sarah Palin is no longer part of the news cycle. She didn’t get a leadership position in the party, Yay!
chrismeller: The republicans admit they failed to be relevant to peoples lives in the election. So much for palin being in touch with joe six pack.
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
texasBNN: Left of College Station: Headlines: Ayers Talks, Palin Fades and Obama Meets McCain: President Elect Bar..
chucknewton: Sarah Palin scores a book deal worth a potential $7 Million. Good for her!
sparkleplenty1: @12wonder your palin quotes are pretty right on.
GambitWeekly: Palin bails out publishing industry:

 Ohhh, the irony. When the election ended, I feared that ..

DaveBP: I understand Palin will be featured in Highlights Magazine. It will be Goofus and Gallant and Sarah!
dancurry: New Naperville IL. purse makers strike Palin paydirt with $58 handbag.
Emergent007: Vais brasser un peu la cage… Pour la gauche française, est-ce que Martine Aubry = Sarah Palin ?
twop: Palin Themed Ho-bots Wreck Havok On Small Town America
MechelePellebon:’s "The Bitch" and the "Ditz" is a must read. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton in the same sentence? Hmmm
niknaz: God, i can’t wait until i can navigate to the huffpost w/o seeing sarah palin’s face.
SalonMedia: Palin to speak at CPAC:
Here’s another entry in the chronicles of Republicans already jockeyin..
twittfeed: Huffington Post Sarah Palin Brings Back The Corsage At Alaska Anniversary Ball: It’s bee..
ceruleanbill: I am really tired of hearing authoritative statements – hell, *any* statements — about Sarah Palin’s political plans.
danlowlite: @zigphroid Glad you got a kcik out of it. Okay, so I retract, making fun of Sara Palin is still funny.
KnowYourObama: Palin’s $7 million book deal nearly done.
GuzenMediaJapan: Rumor is Palin’s getting a 7million dollar book deal. I didn’t know far right coloring books went for that much.
glennette: Watching Simpson’s Movie post Sarah Palin is that much more hilarious.
Phyrdancer: ))) Ear to the Ground – Palin Poised to Make Millions on Publishing Deal
imarketing101: @zaibatsu I rather see Sarah Palin smoking crack…

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