Eating Each Other Alive… December 19, 2008

When will the carnage end?

mpinheir: @elsua Check Marsedit or Blogo
trendhunter: 73 Spoofs, Parodies and Funny Recreations – 2008 Hits, From Sock and Awe to Sarah Palin Mockery (CLUSTER)
amy_runner: nothing like a bit of michael palin to pass an otherwise rubbish train journey
DukeStJournal: @caroliiine Tarp? Its topical & fits w/the T theme w/Palin males. Tron’s a cool name too. Can either be frm the movie or frm Chappele’s Show
canadiangal84: @caroliiine She could copy her mom and name it after whatever she sees. Shotgun Palin, anyone?
_missrachel: I wonder if the dude in front of me with the ‘oooo baracuda mccain-palin’ bumper sticker feels like an idiot now.
nicholasadeleon: @caroliiine toughactin tinactin palin
Blast_Off: New post: Today’s Daily Schadenfreude: Sarah Palin
AurimasKuklusis: 24 blogo prenumeratoriai. Daug.
twittfeed: Huffington Post Nude Sarah Palin Artist Working On Naked Blagojevich Painting: Mired in a scandal..
clintonherget: Bristol Palin’s babydaddy’s momma arrested for running a meth lab. In other news, dog bites man.
pa5fn: the Huffingtonpost Nude Sarah Palin Artist Working On Naked Blagojevich Painting: Mired in a s..
OldSayingGame: @caroliiine "Neiman Marcus Palin"
McMatt: RT @caroliiine accepting Bristol Palin’s baby name suggestions, to be mentioned on @the404 today. It’s a boy, but don’t let that stop you.
laurenwilkey: @kim_mmay@uncannie @briggio @bill_i_am she only hates tina fey because she loves sarah palin!
ltbeyer: @caroliiine Re: Palin baby – What about Joe? Her mom seems to like the name! Or Rifle, as it seems to fit with family tradition
RichardMarini: Morning Time Waster: He’s Gone – Singing the praises (sort of) of Alan Colmes, late of Fox’s "Hannity and Colmes."
caroliiine: Now welcoming name suggestions for Bristol Palin’s baby, I’ll mention the best ones on @the404 today. It’s going to be a boy, FYI.
floridaBNN: Blast Off!: Today’s Daily Schadenfreude: Sarah Palin: And so the soap opera continues …Sarah Palin herself is ..
coworkutah: @extralife – ditto on the sean hannity take…
BostonPatriot: Stephanie I smell anti-Palin sabatoeurs here;suggestions on combating???:
blm849: is getting by with 3 hrs of sleep on the red eye back from Vancouver. Tired? To quote Sarah Palin: You betcha! :)
katriord: RT First a nude Palin portrait. Now a nude Blagojevich portrait? Amusing. (via @ColonelTribune) – Colonel, nude govs?
politicalirony: NEW blog post: The Palin Principle
oregonBNN: Born Again Redneck: The split over Palin: Byron York talks to the McCain team:The split over Palin, of ..
chrisfullman: DUH: Palin’s Africa continent/country confusion was a hoax targeted at MSNBC which spread like a wildfire:
mollygaller: Sarah Surfing. Is there such a thing as too much Palin coverage? [www_washingtonpost_com]
gilesgoatboy: sarah palin knows where africa is after all
photobug_mom: Can’t stand Palin’s talk.
carleenbrice: @RosePena I guess Steele is to Obama what Palin is to Clinton.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] The (not) Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Thread – Friday, November 14, 2008:..
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
DakotaVoice: DakotaVoice Couric Prepped for Palin Interview with Obama Allies: Remember the hit-job int..
alaroche: The characters from the 2008 election won’t go away. Hillary’s in the news, Palin’s everywhere, and this guy’s back too –
6News: WATE: Trial delayed for UT student accused in Palin email case
ganondorf01: Hurray for Hillary!!!!, but can someone please MUZZEL Sarah Palin
Orchardo: @GeoffLiving C’mon, I know you have a poster of Sarah Palin in a red swimsuit over your bed, so stop kidding yourself.
CountryMe: Obama wants to meet with McCain? Now if Obama ask to meet with Palin, that is just TOO MUCH change!! LOL
soapboxmom: RT @dailykos Here’s Why Palin Didn’t Give A Press Conference: An abbreviated version of Sarah Palin’s press conf.
tiger_patriot: Notice sarah palin’s hair is a mess ever since the election ended. Guess they had some high dollar stylist doing it during the campaign
bbcvietnamese: Palin ‘vẫn tỏa sáng’ –
joeharris: "Dear Sarah Palin, Please Shut Up Already" Petition:
tcurdt: Sarah Palin plans to run for president in 2012? Hilarious :-D
gwenix: @chrismaverick So, I found someone who did not vote for McCain because of Palin: my boss’s mother.
RoninVision: Sullivan uncovers this worthwhile nugget about Palin:
silas216: Sounds like a cancelled cop show. NEXT WEEK ON PALIN 12: Sarah stands guard at the border, looking for Putin’s… re:
SomeoneKnows: @digitaljestin By new years eve Palin will be so …2 months ago. Maybe a swarm of ObamaBots shooting the evil one. IMHO
ursulas: Fat lying gas bag Rush Limbaugh is saying the "Obama recession" is in full swing all the while ignoring the idiot still in office.
mmmaiko: professional writers who spell colombia "columbia" have no business making fun of sarah palin.

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