Eating Each Other Alive… December 19, 2008

When will the carnage end?

erwiest: Andrew Sullivan replaces Palin with Caroline K in his bulls-eye:
mkcho73: @solitairerose i don’t know the details, but Kennedy wants to be a Senator. Palin wanted to be Vice President of the entire first world.
sydneysarachan: Palin family trouble: Levi’s mom’s been arrested for her involvement in a drug investigation, charged with 6 counts of misconduct
CarrieWorthen: In case you were confused, Caroline Kennedy is no Sarah Palin.
powersblog: Palin turns down $25k pay increase.
TMZaol: Palin’s Daughter’s Baby-Daddy’s Mama Arrested: …did you follow all that?Here’s the deal: Levi Johnston, the du..
gwentown: Sarah Palin’s comadre-to-be busted for meth lab, looks like:
aprilliesel: Taking Care of my Mommy 2day coz shez sick. Did u know Sarah Palin rejected a pay raise and proposed 7% less spending in her latest budget?
SolitaireRose: Caroline Kennedy is actually less qualified than Palin. Why not just appoint the winner of a celebrity reality series?
gapersblock: The Emperor Has No Clothes: Remember the nude Palin painting at the Old Town Ale House? Well, Governor Blagojevi..
kim_mmay: attn: everyone.. I don’t care about tina fey get over it. and maybe @laurenwilkey ,it’s because I love sarah palin.. MAYBE..
kevincullis: LOL, yep! RT @daveraffaele RT @jsheldonus: will Palin critics about her "experience" please acknowledge the hypocracy re: Caroline Kennedy?
psyphyre: Quote of the day (well, yesterday). On Sarah Palin: "She has the natural politicians’ genius for saying nothing." -
sambrooklyn: Palin better watch her back; she thinks more of herself than her own party does; LMAO!!!
tingilinde: great line in a review: as ill-equipped as sarah palin in a science fair
savoytruffle: Wondering if Joe the Asshole is now one of those pajama-wearing momma’s boy bloggers Palin talked about:
GigiTaylor: The Sarah Palin/Africa story was a hoax! Should it be that easy to fool traditional news media?
twitturly: Big Mover! New #3: – Palin blasts bailout expansion before GOP governors – – via @twitalytics
stix1972: We Love Sarah [Digg]: Poll shows repubs solidly behind Palin for 2012.
Cavosie: Retweeting @redwhiteandnews BREAKING – Sarah Palin has gotten more ass than the driver’s seat of a rental car:
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
cyenobite: RT: @mflinsch Elaborate hoax pwns mainstream media, results in Palin/Africa story Suckas
donagher: RT @davehuge Palin: "We want to see Ivana because we are so desperate in Alaska for … glamour and culture.”
wmd404: New petition requesting Sarah Palin to PLEASE GO AWAY. I signed it "Joe the Plumber."
ttunguz: Best name for a WiFi network: "Palin for Pornstar" at Brainwash in SF
jkjtres: My boss is a 50y/o dude in Stamford, CT, yet is still strangely similar to Sarah Palin.
lelephantrose: @gitasan hi! :) ur dentist looks AND sounds like palin? um. ok! thanks for following!
achampag: @angelwest omg that poor dog! (haha i mean palin of course).
knoxnews: Trial delayed for UT student charged with hacking Palin e-mail
nlj: CNN Distorts Palin Comments From Its OWN Interview With Her:
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
MentalMama: @Magpiemusing wow. Great Palin article. "Clinically unhinged" pretty much sums it all up for me;)
konw: pues si… sarah palin tiene como tipo de estrella porno..
rachelleb: wishing sara palin would just shut up already
thenc: Pregnant Pause Blog: In Praise of Sarah Palin
redwhiteandnews: BREAKING – Sarah Palin has gotten more ass than the driver’s seat of a rental car:
WoodysWorldTV: Will Gov. Palin appoint herself to Senator Ted Stevens’ seat when he is either voted out or removed for his conviction?
SarahA29: Wondering why anyone cares about Bill Ayers or Sarah Palin. Really. Let’s move along. There’s nothing to see here….
nikicheong: Palin bashing not over. This time she’s doing the bashing and targetting – surprise, surprise – the media! You go!
Anais729: Turning off the news- I thought that after election day, I would NEVER have to hear Sarah Palin again!
leonspencer: @thepoint Nah. I think this would be more appropriate for Palin: given pitbull with lipstick analogy
Leroy_Pitts: More like Sarah Palin and Tall.
writingroads: Your ‘why Palin is still around’ responses are HILARIOUS. Thanks for brightening my day!!! No swat, get that annoying fruit fly out of here!
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
indianaBNN: Blue Indiana: Every time I see Mike Pence…: Every time I see Sarah Palin, I smile. And now we get th..
rikmeistr: LK…you mean we’ve got to listen to the Joan of Arc wannabe <Palin>, one more time?….Where’s my remote!
gingerlatte: @mista_duval Strategy. If she gets the Secy of State then will she try to run again in 2012? But I want her to run in 2016 against Palin
Rumpusgoopus: Palin: "As far as we’re concerned the past is the past." Sounds like she needs a visit from Rafiki.
azzman: "again im not gonna close any doors of oppertunity" -Sarah Palin (the ultimate american fail)

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