Eating Each Other Alive… December 19, 2008

When will the carnage end?

RichRob: blogojevich
russpage: RT @JonBacon who’s more qualified for public office? Caroline Kennedy or Sarah Palin.
vmucha: Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy’s mom was arrested today on drug charges. bueller?
alaskaBNN: Alaska Politics: Video: Palin on salary, energy plan: From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage –
Meant to post this yest..
Shannon_Ahern: Bristol Palin’s baby-grandma arrested for cooking meth. Wow. Whatever happened to that shotgun wedding, anyway?
argusleader: Mother of Palin daughter�s boyfriend arrested: ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) � Alaska state troopers have arrested the ..
jonbacon: RT @TORONTO_PR_GUY who’s more qualified for public office? C. Kennedy or S. Palin. (Great article- my bet: Palin)
jgderuvo: Blogo shamelessly says isn’t guilty and stays on the job. Typical. If Republican, he’d have resigned in 48 hours. Change we can believe in!
arkansasBNN: Arkansas Blog: Palinography: OK. By popular demand. You know Levi Johnston, the baby daddy of Sarah Palin’s daug..
kreestee: @DarcKnyt Rush as in Limbaugh or Rush as in Roll the Bones?
2LesbosGoinAtIt: Another Sarah Palin undercover scandal & a suggested gift from Lindsay Lohan to Samantha Ronson plus more Kiss
Pitcairnia: Shenanigans! Hannity just mentioned that fucken Al Franken has out-cheated Coleman by a few votes now. Shenanigans, i declare shenanigans!
Okie_Campaigns: From: 40404 Msg: emzanotti: The guy who painted Naked Sarah Palin has done a sequel: Naked Rod #Blagojevich. Ew.
Aheram: There was more media coverage about Palin’s son than there’s about Obama’s chief of staff’s involvement in the Blago Scandal. Not surprised.
marfar: Sarah Palin would dissaprove.

Fucking hard capitalism.


ckdozi: palin’s daughter baby daddy’s momma busted for drugs.
FranklinBurrus: Bristol Palin’s baby-grandmother, Sherry Johnston, busted on drug charges
rightblogs: [rightblogs] Great: Bristol Palin’s Soon-to-Be Mother-in-Law Arrested on Six Felony Drug Counts: Lev..
genecowan: is unsurprised that Bristol Palin’s baby daddy’s mom has been arrested on drug charges. Sarah Palin pals around with drug dealers!
ChrisParry: Bristol Palin pals around with drug dealers –
glassdog: MMM, MMM, GOOD :: Knocked-up Bristol Palin’s boyfriend’s mom arrested on six felony drug counts. Can you blame her?
nrek: Bristol Palin’s future mother-in-law arrested on drug charge
SarahPalin: Mother of Sarah Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested on drug charges (Daily Telegraph)
YuleHeibel: Hijinks in Alaskan "family values": Mother of the boyfriend of Palin’s pregnant daughter arrested Oh my…
daveweigel: Sean Hannity accusing media of "covering up" Blago scandal. Untrue: shovels were being used to dig up Caylee Anthony.
50GreenDodge: @Radioblogger @jon_gabriel "Palin daughter’s fiance’s mother arrested" when is enough enough? Where does all this hate come from toward her?
tangomecrazy: "Mother of Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested" oic what you did there.
conservatweet: [SayAnything] Caroline Kennedy Is No Sarah Palin
YatPundit: RT @MarilynM rt @Fungible Troopers arrest Bristol Palin’s BF’s mom on drug charges; more info from Anchorage newspaper:
globeandmail: Mother of the boyfriend of Palin’s pregnant daughter arrested: Sherry Johnston charged with six felony drug counts
silas216: After refusing to mate in captivity… Ling Ling really hit rock bottom « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin,…
silas216: We have recently received intel… « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden…
silas216: LOOK OUT HE’S GOT A SHOE!!!! « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and…
dan_alphabet: Blogo’s lawyer reminds me a little of old school WWF with Mean Gene.
KellyDavitt: palin’s daughter’s baby daddy’s momma (get that?) arrested for meth lab…oh the irony..
TSMaryal: Owner of Palin’s Fave Consignment Store SPEAKS to TS!
Fred_Utah: @ricksanchezcnn Fight & Fight & Fight to prove his innocence? Blogo sounds and comes across as an obstinant camara happy BS artist
JudahFreed: @RosePena You say Blogojevich is Quoting Kipling. I wager he is not quoting the "IF" line about scoundrels….
robport: Caroline Kennedy Is No Sarah Palin
dzinner: She’s a great addition to the extended Palin family
nanceattack: Bristol Palin’s baby daddy momma got charged with 6 felony drug counts.
dpakm: Mother of Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested
nickschaper: Blogo to critics: "don’t be hatin’"
outlaw_coach: Not liking this — Blogojevich quoted my favorite Kipling poem "If" — on MPR. Damn!
dan_alphabet: Blogo: "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" ;)
silas216: Media Matters – Misinformer of the Year Hannity again announced he was giving " Left-Wing Obamamania Media Sleaze PC…
CZ: Blogo quotes from RK’s "If."
SunSentinelNews: Blogo says he’ll fight till the end. He will not quit He says he has truth on his side
ellenratner: On Fox’s Strategy Room watching Blogo!!!
jenniferwindrum: Blogo speaks. His head doesn’t fit in wide screen TV.

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