Eating Each Other Alive… December 19, 2008

When will the carnage end?

timesnews: Potential Palin in-law arrested in Alaska
Fanatics4Palin: Bristol Palin’s new mother in law has just been arrested for 6 counts of felony drug charges. How about them Family Values?
jough: @toddprouty He was right about Limbaugh, though.
newsminer: Mother of Bristol Palin’s boyfriend arrested
jacklittleton: Nice: Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby momma in law busted on drug charges.
Soft_Serve_News: Mother of Bristol Palin’s fiance arrested
cbracy: Bristol Palin’s baby daddy’s momma busted on drug charges. Palins = gift that keeps on giving.
rss2twitt: Hourly Trends: karen mills, bristol palin, coastal taipan, levi johnston, …
DevHawk: Hilarious – Sarah Palin’s soon to be in-laws busted for manufacturing and distributing Meth
directonsite: Mother Of Palin Daughter’s Beau Arrested: Sherry L. Johnston, the mother of Bristol Palin’s boyfriend, is arrest..
telegraphnews: Mother of Sarah Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested on drug charges
Catie: Since palin said that obama was "paling around with terrorists" does this mean she pals around with drug dealers?
refurbmike: Signs of a slow news day: "Mother of Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested (AP)"
chairmanchris: What is the over-under on when Blogo is either Impeached or convicted? Any takers?
treguly: @smalm that just makes it worse, I don’t get to keep any of the stuff I bought…well other than Terminatrix: The Sarah Palin Chronicles
trekgal: @ricksanchezcnn RE: "Blago-gate" .. fitzgerald is blogojevich’s "Ken Starr"..
sacbee_news: Alaska drug arrest has Palin family link
mposki: Kind of sad but Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy is being charged with 6 drug felonies.
jonbacon: @russpage Funny thing about the article the guy is bashing on Palin and supporting Kennedy (Caroline that is), but really, is she qualified?
LifelineLive: Bristol Palin due tomorrow
Catie: Palin’s daughter’s beau’s mother was just arrested on felony drug charges. niiiiice
augieray: "Sarah Palin has a brand new Christmas album. It’s entitled ‘I Can See Bethlehem From My House.’" –David Letterman
palin_quotes: The #Palin camp told the Anchorage Daily News,"This is not a state government matter. Therefore the governor’s c..
KirstenParagona: @ricksanchezcnn – Blogo is a Bozo. How stupid does he think everyone is?
americanpapist: "Mother of Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested" – how many degrees of separation is that? can you imagine Obama getting treated this way?
rosepena: Blogojevich is Quoting Kipling. Says he is completely innocent.
dan_alphabet: Blogo: "i am absolutely certain I will be vindicated"
reginabaker: @JimMacMillan, Blogojevich, and he will lose, he will lose, he will lose.
alexgeana: @ricksanchezcnn now Blogo is arrogant and annoying and he should be impeached. He should be impeached on account of bad hair anyway.
ohithere: @silvertreefrog I like gossip, but that’s palin’s preggo daughter’s bf’s business and not mine. Let those poor people live their lives
dan_alphabet: Blogo: "not criminal of any wrongdoing…" "i have done nothing wrong"
ParentDish: Bristol Palin’s Future Mother-In-Law Arrested
jimmiekersh: Have to feel sorry for Blogo, Everyone in Chicago politics is dirty and he happens to be the one getting caught!
dannigyrl: Blogo’s press conference is on…
Fred_Utah: @ricksanchezcnn blogo is too confident, seems more and more guilty the more he scoffs these allegations
HenryNews: Google South Africa- Bristol Palin’s baby-grandmother, Sherry Johnston, busted on drug …
50GreenDodge: "Palin daughter’s fiance’s mother arrested" when is enough enough? Where does all this hate come from toward her? #hhrs
3NewsNZ: #3News NZ: Mother of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend arrested: Alaska state police have arrested th..
MarilynM: rt @Fungible Troopers arrest Bristol Palin’s BF’s mom on drug charges; more info from Anchorage newspaper:
emzanotti: The guy who painted Naked Sarah Palin has done a sequel: Naked Rod #Blagojevich. Ew.
HenryNews: Google U.S.- Bristol Palin’s baby-grandmother, Sherry Johnston, busted on drug … – New York Da..
TheInDecider: On Caroline Kennedy Following in the Footsteps of Other Great Politicians, Like Sarah Palin
TelegraphMG: Mother of Sarah Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested on drug charges
HurricaneAlice: Bumper sticker for 2008: MCCAIN-PALIN: THE HERO, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. There’s always 2012 for the Witch, I suppose.
comedycop409: @ricksanchezcnn This Blogo conference should be good! No questions please!
nathos: @DamnedFacts Sarah Palin as Star Trek computer voice? Gah, I think that would force me to be an ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ fan.
denverpolitics: News: Edwards, Rove agree Palin needs education: Two-time Democratic presidential candidate J..
denverposttalk: Comment: Hoaxsters dupe MSNBC on source of Palin story: GG, you need to make sure hubby understan..

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