Eating Each Other Alive… December 19, 2008

When will the carnage end?

dhaugen612: #18 of 2008: Amy and I discovered this band on our honeymoon up in Sarah Palin country. They’re from Anchorage … ♫
themacjedi: @kbbrux @mudbugsw I might try Blogo again after they get rid of the drawer. I hate drawers.
katiemhill: Schadenfreude is fun. Bristol Palin’s future monster-in-law busted for drugs:
giromide: Palin won’t speak on Levi’s mother’s charges as it’s "not a state govt matter." This means her run for VP wasn’t a "federal govt matter."
hcovitz: For the Palin-obsessed YKWYR
RyanJones: Wow. Bristol Palin’s little bastard is due tomorrow. yes, bastard is the correct word here.
kbbrux: @mudbugsw @TheMacJedi I ‘d agree that Marsedit is a good choice although I am beginning to like Blogo these days
templesmith: "Levi Johnston’s mom arrested on drug charges" (The moron who doesn’t know what a condom is with Palin’s daughter)
kbbrux: @mudbugsw use Blogo
oxbloodruffin: RT @glassdog [...] :: Knocked-up Bristol Palin’s boyfriend’s mom arrested on six felony drug counts. Can you blame her?
tHEAThER: @buchino my mom called Sarah Palin her hero again today. I’m considering showing her the Rudolf video.
heehawbus: Okso I had this dream lastnight that I ate dinner at Sarah Palin’s house in Alaska. And I was hanging out with her kids too
laura_herman: thinks its hilarious that Bristol Palin’s mother in law was arrested on drug charges. LOL.
HenryNews: CBS- Bristol Palin’s Future Mom-In-Law Arrested: Alaska state police have arrested the mother of Bristol Pal..
feministyliz: @sweet_atrocity I was Tina Fey as Sarah Palin for Halloween this year…
KVNUftp: Now on Caroline Kennedy vs. Sarah Palin ( )
davkal: RT @BreakingNewsOn AP: Alaska state troopers have arrested the mother of Bristol Palin’s boyfriend on drug charges.
SnorkyJr: Whoa – Sarah Palin’s daughters new mother in-law (Levi Johnsons mom ) busted in drug raid – Six felony counts
weeklystandard: Will Mrs. Palin Go to Washington?: A new Research 2000 poll for Daily Kos:

Republican Primaries Senate Murkow..

alrecruits: but palin says ayers was relevant, really he was! she swears to it!
hollyhock100: All the Hillary coverage is bring back some Obama resentments. He was never so hard on McCain or Palin. "likeable enough"?? arrg.
YatPundit: is there anything LESS relevant on TV than Ayers? Oh yeah, Palin.
Danielemmons: Dear Media: Please let Palin disappear into obscurity already so that one day she’ll be that question in trivial pursuit that no one gets!
Ninfan30: Limbaugh is irrelevant. He can blame Obama, who isn’t even prez yet, for the econ. all he wants. His opinion is/always has been WORTHLESS.
RNCJournalists: latimestot: Sarah Palin, 2 standing O’s from Republican governors –
maurenmotta: Sarah Palin: a Nova Atriz de Desperate Housewives. no
tkimberlyn: @Kelly drill lmao about the Palin Profalactics
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin, polarizer or prodigy?: So let me ask this way, since you still don’t get it. You ..
denverposttalk: Comment: Hoaxsters dupe MSNBC on source of Palin story: Ah ha! That explains my missing Ann Coult..
CountryMe: McCain/Palin supporters so desperate for something to stick against Obama they will even listen to what terrorists say? lol
sunbasilgarden: Hoping the news does NOT cover Palin and McCain today…Is it my imagination or didn’t Obama win!!!!!!
DivaDev: Would someone please tell Sarah Palin the election is over and she lost? She’s still campaigning… groan…
USATOnPolitics: McCain team thought Couric would go easy on Palin: Two interesting insights into what Republican J..
pearl2: Why does anyone care what this woman thinks?
AngelWest: Someone said this reminds them of a Sarah Palin interview:
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
dynobuoy: @snapjudge >sarah palin Africa hoax<There are many of these types of "news". The left liberal media ran rampant at any tiny news a …
CurtMonash: Because of Palin, conservatives now speak of "sexism," the religious right describes teen pregnancy as a "challenge,"
CurtMonash: Ellen Goodman: Palin has always shown more moxie than substance. What she lacks in syntax, she makes up in self-confidence.
ET2U: Rockfeller Center Christmas tree has arrived in NYC. No Sarah Palin interviews so far today. Things are looking up!
rikmeistr: @maheshcr hmmmm…interesting ‘association’ Palin with Joan of Arc…both subscribe/subscribed God talks/talked to them…very interesting?
maheshcr: My exercise in irreverance..can Sarah Palin and Joan of Arc be mentioned in same blog post?
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
ElectionWatch: Palin, Jindal Lead Republicans Seeking Exit From `Wilderness’ (Bloomberg): Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) — T..
Bhawna_Sharma: left my phone in palin’s car :(
kayce_m: did anyone else watch the bill ayers interview on GMA? methinks the interviewer works for palin… same ?s asked & answered again & again…
top_regional: usa: Sarah Palin saved GOP from landslide defeat: by Dick Morris
bostonherald: Facing Sarah Palin factor, Mitt Romney mulls political future: BOSTON – Tagg Romney was in his offic..
SugarKisses: Sarah Palin condoms are a hot item according to CNN. They’re advising viewers 2 hold on 2 them, they could b worth something in time, lol.
sincitysavings: @macaroniandglue Thats a good argument for contraception. (palin) :)

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