Eating Each Other Alive… December 19, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Bodhi1: Mother of Bristol Palin’s Fiance Arrested:
keikotakamura: Dear Keith O., I seriously don’t care about Bristol Palin’s mom-in-law-to-be’s felony charges. There’s got to be something better to cover.
macoafi: @bordy if you mean Obama, the guy that can form sentences (unlike current), a lot of it was avoiding the bigger-retard: Palin
aac74: Mom of Bristol Palin’s baby daddy arrested on drug charges
rpcity: I can’t believe how much smearing is going on around the Palin family. And to say the media isn’t biased! This is getting out of hand.
orf_at: Verhaftung nach Drogenrazzia in Palin-Umfeld
postpolitics: Mother of Bristol Palin’s Fiance Arrested
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
PoliticsFix: Palin urges Republican governors: check Democrats – – eTaiwan News
4four1ones: WOW Sarah Palin needs to STOP. During R Governors meeting she is still talking about Joe the Plumber and now Tito the builder? WTF?
Samanthaaaaa: watching Mean Girls. ‘I didnt know that Sarah Palin was in this movie!’ … lmao-ed a little. :]
glongest: why is anyone still paying attention to Sarah Palin?
HuffNewswire: First Read: Perry praises Palin, attacks Obama ‘pretty prose’: From NBC’s Domenico Montan..
woneal: Why is Sarah Palin still on television?
net_news: Can Palin Appoint Stevens’ Replacement? That Depends – FOXNews: CTV.caCan Palin Appoint Stevens’..
GoogleNewsElect: Can Palin Appoint Stevens’ Replacement? That Depends – FOXNews: CTV.caCan Palin Appoint..
stbone: Dear Sarah Palin: Please stop. Just stop.
KellStar: Sarah Palin is so dumb she thinks Soy Milk is Spanish for "I am milk"
linrose: And what’s the deal with so much Sarah Palin in the news? I was really hoping she would go away after the election. Does anyone care?
jeveleth: Note to Perry: Stop sucking up to Palin. No room for a TX governor on any national ticket for the next 25 years.
DailyMeNews: Republican governors regroup as Palin takes the spotlight
Drudge_Report: Palin blasts bailout expansion before GOP governors…
joeyjp: Why is Palin’s still talkin about Joe the Plumber? Why? Why?… Of course, the better question is why cant she just go away?
nyhedsradar: Palin: Jeg er stolt af Obama
buzznewzz: Dennis Miller: Liberal women hate Sarah Palin because ‘she has a great sex life.’
orbitaldiamonds: I missed the Palin part–Sukhpreet called! Squeeeee!!!
ki_lo: Palin’s press pulchitrude preceded pundits predicting punch-drunk. Pawlenty plenty pissed.
bessemerprocess: Perry is an ass. Which, given how much I dislike Palin, is impressive.
angelica7641: I love Keith Olberman. Showing Sarah Palin highlights from her speeches today. She’s still mentioning Joe the Plumber or Tito the Builder.
dreamnotoftoday: Pawlenty on Palin speech: ‘Interesting’
axcrit: I wonder if palin gets mad when she sees this stuff…
nickcatal: Sarah Palin – just because the campaign is over doesn’t mean the entertaining trainwreck has to end
pineapplecakes: Well, despite the election, one thing hasn’t changed. Sarah Palin is still retarded.
roomerholmes: Palin smirked mentioning Obama at RGA
csoto: must be nice to live in palin’s world. she seriously seriously thinks people take her seriously…..seriously
libertyrant: @lesliecarbone Palin knows that Russia is 2.4 miles away from the US. Africa, shmafrica.
crazygolfa: Also, Sarah Palin: EPIC FAIL!
LiberalsAreCool: Palin’s First National Press Conference 9 Days After Election: Palin’s first national press confe..
politicswest: Blog: Palin won’t be at oil-and-gas confab in N.M.: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who continues to d..
bottomline: Sarah Palin on C-Span tonight — 8:15 p.m. EST — Republican Governors Conference
YUp_YUp: @xeno palin thought africa was a country.
parenthetical: Finally realized Palin’s destiny: January girl in one of G. Gordon Liddy’s "Stacked & Packed" calendars. He’s probably already asked her.
myster: @lilsass Just another little gift from Sarah Palin to America!
iknowjohnstamos: palin 2012!
heathra: Just tried to watch a video of Sarah Palin at the Governors’ convention and she still makes me crazy. Interestingly, she’s retired the updo.
buzzsuggest: Palin urges GOP governors to keep Democrats honest
(AP): Palin urges GOP governors to keep Democrat..
tribune: Palin books: Putting Sarah on the shelf
sarahpalinfeed: Web sites: ‘Palin as President’ to ‘Yes we can!’ :
sarahpalinfeed: Palin holds press conference! :
tribune: Palin deserves an Africa-hoax apology?

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