Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

ikolar: just ’cause sarah.palin@yahoo had a lousy password recovery question we all have to suffer. Amazon, get diabetes and go to
twentyfour01: Want to see a painting of Illinois Gov. Blagojevich in the nude? Sure you do. (No? How about Sarah Palin?)
prdomains: Apparently Sarah Palin believes in teaching evolution *and* creationism in schools. A progressive!
dimitri123: stfu palin. you don’t have foreign policy experience because russia is nearby.
urbanbigfoot: Ok Mediacom – what gives? Now my internet connection is going up and down like Sarah Palin with a drill rig. Stop messing with my vibe!
meowsk: Sarah Palin why are you still invading my headlines? I thought we were done with you.
parsingphase: Palin talk is excellent and a lot of fun. ☺
billwolff: has a new blog post: palin Africa reports result of elaborate internet hoax ( )
tgardner: @RobinGrantham I was amazed to find Palin even more off-putting than Coulter … and that’s sayin’ something
huffpost: Palin presser: relive the magic -anamariecox
anamariecox: Palin presser: relive the magic
mccombover: Ed Schultz: Palin Media Blitz Nothing But Babble and Self Serving: Ed says The Palin media blitz is th..
Nino_a: @xP_ablo und wer soll schön sein? palin? :D
tomturnbull: Earlier speaker gave a "shout out." Palin has effectively ruined that pop-culturalism. Stop using it :) #NTVLive08
cloverdarling: OMG SAVE THE POLAR BEARS (the one threat the WWF commercial didn’t mention? Sarah Palin.)
momfluential: Caught myself saying "you betcha". Goshdarned that Sarah Palin! Now I gag whenever I use colloquial phrases. Must I adopt gangsta talk now?
RobinBernstein: Lesson: Verify sources! RT @NewYorkology Wait, so the *whole* Palin-Africa-not-a-continent was a big fat hoax?
popejephei: Bad news for speakers of English: Sarah Palin has nearly depleted our supply of the word "also." Pls. use "als0" until further notice.
Vegasseven: Interesting how Palin is trying to play a role as one of the leaders of the Republicant party. Do the Republicants party even want her?
huffpost: Question: Maybe I’m crazy, but is Palin wearing fancy RNC frames still? I can’t tell. -TWILaura
TWILaura: Question: Maybe I’m crazy, but is Palin wearing fancy RNC frames still? I can’t tell.
loadeddice: @cyn3matic you do not have @maddow blogging jammies!?! Or maybe you do per Palin.
deedee1234: gotta love that larry flynt, now he’s made a movie called who’s nailin paylin. with a sarah palin lookalike
lileks: Honesty demands I issue update (a weasily word for "correction") on Fox citing Harding Inst. as source for Palin-Africa –
kazama: Since I can see the Alaska quarter on my desk does that mean I can run for their open senate seat? *applying "Palin" logic*
joycassell: Palin has a problem w/ size of bailout? This woman is in love with the sound of her voice
collisionbend: Retweeting @dlayphoto to @ricksanchezcnn: Sarah Palin is SO out of touch:
ISwitched: @ricksanchezcnn Sarah Palin? AND the Republicans NEED to examine WHY they LOST the election?
austinmej: Can we ignore Sarah Palin for a while & can she answer something in 15 words or less? Too verbose – does she know what that means?
tanyia: Over exposed Palin should go home and take care of her pregnant daughter
AndrewMatheny: "Senator Sarah Palin" sounds like the name of an action hero.
apeltz: @koskim @lifeliberty I’m so done with listening to Palin’s flubs in interviews. are we really at all surprised anymore?
J5_Industries: PALIN GTFO. YOU LOST.
Wallaceh: The only news worse for the republican party than the beating they took on the 4th is the current rally to get behind Palin and Romney.
MelMan65: @Shoq "Does Palin think?" I should have left it there my friend….LOL
ecks2: rt @dlayphoto Dear Sarah Palin, bloggers are not ‘kids in pajamas’. You are SO out of touch.
MadamaAmbi: @LeftCoastOracle I’m not actively working on Palin, just expressing my visceral reaction…pulleeeze…finger down throat ala Joan Rivers…
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
RaToTheBec: Nice vid on Daily Beast Vid Cheat Sheet mocking Palin’s media blitz:
TelegraphMG: Sarah Palin says Barack Obama capable of "greatness" as she softens image : Sarah Palin has paid trib..
Shoq: Does Palin think GOP can survive as a party with only the support of older, southern white voters? Does she care?
palin_quotes: "I don’t think it’s me personally, I think it’s what I represent," #Palin told reporters. "Everyday ..
mediat: LifeType Sarah Palin Waiting For God’s Nomination: The decade of the 1920s also saw major innovati..
PerezHiIton: "God Tells Sarah Palin To Run For Senate?" –
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Odd Topic: Is Rush down? I am getting 404 Errors
trapped: Palin urges Rep Gov’s to keep Dems honest. No such thing as any honest politician. See current administration for Republican honesty though.
DAVE_ID: @nantel Sarah Palin is 2008′s Biggest Fucking Loser and we need to drive it home :)
dlayphoto: Dear Sarah Palin, bloggers are not ‘kids in pajamas’. You are SO out of touch.
DangerGirl6: @jdmeac listen2 nikki’s show this morning I called &shared my thoughts: Palin needs2turn her Political Celebrity into Political Credibility
batmaam: "Palin urges GOP governors to keep Democrats honest" reads the AP headline. Like she’d recognize honesty if it kicked her in the head.

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