Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

mikegermano: Bristol Palin’s baby daddy momma got arrested for drug charges by state troopers. That is shady. I feel bad for that women.
powersblog: Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother arrested on drug charges. Good thing the campaign is over.
shortanswer: Little known fact: Sarah Palin will shrivel up and age 25 years if she leaves the crisp mountain air of Alaska.
AaronOneal: @pastorjamie in the words of gov.palin you betcha.
dpbkmb: @2012Palin So, in the big picture, is this additional publicity good or bad for Gov. Palin? And was investigation politically motivated?
amaclean22: Pony macaroni/Palin media treatment
infernal: getting ready to buy prescription drugs from Sarah Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mom. oh wait, no i’m not
fyistudio: The mother of Sarah Palin’s soon-to-be son-in-law was arrested on drug charges
forrforr: Oxymoron? Palin urges GOP governors to keep Democrats honest…
hotairblog: Palin: If Obama governs with the “greatness” of which he’s capable, we’ll be fine: "Let’s help show hi..
polisigh: Via @druce Leno: Palin…did want to deliver her own concession speech and…was disappointed…Wait till 2012. Deliver it then.
koskim: Really Sarah Palin? Bloggers are “kids in pajamas sitting in the basement of their parents’ homes”? Oivey
jadedbarbie: Palin says GOP Gov. should keep Dem’s honest. Does that mean "thanks but no thanks" but keep the money like she did?
ReputationDr: is on MSNBC’s Harball tonite at 5 & 7 pm ET debating Pat Buchanan on why Republicans and Palin are in crisis! Watch tonite for more!
deegroovy1: Seriously??…when is Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes up? She sure is lovin’ that "gotcha" media right now…
Diva_Jood: @xarker make Sarah Palin go away. PLEASE.
illinoisBNN: The Swamp: Palin holds press conference!: by James Oliphant Okay. It only gets more anticlimatic afte..
Shoq: BREAKING: Fox launches new Caribou Barbie Network (CBN) to showcase Sarah Palin. Calls her "Ronald Reagan with bigger a d… Cheney."
SincSerious: I’m so hungry I could eat a moose. Where is Sarah Palin when you need her? I bet that stew was good as hell.
jdmeac: @DangerGirl6 the Palin press conference
thedeloach: Finally figured out who Sarah Palin reminds me of!
silas216: hes got a little captain in him « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden…
indianaBNN: The Sample Gates: The Mainstream Media is Stoopider Than Sarah Palin: The media has gotten lost this p..
newsbusters: Jon Meacham Snidely Suggests McCain Considered Offing Unprepared Palin: Appearing on Thursday’s &quot..
misterangelino: Sarah Palin, please STFU and go away. You’re no longer relevant, and continuing to speak publicly only makes us all feel more awkward.
silas216: So you were here almost eight years… « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe…
PunditMom: At least a few people at the GOP have some common sense about Sarah Palin.
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
thepoint: @CountryMe Why not the other way – reward the channel that stops covering Palin by promising to watch them more? Easy to do on
tgmason: Phil Cooke says Sarah Palin was a "poor choice" from a branding perspective… is he right?
NewsMediaMafia: Currently reading this article: US: Dennis Miller: Most Lib Women Hate Palin Because She Has a Great Sex Life (Video) (
mecarpenteraz: is reading about Sarah Palin.
shahruz84: That story about Palin thinking Africa was a country? False. MSNBC didn’t check their source, everyone else copied
south_dakotaBNN: South DaCola: Sarah Palin; The gift that keeps giving: [...]
missouriBNN: Political Fix: Blunt gets prime view at highly-anticipated Palin presser: Blunt, center, stands with ..
ACContent: Did Sarah Palin Know Africa is a Continent Will Sarah Palin Run in 2012 Or for the Senate : Has Sarah P..
lileks: Hah! NYT outs the Palin-Africa quote hoaxers, or "quoxers," to coin a horrid word. Fox & TNR punked, to use another one.
ACContent: Sarah Palin Africa Story a Hoax: The story that Governor Sarah Palin did not know that Africa is a cont..
ursulas: BARF! @TheRealMcCain Sarah Palin Baffles Reporters By Rehashing Stump Speech At RGA Conference
thembc: My mom works at an airline and she just texted me to say say Sarah Palin was on one of her flights…
JennGrover: New blog post: Palin Addresses GOP Governor’s Association
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: President Palin? Alaska governor ponders her future
apemanshares: Funny videos of palin africa hoax
apemanshares: Funny videos of palin africa hoax
MarkONeill: Sarah Palin’s first press conference cut short
Celebrity411: Will Sarah Palin Appear on Desperate Housewives?
(E! Online)
onlinewoman: Media as Watch Dog Dwindles as Palin Sightings at All-Time Highs
BillyAkerman: Palin: If Obama governs with the “greatness” of which he’s capable, we’ll be fine: "Let’s help show ..
cnafrontpage: Palin urges Republicans to rebuild for future glories: MIAMI: Alaska governor Sarah Palin led a rall..

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