Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

tmpax: Palin starting to make Dan Quayle look like a dream candidate.
evaholland: More Palin family drama! I’m not even gleeful anymore, I just feel bad for these kids… Free Bristol!
BigMG: Guilt by very distant association. CNN still at it "Bristol Palin’s boyfriend’s mom arrested in drug case". #bigmg
goodfela: Sign up to volunteer for the McCain Palin Victory Team over the next 45 days. Text "VolunteerFL" to 24453.
News24: Drama in Palin household: The mother of an 18-year-old man who plans to marry Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s preg..
merylkevans: Bristol Palin’s mother-in-law to be arrested on drug charges. Trouble keeps finding Palin family, doesn’t it?
vinyl_mike: Sarah Palin’s daughter’s "babypapa’s" mama was busted for drug use. Maybe she can see Russia from her cell?
ET_nowplaying: Good job – Todd Palin comments on his job as a fisherman.
aaron_in_philly: @tinababyk glad to know about the Palin story. I think it points to her lack of discretion in parenting her daughter, Bristol.
TelegraphMG: Bristol Palin’s future motherinlaw arrested on drug charges : The future motherinlaw of Sarah Palin’s pregnant d..
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Redneck Woman: Gretchen Wilson performs at Sarah Palin rally
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Sarah Palin visits Joe Biden Kettering Ohio Halloween 1 of 2
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Sarah Palin’s In-Laws Face Drug Charges
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – David Letterman Stand Up Pt. 2/2 (sums up Sarah Palin desasters) 10/02/08
Sithwest: Update: Bristol Palin’s future MIL arrested over Oxycontin: Seriously addictive stuff.Palin soap opera: Drug in ..
Packard_Sonic: Retweeting @tpb MSNBC sucked in by Sarah Palin Africa hoax: p2pnet news view | P2P | Politics:- It&’s definite..
myfoxorlando: Politics News Palin Urges GOP Governors To Keep Democrats Honest: Sarah Palin called on..
thebodybreaks: Palin calls for Republican rally: Defeated Republican running mate Sarah Palin urges her party to r..
joubess: @SandraFoyt The election is over. All the smearing of candidates needs to stop. This is ridiculous whether we like Palin or not.
bamapachyderm: Retweeting @jstrevino Folks, Sarah Palin is not the hill to die on. I’m just saying.
hotairblog: No, “Martin Eisenstadt” wasn’t Fox News’s source for the Palin Africa smear: Bad news.
joubess: @SandraFoyt I wasn’t sure about that one. Palin seems to know geography better than anything. A hoax & another smear. Its gotta stop.
nantel: Fuck it! She lost! Move on! Can I PLEASE open a news page without being constantly being reminded of the existence of Sarah Palin?
saraknight13: @JJCatrone it was like seagulls attacking a bag of chips on the beach earlier.. when DJM rears his Head (ala S. Palin the ultimate Douche).
stormkite: @CountryMe Yup. Palin’s now praying that God will start listening and do what he’s told…
feedaggregatr: Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Well, I begged somebody to please shut Sarah Palin up and guess who heede..
stormkite: @mikelw That’s when Palin says "Sorry, Wrong God" and slams the door in His face. ;->
CountryMe: Palin just got through praying God’s Will on who would win the election and now that God’s Will was not her will she’s praying again?
ZombiePhobe: Is it bad I kind of miss Sarah Palin?
jessabean: @technosailor I am SO not a fan of Palin, but she def. was not the cause of McCain’s loss as much as poor strategy/planning was.
Mindworm: GOP guv meeting. Palin: blah blah blah. Pawlenty: insights and opinion. Who leads the story?
mikelw: I don’t want to read any more quotes from Palin about God opening doors for her. What about the one with the "Shut Up" placard on it?
ganondorf01: Please muzzle Sarah Palin, Join the movement
tntfeary: why is sarah palin still in the news?
parsingphase: Event at QEH (Michael Palin talk) does not start earlier than I thought, TicketMaster lied.
MadamaAmbi: help! they’re talking about Sarah Palin on NPR! how she’s working to repair her image! Why? Why? I am NOT happy about this caca…
illinoisBNN: The Bench: Fear No Art: Joe Moore Boozing: Hey, it was funny when somebody put Gov. Palin’s face on t..
stormkite: @chaoflux Schism within the GOP is inevitable anyway; it’s only got two wings and neither one "does" dissent. Palin’s mostly irrelevant.
ganondorf01: Please muzzle Sarah Palin and the GOP, Join here
ohioBNN: Writes Like She Talks: If Palin makes good on calling Clinton, they can discuss how polarizing they are: ..
ganondorf01: Please muzzle!!!! Sarah Palin, Join here
cmail_breaking: Palin urges Republicans to rebuild: ALASKA governor Sarah Palin led a rallying call today for Repu..
FrSpike: Terrifying news, guys: Sarah Palin is smarter than MSNBC’s fact checkers.
melheraldsun: Palin urges Republicans to rebuild
DrinkLibSLC: While it’s reassuring that the majority *doesn’t* want Palin to be a nat’l political figure, what’s wrong with the rest?
chaoflux: On the other hand, if palin gets to helm gop, I can see schisms and party death..
nccrow: Female supporters want to be Palin, men are turned on by her
stormkite: @mofopolitics Gov. Goodhair does EVERYTHING creepily. Gov. Goodhair is creepy. Why should Palin be exempt.
oklahomaBNN: zTruth: Woman assaulted and called racist for wearing Palin pin on election night: In what appears to..

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