Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

prophetessanna: @jeffersonpoole No Senate serv for Palin. Kiss of death. Congress=compromise. The buck stops at exec’s desk.
There she shines! #tcot
rocky: LOL Levi Johnsons Mom was wrested on 6 counts of drug charges whos Levi? Bristol Palin’s baby daddy! U know saras daughter! Ah family values
astrout: @dough so, I went with "Sarah Palin’s Secret Christmas Wish List" for my family party pome this year. Will utter it later perhaps…
vannschaffner: @JadedByPolitics I think we may get the GOP base putting up Palin and the Dem base putting up Kennedy for a showdown on the Senate floor.
annabutler: And the stories keep coming… Bristol Palin’s mother-in-law to be arrested on drug charges…
trexsandwich: Okay Hannity, I FINALLY received my free copy of the Constitution. Downgrading you from my Sh(it) List to my Watch( it) List, so WATCH IT.
jeffersonpoole: RT @jeffersonpoole New blog post: Will Palin Initiate Another Primary? #tcot
bharatchronicle: New blog post: Sarah Palin’s nude painter now paints a nude Blagojevich
iksan: Even Fox says Palin is being protected from showing her inability to answer questions-what does it mean-a vp competent for photo ops only?
alexgeana: Reading: "Bristol Palin’s boyfriend’s mom arrested in drug case –" ( )
jeffersonpoole: New blog post: Will Palin Initiate Another Primary?
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Palin’s boyfriend’s mom arrested on drug charges
dleifnealey: Palin’s Baby, Baby’s Daddy, Daddy’s Momma busted for Oxy. Cause Palin is keeping it real redneck style.
bellevillenewsd: Palin soap opera: Drug in Levi’s mom’s case is oxycontin
mimijohnson: No! @stevebuttry just told me Bristol Palin’s baby is due today. Not on *my* birthday! She’s got to hold on until midnight, Alaska time.
PartisanHobo: Sarah Palin defines irony when she says that obsessive partisanship gets in her way:
mattblodgett: The circumstances surrounding Palin’s last pregnancy & childbirth are incredibly weird & disturbing. (from the Atlantic)
drjjoyner: Palin Africa/Continent Statements Prove to be a Hoax: The New York Times has investigated Fox News&#821..
Karoli: the dow is down below 8,000, proving me wrong. I blame Sarah Palin.
bbcworld: Defeated Republican running mate Sarah Palin urges her party to rebuild after its bruising defeat in the US pr..
sarahpalinfeed: Palin signals she’ll take GOP leadership role :
WayMoreHomemade: What do you think Palin’s handle was? Dh came up with a few at halloween.
PoliticsFix: Palin calls for Republican rally – – BBC News
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
NoelHerron: Listening to the Rush Limbaugh show, Rush is out. Man, I have never header so much FUD.
ToastMachine: I wish Sarah Palin would act like a good sport and fade back into obscurity…
TracyCrossley: I came to the conclusion: Paris Hilton + Lindsay Lohan = Sarah Palin, the media loves this sort of fluff stuff.
Divapalooza: @ColorMeRed – I am assuming that you are a Palin fan. Is that right? : )
sevynn7s: @chicagotribune Palin is as resilient as poison ivy.
cyenobite: WHY is sarah palin on every news media source? I hope we don’t have a new britney/paris/anna nicole that the media loves and we dont.
KAPiccoli: Sarah Palin has a Journalism degree???? Whaaaat? Please tell me this is not true.
CocoaCuckoo: @schwa Sounds like you accidentally got on Sarah Palin’s mailing list.
channelone: Palin calls for Republican rally: Defeated Republican running mate Sarah Palin urges her party to rebu..
MCheeken: Yay! Palin might run for Senate! Woohoo!
postpolitickr: Palin Presser Train Wreck
bigsexyshaq: @bcompton Read the article closer. The Palin Africa story is NOT a hoax. The story of the guy who claimed credit for it – WAS A HOAX.
breakingnewsire: WORLD: Palin urges Republicans not to become negative: Former vice-presidential nominee Sar..
timrubber: Sarah Palin bouffe √† tous les r√Ęteliers
DynamiteSoul: LOL! Palin doesn’t want the Reps to be the "negative" party, after and indirect jab at President-elect "That One". So full of crap!
Ljay90: @anamariecox This is Sarah Palin we’re talking about. Did you expect anything less? She’s starting her 2012 campaign now.
CountryMe: Can we cut off the TV to get rid of Palin and cut on the radio? Or is Palin on that, too? LOL
nitewing4u: Can CNN survive one hour without showing Palin?!?! HER TICKET LOST!!!! GET OVER IT!!!
jamesbyers: If Palin doesnt win the Republican Primary it will be time to establish a suicide watch on her.
Anneflo: Can’t we PLEEAASE get Palin off TV, away from my eyes, out of my life?
elisewho: Watching roadblocked coverage of Sarah Palin…deja vu.
IrmaHayes: @ladre09-Lmao, (msnbc) They are saying Sara palin media tour after election is like the hubcap that’s has come off the tire after a car …
huffpost: palin news conference. what do you think? should we re run. not getting a rousing reception? -ricksanchezcnn
ricksanchezcnn: palin news conference. what do you think? should we re run. not getting a rousing reception?
nprpolitics: Thursday Morning: Palin Talks To RGA; Klain To The VP’s Office; And 8,000 Plum Jobs

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