Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

billck: Media is trying to divert attention away from something with this Palin future inlaw arrest.
BJMendelson: @libertyrant #tcot That is a clever answer. I will say this, Mrs. Palin’s lifestyle is very similar to an upstate New Yorker.
BriefEpisode: Palin to Share Grandchild with Drugie – Turnabout Fair play? Guilty by Association Fallacy 2.0
libertyrant: @BJMendelson [who could best represent upstate NY] Sarah Palin. She’s not from NY, but neither was Hillary. #tcot
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Bristol Palin expecting her baby any time now (baby boy due today, Dec 20): Bristol..
sillysgood: had a good chuckle after reading sarah palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mom got busted for drugs
xavierla: Commission reccomends giving Sarah Palin a raise.. but she won’t take it.
freerepublic: Bristol Palin expecting her baby any time now (baby boy due today, Dec 20): Bristol Palin, daughter of former Re..
sboutell: @MoAmy I’ve already wrapped yours – a copy of The Purpose Driven Life & a subscription to The Limbaugh Letter!
MushroomheadEd: @dlayphoto Bristol Palin’d soon to be mother in law has been charged with 6 counts of felonious Meth charges hahahhahahahahaha
palin_quotes: During her visit, #Palin told an assistant pastor she was sorry if the fire was connected to the "undeserved neg..
CalgaryRealtor: Palin’s future in-law bust. Meth Lab?
HenryNews: USA Today- Mother of Palin daughter’s boyfriend arrested –
iamasarahpalin: @Bodhi1 Oh GREAT just another thing to harass the Palin family about. NO ONE is perfect people!
kentuckyBNN: Blue Grass, Red State: Will Palin Initiate Another Primary?: Number of comments: 1Big fish.


alisso: Sarah Palin family drama continues: Bristol’s future mother-in-law … – Monsters and WELT ONLI..
ramblingreba: @karpo Palin is a beautiful woman for sure…
LePost: Sarah Palin bientôt dans la série Desperate Housewives?: Eh non, ce n’est pas une blague. Le producteur de..
vergelbradford: "’Drill, baby, drill!’ by itself is not an energy policy," governor Tim Pawlenty, MN, says about Sarah Palin at GOP governors convention.
Jillmz: hypocrisy alert: Palin at news conference, "the past is the past" but she only applies that to what she wants to
CountryMe: Do U extreme right christians really think Palin is going to rid rep party of all those that believe the same as Dem on morals or lack of?
huffpost: Marriott or Sarah Palin? You decide: Apparently, Marriott is so flustered over the gay community’s ou.. -ameri …
americablog: Marriott or Sarah Palin? You decide: Apparently, Marriott is so flustered over the gay community’s ou..
karthikramas: Joke of the Election or Height of democraZy! Sara palin "OFFERS HELP" to Obama!
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
TheLocalStation: Palin Speaks To Governors On Future Of GOP: Gov. Sarah Palin talks to Republican governors in a p..
outofharlem: Why are thy still talking about Sarah Palin? Is the media trying to manufacture a 2012 race?
jamesbyers: I noticed a change in Palin this morning. Republicans have told her to stop 2008 campaign rhetoric.Now she is talking future. Thank God LOL
maxineappleby: you got to give Palin credit, she certainly is ambitious & 49% of those questioned CNN/Opinion Research poll favor her
inthecan: @karllong Does the cover have Palin drenched in blood kneeling before a pentagram? Just the first image that pops into my imagination.
DalydeGagne: The Real Right blog gives 5 reasons Palin would lose in a 2012 nomination bid. Heads up @gretawire!
arkansasblog: Sarah Palin really does know Africa is a continent. That story was a hoax.
HooplaNow: Apparently we aren’t the only ones obsessed with Sarah Palin. Latest: her family offered a reality tv series and she turned down a porn gig.
cspan: Coming up: Sarah Palin (R-AK) @ GOP Governor’s Conference on C-SPAN2 at 10am ET & later watch Palin’s press conference on #cspan
scottros: RT @johnmcquaid NYT muddles details: Palin "Africa" leak *did* come from McCain camp. Hoaxer falsely claimed to be leaker.
buzztter_en: this morning, rainy, breakfast, last night, good morning, thursday, palin, password, coffee, bailout
snackfeedbuzz: watch Piper Palin schools Matt Lauer-Sarah Palin’s youngest daughter and campaign sidekick Piper gave her first interv…
surelyoujest: Sarah Palin, please, go home.
jamesbyers: Sarah Palin is determined to beat up across the head and try to force us to show her love with all of her media blitz. She can keep wishing
NRKno: Toppsak fra Palin: – Jeg ber for Obama: – Jeg er stolt av Barack Obama. Jeg ber ..
steps: @rghanbari Palin’s 15m was up about 8 days ago, but she’s operating near a poltical blackhole, so time moves slower for her.
cressman: If you blinked you missed it. Much-hyped Palin news conference:–three questions only. One talking point : she is not exessively partisan.
karllong: sitting at DFW, flight delayed, they have a palin book, ‘a new kind of leadership’ in the local store
suckmycaucus: Palin takes just 3 Qs @ GOP Gov. conference. Probably because she’s pissed that Stevens is going to lose the AK Senate race.
AnotherBlocked: CNN Campbell Brown Sarah Palin Interview, Palin Fires Back! (via YouTube)
chrisgolden: why why why are ppl obsessed with s. palin??
djchuang: heard: msnbc falls for palin hoax; Glenn beck going to foxnews; 92% of americans believe in a god
schotline: Super Nova… Forward thinking… Media comments on Palin at RGA meeting

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