Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Manas: @amanjsingh Or maybe the Mayans foresaw Sarah Palin beating Obama on Nov 4, 2012, leading to the end of modern civilization as we know it?
topix_usnews: Oxycontin was Sherry Johnston’s Drug of Choice: I wrote about Bristol Palin’s soon-to-be mother-in-law earlier. ..
roxyj42973: Sarah Palin Family Drug Charges Oxycontin
Gotovski: what’s the difference between sarah palin and dan quayle? Lipstick.
RobbieCooperATX: Why the hell is this news: Palin’s boyfriend’s mom arrested on drug charge. Idiot MSM. Back to idolizing C. Kennedy
2012Palin: George H.W. Bush Mad at Sarah Palin? – Washington Whispers (usnews …: Sarah Palin hasn’t returned Bush’s phone..
2012Palin: » More Sarah Palin Drama!: More Sarah Palin Drama! sarahpalinshocked.jpg. Just ..
AHN: Bristol Palin’s Future Mother-In-Law Arrested On Drug Charges
heliopolister: Sean Hannity said, "How come nobody ever saw this during the campaign?
twitalytics: (CNN) ‘I’m proud of Barack Obama,’ Palin tells King
vainbuthonest: I’m so tired of hearing Sarah Palin’s name. Just go away already!!
misunder: New Post: Could Sarah Palin’s Path to 2012 Be As Senator Palin? @
wpimentel: si Obama vs McCain era interesante, como seria un Palin vs Hillary Clinton??? fregao pensarlo no?? la locura politica sigue en USA
wpimentel: Palin venderia mas libros que los Bush, sera tonta la señora pero si que tiene feeling con los medios, en 4 años intentaria ser presidenta
Poynter: Romenesko: TV critic Zurawik says Palin has "run rings around" TV journalists: Washington Post ..
KarynWolo: Ugh. Why won’t Sarah Palin go away already? She is a cancer on the Republican Party. The notion of her running in 2012 is ridiculous.
snackfeedbuzz: McCain, Palin Speeches Draw Strong Interest-More than 42 million people tuned in to Sen. McCain’s acceptance speech, …
slsmith: Crystal balls + ‘callin an audible" US President run in #Palin’s future!
newsticker: A move to the Senate? It’s even-Stevens for Palin – Sydney Morning Herald
EVALOVINLEESHA: Ahhh.. watching "morning Joe" when are they ever gonna stop talking about Sarah Palin tired of hearing her darn voice
benrapin: funny…news was careful to point out that Palin is not attending the republican governors convention in FL…just staying in the same hotel
shmu: [votes:13] Sarah Palin SNL Clips More Popular On Web Than TV,
akvalley: Palin extends 15 min of fame, again, and I’m confused. Per @cnn ‘I’m proud of Barack Obama,’ Palin tells King
redshrt04: Sarah Palin is really annoying… can’t she just go away until 2012? or forever?
GWhit: So much for a late winter Begich Palin showdown.
channelone: Palin: I’m proud of Obama and pray for him: Former Republican U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah P..
AmSpec: Blog: God Says Don’t:
WASILLA, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she wouldn’t hesitate to..
GoogleNewsElect: Sarah Palin: ‘I’m proud of Barack Obama’ – CNN: The AgeSarah Palin: ‘I’..
newmediamike: NYT: the whole "Sarah Palin doesn’t get Africa" apparently a hoax that fools trad media and cyclical bloggers
Jillmz: @wendyhoke did you read Tina Brown today re: Palin needs to tell us how she parents?
slsmith: Sarah #Palin Doesn’t Need Any Advice from Katie #Couric. Couric responds "back @ ya Sarah".
jeepgeek: @grumpwurst Back to our conversation about Palin:
romenesko: TV critic Zurawik says Palin has "run rings around" TV journalists: Washington Post "I was really disap..
slsmith: Palin on going after AK Senate seat. #Palin "If they call an audible on me" – WTH is that?
stefanpinto: Dreamt my teeth started to fall out. Tried 2 tell Monika, but she was BZ touting totes 4 QVC. Sarah Palin offered hugs. Woke up.
cnn: ‘I’m proud of Barack Obama,’ Palin tells King
NicheMass: Pauline vs Palin. Ça demande réflexion
RonnaHamelin: @geoffoliver I love this Sarah Palin article – thank you for sharing
iLukianox: Palin: I’m proud of Obama and pray for him: Former Republican U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Pa..
slsmith: "I don’t think it was $150K in clothes" #Palin on King – read Sept RNC REC filing Lady it’s all there!
entertainvid168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Late Show – When Alec Baldwin Met Sarah Palin:
Alec Baldwin talks a..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Palin Supporters Look to 2012:
Alaskans in Gov. Sarah Palin’s hometow..
CountryMe: Don’t tell me the media (excluding Fox News of course) is in the tank for the liberals! They are in the tank for Palin lol
willingthrall: @cnni Do you suppose Palin is secretly hoping to be made Ambassador to Russia?
shmu: [votes:31] Hulu Nails Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live (SNL),
shmu: [votes:8] Hulu’s SNL Sarah Palin Clips Play Overseas, More International Streaming On The Way?,
azusa_soleil: []Palin: I’m proud of Obama and pray for him
MEHarty: Watching Morning Joe and hopin’ that Sarah Palin stories end soon.
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors

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