Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Roxy206: Have I mentioned that yesterday I once again slipped into the Sarah Palin/Tina Fey accent? It just happens now & then.
RawStory: Raw Story Time choses Palin as runner-up for Person of the Year: Time choses Palin as runner-up for Per..
denverposttalk: Comment: Comparing apples (Caroline Kennedy) to oranges (Sarah Palin): In this scenario, apples have double the ..
2012Palin: Chicago Artist Follows Up Nude Sarah Palin Painting With Nude Rod …: Chicago Artist Follows Up Nude Sarah Pali..
2012Palin: After Sarah Palin nude, a Rod Blagojevich nude?: A nude portrait of the governor, by artist Bruce Elliott, is ne..
ruchand1084: Is it me or is Gov. Sarah Palin’s voice irritating?
newsline: Sarah Palin: From running mate to Time’s runner-up – Los Angeles Times
seventenths: @nontheist , surprised? Those guys are # TCOT . It’s like a uber-version of a Palin rally
el_pais: Palin: "Sería un honor ayudar a Obama si él me lo pidiera": La ex candidata republicana a la Vicepresiden..
ebradlee10: Whatever happened to Sarah Palin?
Jughead_Jones: #Palin for porn. That is all.
zinjabeelah: getting tired of Sarah Palin coverage. Can we please have investigative journalism about the bail-out?
zestylime: Has Sarah Palin done more interviews in the past few days than she did during her entire candidacy? she WON’T. SHUT. UP.
mhmacleod: "GOD wanted McCain and Palin in the White House. That’s why it’s called THE WHITE HOUSE."……………..Wow.
ChrisShouse: @andersoncooper my mother saw the blurb you said about Palin this eve on ET she wanted me to tell you that you are an Ahole& have no respect
zestylime: lol white hot spotlight Sarah Palin had to be a big shot, last night whoaaaaaaa /billy joel
unicornrockstar: Looks like Stevens is going to lose and thus Palin is not going to the senate.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
prensa: 20′: Palin cree que "sería bueno" para su partido que en 2012 se presentase una mujer
xarker: That business about Palin thinking Africa was a country? Hoax:
mangobanna: @imyellow95 absoultely. But he can be the Palin to Kendra’s McCain. I mean that democratically of course.
nitin: Sarah Palin is a troll – Stop Feeding Her You’all !!!
Celebrity411: MSNBC retracts false Palin story; others duped
larrymwalkerjr: Don’t get me wrong, Sarah Palin does have a gift, and it should be polished, fine tuned, and utilized to the max.
collisionbend: People wonder if Sarah Palin can cook. Of course she can, and pretty good, too: she cooked McCain’s goose, didn’t she?
newsbusters: Couric Advises Gov. Palin to ‘Learn About Governing’…Seriously!: In today’s Pot Calling the Kettle ..
jewelsann: I’m not sure why Sarah Palin is being billed as the GOP’s "new hope." Is it me, or does this seem like an odd conclusion to this election?
luv2shoppe: @reimagin I agree. I can’t believe that Palin still has to defend herself on the clothing issue. It’s plain dumb!
brownallaround: Someone needs to get the memo to Sarah Palin: The election is OVER.
gyro_gearloose: @larrymwalkerjr Balanced assessment of Palin. She may not be the orator that BO is, but plainspokenness does strike a chord with many.
jonincalgary: Seriously, why is Palin still making the front page of every major news provider on the Internet?
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
roteuniverse: I almost miss Sarah Palin….almost….
JPWP: Can anyone build one of those Bugs Bunny stage doors, at the end of a plank, that falls off to nowhere, for Sarah Palin to walk through?
sallee58: Just like Palin Joe the bummer has got himself an agent. I just wish that the media would leave them alone so that we don’t have to see them
fluther: Has there been/Can anyone show me some negative sentiments coming FROM Alaska re: Sarah Palin?
_101_: [digg] Show Your Mega Awesome Support for Trig Palin!: Dear Trig…
IndyEnigma: @larrymwalkerjr "My take on Sarah Palin " Mostly agree, comm style blessing & curse, needs to know when 2 talk how
JPWP: @xenijardin if it’s "end of times" for Sarah Palin does that mean its end of times for us too? Just checkin’ ;)
wrongplanet: Palin’s "Not Knowing Africa was a Continent" Hoax
EKL: Why won’t Sarah Palin go away?
sallee58: @djtv Palin also believes she could help Obama with the energy crisis. The woman needs to go back to Alaska and keep an eye on Russia.
24thstate: Remember that story about Joe the Plumber being related to Keating? Turns out to be a hoax – like Palin and Africa.
tennesseeBNN: Shots Across The Bow: Why I Am Not a Republican: Because the GOP thinks smearing Sarah Palin and put..
mistercaceres: Palin cree que "sería bueno" para su partido que en 2012 se presentase una mujer
djtv: Did we all hear that Sarah Palin didn’t know that Africa was a continent? She thought it was a country? How did I miss that?
bobalu49: watching Daily Show- Sarah Palin feature – has she ever said anything to raise awareness for Down Syndrome? Does she care?
CADbloke: "What’s the G20?" – GW Bush – Go ask Sara Palin, George. Ghe can see it from her house.

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