Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

iamasarahpalin: @littlebytesnews I would LOVEit if Hannity and Ingraham twitted!
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Sequel to Sarah Palin ‘nude painting’: A Rod Blagojevich ‘nude paint..
freerepublic: Sequel to Sarah Palin ‘nude painting’: A Rod Blagojevich ‘nude painting’?: ………Rod Blag..
wisconsinBNN: Stepping Right Up!: Sarah Palin Photos: I have added more photos to my Team Sarah stuff. I thought I would repos..
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: The Democratic Palin???: Number of comments: 1Caroline Kennedy: Except for the lipstick, killer look..
newestdiscovery: update: How Far Will Sarah Palin Go? (Sarah Palin became the election’s most controversial and – for some …)
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
PoliticsFix: McCain: Don’t blame Palin for my failed presidential bid – Error: database query failed – China Post
jwlehman: this is a hoot. Palin offered $2m + $150k wardrobe to do a MILF film.
djtv: Heard on Bill Maher: "We need a TV show that is titled "Another Thing Sarah Palin doesn’t Know"
obxlaw: Sarah palin might call an audible? Running for patriots QB in 2009?
IntegralChaotic: @HereItComes – on your take on Sarah Palin – that’s why my sisters liked her and voted for McCain. The mom, average american woman thing.
jbsmith86: @moto62 I worry about palin because some say she is the future of the repub party and she is an example of religious extreme in this country
EmperorNorton: @mcnee ….in the first place? So what Coleman is trying to cover is his ass. And give it a break, @mcnee. Don’t be a Palin.
Armageddontime: US’s near-death experience with Palin and continued fascination is similar to Germany with Hitler. He lost, then won, then Hell. Dangerous.
snackfeedbuzz: video added CNN-Palin: I will help Obama-Gov. Sarah Palin says she is ready to help with President-elect Obama on ener…
TMV: Palin GOP Crystal Ball:
Mike Lane, Cagle Cartoons
bobojojo: Palin wears a jacket that says alaska to remind herself what state she is mayor of
mediajorge: Browsing: Rush Limbaugh – Dickipedia – A Wiki of Dicks
caderoux: Palin on CNN – she’s apparently gonna keep running for something or other.
nerdette: Sarah Palin GO AWAY why are u still on mah teevee.
decidedlyright: @larrymwalkerjr I think that’s a fair assessment of Palin. She could use a little polishing.
Timaay: How do u know Palin & Joe the plumber were great for the US? The Left’s mouthpiece, the mainstream media, savaged them.
AlgonquinKnight: Price of Who’s Nailin Palin: 79.95!!!!!! HOLY. SH*T.
blurrie: why is palin still being interviewed.
jthNET: @johnstarta if the pick Palin as POY, I’m never buying Time again…. oh, wait… nevermind
LeFilmNoir: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
fabrichound: @cheeky_geeky laughed at a Palin joke
myloveforyou: I’m putting money on it now…Palin will be offered her own talk show. Who’s with me?
mzjitt: @softjunebreeze I am really annoyed at all the Palin media frenzy. Can’t they give it a rest already!!
JadedNews: Accused Palin e-mail intruder argues for misdemeanor instead of felony
MiW3l: Le ofrecen $2,000,000 USD para que Sarah Palin haga una película porno. Sin duda, seria la reina de todas las MILF.
SharjeelSayed: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me
currentfm: :: Twitterank, Top Chef, Obama, Christmas, CMAs, Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, #prblog, #cma08, WotLK, Twitter…
palin_quotes: Asked about a presidential bid Wednesday, on CNN’s "The Situation Room," #Palin said she was "not ru..
JadedNews: Accused Palin e-mail intruder argues for misdemeanor instead of felony
alliecine: @jrwright it’s just palin palin palin – just leave her alone and move on
DarcyKelley: I do Palin and Jindal are the future of the Republican party, but they are both god-loving, diversity-haters; as such, won’t make mainstream
wangmess: NO NO NO. SARAH PALIN NEEDS TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CONTINENTAL US….wait for it….NOW. That’s why we voted, that’s why she didn’t win.
DarcyKelley: "Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama" – Sarah Palin has WAY MUCH MORE to offer than some bimbo on The View…
snackfeedbuzz: watch CNN-Palin not stopping criticism-Gov. Sarah palin says she is not backing off her criticism of Barack Obama’s as…
crackhead: @corrine Sarah Palin is ruining teh country!!1!1eleventy! Also, I can’t get the top off my bottle of Excedrin. Childproof? No, Rooneyproof!
jeffshattuck: wonders how Reagan, the Palin’s pet wolverine, is doing. Sat images of dead sheep indicate all is well.
LaLaLives: Sarah Palin looks so different without professional styling (hair, makeup & wardrobe). She looks 5 yrs older than she did just a week ago.
YatPundit: @B_E_X the latter. Palin has the right to be an asshat in front of anyone who is stupid enough to give her a mic. :-)
doctorwifemom: @larrymwalkerjr I love Sarah Palin,but I agree that her speaking style could be a detriment
dailydish: Why Palin Still Matters, Ctd.: A reader writes: I agree that Palin’s deficiencies say a lot about the d..

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