Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

hosea46: Palin church burning – ‘hate crime’ virtually ignored?
hosea46: Media Bias? Did you hear..? Palin church burning – ‘hate crime’ virtually ignored?
TheCoyoteReport: Gov Sarah Palin was offered $3 million from Cezar Capone to star in an adult film with her husband.
jwlehman: @kellyrenee he’s railing on Palin for her latest spewings of nonsense, lies & moronic acts…no mercy just as she deserves
jewdy7: ok cnn needs to stop talking about the wolf blitzer/palin interview. zzzzzzzzzz
B_E_X: Palin needs shut up or better yet I should stop listening
AnalyticalDiva: Wishing Sarah Palin wasn’t discussing running for office in 2012. Seriously?!
Count_Down: Video: Palin won’t stop talking: Nov. 12: Once criticized for eschewing interviews with the press, for..
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
melissabryan: Camille Paglia on Sarah Palin: "There is a powerful clarity of consciousness in her eyes." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
pink_squirrel: Will sarah palin please go away?
mofopolitics: OReilly and Greta argue over Palin
luzlady96: listening to the Palin crap
tgardner: @EveSieminski are there cruises that long in the Carib or up to Alaska? Forget Alaska, Palin would remember me.
iDefineMe: on palin: frighteningly conservative? yes. unprepared to lead? yes. scapegoat? no doubt.
jodyMorrison: @toriblaseCNN Amazing to me that CNN couldn’t get Palin to speak during the campaign and now she’s chattering away like a magpie. Hmmm
CoachBarb: @livingwithadd Oh right! Sarah Palin on Larry King tonight. I’ll watch it @ 9 PST. Thank you for the reminder.
larrymwalkerjr: My take on Sarah Palin. If you don’t agree, shoot me.
JonWeisblatt: Jon Stewart: :P alin is the voice of Kitt on Knight Rider: "You Betcha!"
camflan: yeah….palin cooks in her $4000 suit…
kevinbaker: @businesscasual Doomsday 2012: The End of Days? Is that about an ancient Mayan prediction of a Sarah Palin presidency?
labstest: Palin: I’d be honored to help Obama: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told CNN today that she would be honored to..
roadkillrefugee: Olbermann: Palin won’t stop talking!
tescott1908: Palin says she’d love to work w/Obama despite his so called "connections". Hypocrit…is all I got to say.
jasondiamond: @davidstripinis Nice! Keith Olbermann just referenced a Bill Hicks bit directly by name in regards to Sarah Palin. The sore tooth bit.
myklroventine: Watching Olbermann try to suppress a laugh every time he reports an "exclusive" Sarah Palin interview from today.
stacey727: holy crap. watching palin pieces on olbermann-the U.S. dodged the biggest bullet by not putting her in the vp slot. holy crap x200.
livingwithadd: forgot to watch Sarah Palin on Larry King.
average_cookie: dear sarah palin: zip!
JonWeisblatt: Palin: Bloggers are sitting in their pajamas in their parents’ basements. Well, she’s half right.
jasondiamond: @David Stripinis Nice! Keith Olbermann just referenced a Bill Hicks bit directly by name in regards to Sarah Palin. The sore tooth bit.
w8in: wants Sarah Palin to stfu and go govern Alaska.
adampsyche: thinks that Sarah Palin should keep talking during her next week of fame; keep it up, dig that ditch deeper…
DominickEvans: Ugh Sarah Palin put down bloggers as ppl living in their parents "basements" in their pjs? well at least my kids not out getting girls prego
anash: palin for stevens in senate.
bransonpage: Why is Sarah Palin still all over the news? My wife pointed this out and said, "She’s not really saying anything."
JonWeisblatt: Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving for Olbermann. Please make her stop!
dmooney9: Palin annoyed at Couric question "whatdaya read up there in Alaska". Couric didn’t ask that and certainly not that way.
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Cezar Capone offered Sarah Palin $2 million for…
SunshineEmpire: It’s funny how during the campaign, Sarah Palin would do nary an interview. Now that the election is over she’s everywhere.
mdsteele47: Dear Sarah Palin: Please, stop talking. I think you’re even making my cats dumber.
jwlehman: @kellyrenee with LDS & catholic church in their latest events & Palin types. How far away are we from fundamentalist muslim type terrorism?
Blogesque: @Jillmz I wouldn’t hold my breath. Somehow I doubt Hillary’s overly enthusiastic about talking to Palin
stephaniediva: did anyone else think they saw Sarah Palin in the audience at the cmas? #cma08
danibabb: And the rebranding effort begins tonight.. :-) Fun stuff. Then in 3 years it’s off to Babb+Palin tkt 4 2012 :=) No moose in oval office tho
buzzsuggest: Cloistered for weeks, Palin is now everywhere
(Reuters): Cloistered for weeks, Palin is now everywh..
rinf_community: Jeesh! Palin on the news
Sportymorty: Rush Limbaugh claims Obama has caused financial crisis – It would be funny if I thought there weren’t millions of Am’ns believing this s__
ppatel: @xenijardin Oh the god I talk to also has plans for Sarah Palin. They don’t involve her taking her office. Let’s leave it there, …
Jillmz: Sarah Palin told Van Susteren that she was going to call Hillary Clinton "tomorrow" -yesterday or earlier, anything on that call anywhere?

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