Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

SarahPalin: PALIN IN-LAW OUTLAW (New York Post)
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) Old Media: Now Featuring Palin-Smears From Actions of In-Laws Not Yet Even In-Laws
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Palin Crushes Murkowski 55 to 31 in Alaska Senate Poll: Nothing like a little Sarah..
elcomerciodigit: La futura consuegra de Sarah Palin, detenida por tenencia de drogas: La mujer fue acusada de seis cargos de pose..
mixxbreaking: PALIN BAGS A BIGFOOT: Yup, here’s the story and picture right here…Sarah Palin hunted a bigfoot (aka Sasquatch..
WaterKula: moment: Mom of Bristol Palin’s baby daddy arrested on drug charges – link by DIGG

parasat: Palin is blowing all her media credit in one fell swoop. 18 months from now it’ll be Sarah Who?
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
nagunagu: @snapjudge Awright. So Palin knows the diff bet S.Africa and Africa. She can be President now! :-)
jepaco: Who paid for Palin to travel to Miami, where she claimed she was speaking on behalf of her constituents?
tennesseeBNN: Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee: The Key To Understanding Sarah Palin: Daniel L..
palin_quotes: "My life is in God’s hands," #Palin said Wednesday. "If he’s got doors open for me, that I believe a..
palin_quotes: ANCHORAGE – Gov. #Sarah #Palin returned to work in her Anchorage office Friday afternoon and spoke o..
alaskaBNN: Seeing Red AZ: Who was the actual victim of “hoax?” MSNBC or Gov. Sarah Palin?: Number of comments: 2Pl..
sssemester: More people now think Favorably of Sarah Palin than Unfavorably. (49% vs. 43%) *In GOB Bluth voice* "Come on!"
illinoisBNN: illinoisreview: MSNBC Goes Off its Rocker on Sarah Palin: By Mark Rhoads Yes, the election was over 9..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – New GOP Spin: Palin’s Not Ready:
Todd Harris, a GOP strategist who is..
miaminewtimes: Forgetting Sarah Palin
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin STILL doesn’t know what a VP does!:
Seems like something ..
peoplevideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – CBC raises questions about Trig Palin’s birth (SEE NEW VERSION):
opti24: CONTAIN Sarah Palin. Floating more words into the air cannot change reality or facts. Apparently she can believe her way through life.
cpedraza: Asked why she held her 1st news conf at Governors’ meeting, Palin replied, "The campaign is over." Says it all.
jepaco: I never believed the Palin/Africa story, because we already knew she had lied about Darfur during her debate.
ohioBNN: blogger interrupted: Young Turks put copyright claim on McCain Palin Mob video: Number of comments: 1No o..
snackfeedbuzz: checkout Daily Show-The Biggest Losers-Sarah Palin launches a PR blitz to show voters all they missed by not electing …
new_yorkBNN: Gawker: Women Hate Palin Because "She Has A Great Sex Life" [Conservative Crack-up]: Number of commen..
cheeky_geeky: @hzhealy Well, I think Palin is just doing what’s in her interests. But any journalist talking about her as party head is an idiot.
arra: ARRA News Service – MSNBC Retracts False Sarah Palin Story: Fox News: Network runs correc..
oklahomaBNN: Sinister: The thing that irritates me the most about Sarah Palin: She’s the only person in the world ..
richeblaze: The Polishing Of Sarah Palin. Thats gonna be the next title of my Neo-Soul composition. Sub-title "This Chick Is Trickin "
tootallturkel: Palin’s knowledge of Africa a hoax?
MarkMayhew: @vikdug what prob do u have w/ @ricksanchezcnn doing so many stories about Palin? (I, too, think she has a hot bod =)
cpedraza: Will Romney be the Palin antidote Republicans may need in 2012?
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
pwot: Re: Aimless Rambling: QuoteHis daughter, who looks a little like Palin and does a great impression of her, s..
fantasticlife: is sarah palin the future of the gop? we report, you decide –
alabamaBNN: Birmingham Blues: Have We Dodged the Palin Bullet a Second Time?: Oh please, oh please, oh please! Del..
HappyLeftie: Retweet @dailydish Palin’s Presser: Exclusive video.
A must-see
matt_danger: No Palin at the Saxby rally. Just a bunch of old men. Lack of T&A hurts the Republican party.
kshep: If Sarah Palin looked like Ron Paul, we’d never hear of her again.
kshep: OK, so… why are these people given Sarah Palin any airtime at all at this point?
arizonaBNN: Seeing Red AZ: Who was the actual victim of “hoax?” MSNBC or Gov. Sarah Palin?: Number of comments: 2P..
rjurney: #political (sorry) In the last week it seems that Palin is the new face of the Republican Party, whether they like it or not?
cheeky_geeky: Why is everyone talking about Palin as the future of the Republican party? Isn’t it so obvious that it’s Gingrich and Romney? Morons.
pjk: Palin in 2012? Why does this come to mind?
dfab123: Truly scary people talking Palin 2012 RT @mikehernalsteen Seriously? 58 million people in America really wanted this?!
topix_usnews: At Governors Meeting, Palin Looks Ahead: Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska did something here on Thursday t..
jonmhansen: Turns out the "Palin thinks Africa’s a country" story was BS, among others. The internet was messing with us!

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