Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

cdixon25: @hardline Palin would have worked better if the entire campaign didn’t have communication and education problems
hardline: @cdixon25 Yup…. McCain tried to woo ‘em back with Sarah "Moose momma" Palin…. thinking a goo looking MILF would get him elected… FAIL!
mmmeghan: SNL is a repeat, but it’s the Josh Brolin/Adele ep which I LOVED. I also forgot about Sarah Palin being so awful.
jlofshult: I hadn’t seen the opening SNL skit the first time it was on. I was surprised Sarah Palin went along with it.
8101harris: Saturday Night Live is a repeat. Palin is on again.
jammons: Rerun of the Sarah Palin SNL is on tonight …
GraphicMatt: It’s really kind of nice that the Sarah Palin sketches on SNL will be almost entirely incomprehensible and unfunny in a year or two.
HumanRacehorses: Rerun of last SNL before election on tonight. Amazing how Sarah Palin seems so, so, so, last news cycle.
morgancaroline: Oh Sarah Palin, you are a laugh fucking riot.
jamelF: Sarah Palin in on SNL… The real one not Tina Faye
tiffani: Ohh poo. SNL re-run with the real Palin. meh.
PopDaddy: Classic SNL… Palin, Baldwin, Walberg… SHTYMFM!
NPBill: @shoemoney Repeat episode with Sarah Palin
abstractrandom: Okay, so SNL is a re-run. Sarah Palin’s cameo. Seen it…going to bed.
WARojas: It’s the Palin rerun on #SNL. Still funny.
sew4the8tr: abe lincoln and llama in the backround, meanwhile Tina Fey/Palin mixup. Good thing Palin has a sense of humor according to SNL
Boudleaux: @BoffleSpoffle I will! Also, just watching SNL w/Sarah Palin & Lorne standing in the hall. Hugh’s pic is behind Lorne!
joeclauser: Sarah Palin is #5 on TV Guide’s list of most popular celebrities.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
kathyoreilly: RT @Lycos_50… What do Home Depot, Paris Hilton & Sarah Palin have in common?
Duches1: The Sarah Palin Intervention must begin now. She is addicted to interviews.
Lycos_50: What do Home Depot, Paris Hilton & Sarah Palin have in common?
_ruffles: a dupla responsável pelo boato da "sarah palin não sabe onde fica a áfrica" e "o cassino no iraque": (via @xenijardin)
joethunk: #GoogleNews: GOP govs meet and seek to, uh, not talk about Sarah Palin – Los Angeles Times: ..
IndyEnigma: @gretawire "Governor Palin " thinking bout this more, consider source of article, typical NE elite snobbery? GRRR!
mmoney: Rush Limbaugh used to be useful but now he’s just aweful… another toxic voice in America.
huffpost: Palin leaves door open for possible Senate run: WASHINGTON (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday .. -usnews
usnews: Palin leaves door open for possible Senate run: WASHINGTON (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday ..
Gawkk_Popular: Gawkk Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live: What Happened to Sarah Palin?
Becky_H: @Becky_H Cause I so just found Sarah Palin/McCain/Oboma threesmoe. With MASKS. *sobs*
Entroporium: Still haunted by, still aghast at the Trig Palin maternity smear. Something deeply sad about it won’t let me go.
meekorouse: @keitholbermann so so tired of palin; make it stop! the hurting! my ears.. nails on a chalkboard. train wreck..
gothoney: Notice all the Palin interviews today? Painful.
balaji_dutt: so the "palin-doesn’t-know-africa-is-a-continent" story is a fake? now her real goof-ups will not be reported either:
snackfeedbuzz: checkout Palin is headliner-CNN’s John Zarrella reports Palin heads list of Republican Governors eyeing the future, at…
claimguy: OK, OK, OK…Why are al you democrats still obsessed with Palin? Holy crap.
ClaudiaMacCloud: RT @TheRealMcCain Video: Palin won’t stop talking –at least ur not the only one that thinks so @thundRkat
mmoney: @Charlielouis @dalydude Thinking that Palin won’t stop until a new scandal causes her to go underground…
erinmccomb: is riding with josh as he drives through fog think as palin’s head. yes…that thick.
thecnnwire: Palin does not regret Couric interview: MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — Former Republican vice presidenti..
SteveinNYC: So Palin both thinks Obama is a terrorist and wants to help him Does she have any core beliefs?
huffpost: Video: Palin won’t stop talking -TheRealMcCain
AmandaSo: @skinnypresident Just read the Palin-Hannity comment… are you trying to make me celibate for life?
SashaKane: @andersoncooper Thinking you do not read these Tweets Anderson. But truly everyone I know is about Palin-ed out. Please report on Prop 8
jwlehman: @kellyrenee awesome idea on the PR & AK swap. Can we start a PAC & start lobbying.2nd thought, keep AK. Just send Palin to PR or Siberia
RNCJournalists: latimestot: GOP govs meet and seek to, uh, not talk about Sarah Palin –
CatherineLarsen: @thepegisin Very funny Palin comment.

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