Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

rhiannarenagade: @Hidedontseek YES! And I totally love this episode, if only just for the Palin rap XD
jan001: Just watched rerun of SNL Amy Poehler’s Sarah Palin rap. Marveling again @ how she jumped around and got the whole rap done @ 9mos pregnant.
buzzfactor: reruns of snl in the background…the palin/2008 politics stuff was really some of the best in a LONG time.
EricCunningham: watching the Palin Rap SNL bit with the parents caused my mom to sleepily say, "Did she say you could see Russia from Alaska?"
robynbrinkley: Ok so the Palin rap rerun was pretty stinkin good. Night all!
benjkeller: Rewatching the SNL Palin sketches. It really might be the best works of political satire done in the past 15 years.
DinkyShop: Kenan Thompson is a riot as the French Guy ! Zoot Alors ! I already miss Amy Poehler.. Love that Palin rap..
logolives: Changed the Obama logo to the version with text, added McCain/Palin, but decided Obama/Beiden was not representative.
iposit: watching Amy Poehler do the Sarah Palin rap on Weekend Update on SNL. So FUNNY. Love it every time I see it.
calvingilbert: off all the the snl reruns.. of course the one with palin is on #dodged-a-bullet
bwall05: The SNL where Palin showed up is on right now. I can’t watch.
dbrodbeck: Enjoying seeing the loser on SNL on Weekend Update. By loser I mean Sarah Palin, who epitomizes the word loser.
freerepublic: NURSE BRISTOL? (Bristol Palin Considers Pediatric Nursing): The pregnant Alaska teen sees a much more wholesome ..
megan_potter: Discovered that my family were Palin supporters. No comment.
lisel1997: is watching tina fey as sarah palin again. hysterical.
Kittyskirt: fading fast after watching MacGruber shoot a ping pong ball out his…um…posterior. Sadly, it’s the most we’ve laughed at SNL since Palin
nickyjameson: Watching Michael Palin’s Pole to Pole.
Shadowlark: Is talking to G-mu, Papu, BB, and Kitsune about various sizes of countries around the world and whether Palin is making jokes when she talks
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
duve: I would like Sarah Palin to speak in tongues during her next interview. Wouldn’t that be so much more entertaining than the all the winking?
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
limejuicy: Is watching sarah palin on larry king. She is a moron. It’s been confirmed. Does anyone else notice the weird way she constucts sentences??
DNCjournalists: latimestot: GOP govs meet and seek to, uh, not talk about Sarah Palin –
tigerbeat: @mathewi Where was it confirmed? You’d think that would be part of the Times story, Fox would issue a correction & Palin would mention it
sotek: "It would be my honor to assist and support our new president and the new administration" –Sarah Palin
media_girl: RT @thepegisin Palin said she resented being asked what she reads. Ya know, people who **read** actually LIKE getting that question.
mklug: Really, Sarah Palin, I’m exhausted from seeing you so much. Please just go shoot something.
media_girl: @xenijardin That’s creepy! "God’s plans for her to take office"? Palin is either laughable or frightening.
GeorgeHague: Just saw Sarah Palin on Lary King….good luck Sarah…I hope you’ll have the ability to learn as you go.
Shoq: We just elect the first black president, and a brilliant man, and the media spends 4 days on Sarah Palin, a complete dolt. Go figure
jeffleroydavis: @xenijardine Palin will self destruct, or else the laws of physics are just a sugestion.
newsblah: Sarah Palin: “I don’t think it’s me personally, I think it’s what I represent”
copperbird7: Why is James Carville tiptoeing around Larry’s questions about Sarah Palin? It really annoys me that he won’t just speak up!
followthatdog: Oh man, I thought we were going to get a break for the Palin show once they lost. Sarah, please go back to relative obscurity. Please.
jamesfrommarin: I’ve decided to turn the TV off. Sarah Palin is the new queen of non-sequiturs.
sheilavu: expected more entertainment watching palin on larry king live.
latimestot: GOP govs meet and seek to, uh, not talk about Sarah Palin –
SpaceyG: What? Fake rumors? So this means there were no Romney people in the McCain camp out to get Palin? Darn it all:
Daniel_Madden: @SashaKane Amen to that! mainstream media is pumping her ego,so the people will have a false Impression that Palin’s qualified for 2012
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
xenijardin: My Fantasy God of Politics doesnt plan for Palin to take office. He’s working on swarms of locusts or clouds of killer bees to send her way.
seilogramp: So many here obsessed with trashing Palin and wanting her to "just go away," yet report her every word on twitter. Very strange.
corq: @xenijardin I feel your [Palin] Pain…Mrs. Palin, Fame called, and it wants it’s Fifteen minutes back…
jesseengle: watching Sarah Palin on Larry King–wondering exactly what broke down that allowed this woman to get so close to becoming Vice President
seanhackbarth: Greta has a part 3 of her interview w/ Gov. Palin. She should give Palin co-hosting duties.
SupaNovaLuv: OK…didn’t Sarah Palin lose? WHY IS SHE STILL TALKING TO THE MEDIA!!!
pineapplecakes: if Begich wins, that means Palin can’t try for the senate, yes?
dianaboyd: Palin who?
littlebytesnews: Reading: Cloistered for weeks, Palin is now everywhere: CHICAGO (Reuters) – Suddenly, Sarah Palin is everywhere.

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