Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

2012Palin: Sarah Palin: From running mate to Time’s runner-up (Los Angeles Times): In considering her for Person of the Yea..
drewwright9: SNL is replaying Sarah Palin’s episode. Amy Poehler’s rap is one of the best things they’ve done in years. Can’t wait for her new show!
cedricklamar: Where the hell is sarah palin now?
claudiaizet: @EricCunningham hahahaha! i was re-watching the palin rap too! amy poehler is mesmerizing.
BigMisterC: Watching Amy Poehler on SNL when Palin was on – sheer genius! She deserves an Emmy.
doubledeuce22: @xenijardin re: Palin – My feelings exactly. My only solice is that I know karma does indeed work.
_101_: [news] Cloistered for weeks, Palin is now everywhere – Reuters: Times OnlineCloistered for weeks, Pal..
jamesbyers: Palin is trying to steal Barak Obamas thunder. Shut up Sarah!!!
kevinmason: Was that Sarah Palin sitting behind Jennifer Nettles?
alizasherman: @xenijardin It is times like this that I wish I had cable. Sarah Palin winking at Larry King? Should I just throw something for you?
ursulas: Wondering why McCain is proud of Palin for inspiring people when she inspired death threats against Obama?
mmoney: @ParkvilleMom suit your self!! But I’m getting the recognition award for pioneering Palin’s word order!! LOLOL!
jstev: Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama
bluelines: CNN reports that "only" 49% have a favourable opinion of Palin; meanwhile i’m wondering how this number can be so high
EXXXOTICA: just watched sara palin on larry king. why doesn’t she just learn to stop talking?
xenijardin: Watching Sarah Palin wink at Larry King, talking about God’s plans for her to take office. Looking around hotel room for things to throw.
kmcdade: She’s one of us! Watch the @maddow video (also, Sarah Palin insulting bloggers).
CFLF: CFLF News: Sarah Palin Cannot Move On
firedog909: listening to sarah palin being interviewed on larry king. She sounds human again without coaches, advisors and others in her head
simonvallee: Watching Sarah Palin speak is only slightly less infuriating than before the election.
jerseymomma: Just watched Palin on Larry King. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me….and shes just so long winded
Verushka3: Watching Palin on Lary King… lying, promising, honoring, and NOT winking but alluding to a lusty Senate seat… And moms may just elect it
netdoc66: If the great state of Alaska calls in and wants me in a different position I’m going to do it! -Palin
onewil: @dabobert you were crazy. A) you were using Opera and visiting Palin sites? B) you never mentioned if you turned it off.
shaqfan: Sarah Palin stop saying AUDIBLE!!!
mmoney: @dalydude clearly Palin can spark the proverbial fire if she keep talking which is why her *subliminal* word association is so important!
lorettaelaine: so now that sarah palin has no chance of being VP, i kinda like her.
Ilinap: I really don’t want to go to bed with Sarah Palin’s voice in my head. Why is my husband making me watch this?! ARGH!
SugarKisses: Watching Sarah Palin on Larry King.
DominickEvans: @ResourcefulMom I could never like Sarah Palin – she actually believes you can pray the gay out of people…scary
nevadaBNN: Las Vegas Gleaner: Poor Sarah Palin victim of cruel hoax: No, that headline does not refer to how John ..
stormkite: @limbert65 Okay, you started fine, but went off the rails right after with "Rush Limbaugh th*nks." Those words don’t go together. #obama
virginiaBNN: Sisyphus: Something about Sara: As the GOP recovers from the Sara Palin candidacy for Vice President ..
virginiaBNN: Fred2Blue: Sarah Palin and the Holy Grail: Who so pulleth the sword from the stone and anvil is right..
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
ResourcefulMom: I’m watching Sarah Palin on CNN right now. I like post-election Gov. Palin much better than pre-election Gov. Palin.
moustache: just returned from Utah, where Sarah Palin hair seems to be the hot look for Fall ’08.
weitu: My neighbor to me: "i knew it was u cuz u wear those fancy Palin glasses"….
geraldgreene: Now Palin agrees to CNN interview with Wolf. She is an ambitious woman. Seems she will be happy to be a senator, president or queen.
CountryMe: Palin talking and talking, interviews, many of U talking Palin, Palin, Palin! If I start dreaming about her I hole you all responsible LOL
mmoney: @jamesbyers that’s just it Palin seems a bit obsessive compulsive about McCain or McCain’s story but clearly she loves frontierism, heroism
reelniceaggie: Jesus Christ. When did this become Sarah Palin week? This chick is everywhere.
iTH13RTEEN: @netdoc66 is sarah palin in it? lol
perze: re-watched the vp debate (don’t ask), used debatinator search . Palin used "maverick" 4 times, Biden, 9.
limbert65: So, Rush Limbaugh thinks Obama is responsible for the current economic trouble? Calls it "Obama’s Recession"?
stormkite: @johncraven1 Because they hate good patriotic americans like Palin and just cannot resist one more chance to rub her nose into her loss. …
Martarius: I’m so tired of Sarah Palin. Somebody tell her the election is over. She’s making me miss Dan Quayle all the more!
gbback: Switching between Larry King and CMT awards–trying to determine who’s more off key-sara palin or a few of the country artists…
shaqfan: Ha! Larry King just called Palin naive.LOL

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