Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

wisconsinBNN: This Just In…: I’ve seen Sarah Pailn and this guy is no Sarah Palin: Remember this from a previous "Photo..
jbharding: Sarah Palin nude!!!: So much has happened to poor Sarah Palin! Now she is faced with Bruce Elliott’s full-..
gr8liverpoolfan: Tiny fey as Sarah Palin is scaaaary
sfcitygirl: Dressed as Santa again tonight. Bar crawling with my ho ho hos! Just met the ADA from Juno AL. He apologized for Sarah Palin.
winequester: @randyhall OK, logged into Wine Biz Radio and can hear stuff. Something like Rush Limbaugh :-)
XenaGal01: When the hell is Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes be up?!
mmoney: @Teriss now see I thought Palin was a ramble of words too *but* the more I listen to how the words are associated I think she needs a patent
lilibel: watching Palin on Larry King
szpak: Sarah Palin is Every Night Live
ShantyMinister: On Larry King Live, Palin says she wanted to give McCain a "shout out" election night.
johncraven1: If the media was in the tank for Obama, how come they keep interviewing Palin — even after she LOST.
jamesbyers: @thundRkat LOL you are a trip about Palin. She needs a psycho exam
OrlandoBusiness: @doshdosh Wow, crazy how they perpetuated the hoax on Palin. Thanks for sharing that.
Roblizzle: Why won’t Sarah Palin just go the fuck away??
bebesarah: Stunned at all the Palin interviews today – painful stupidity.
beartwinsmom: "John McCain is a true American hero"; "you don’t run a race to lose- you do it to win"; "I’ll assist wherever I can"- Sarah Palin’s on CNN
copperbird7: Sarah Palin can talk a really long time on just one breath.
Hoerr: Palin on Larry King Live is painful. Too…. Many….. Words…. Take a breath Sarah.
shaqfan: Sarah Palin-" John McCain is a true American Hero", " John McCain is a true American Hero", " John McCain is a true American Hero".Blah Blah
jessica_lee: sarah palin on larry king just said Human Resources. i love it. who cares about the context. lol.
MelMan65: @Teriss I think everyone should just ignore Palin. She is a attention hound and a very dishonorable individual.
drschultz: Watching Larry King interviewing Sarah Palin. She is incapable of answering simple yes or no questions.
djhamilton: Despite the temptation I am now declaring my blog posts and tweets a Sarah Palin free zone. Ms. Palin, please go away!
SashaKane: @HarryTucker Sarah Palin on Twitter? Just an opinion Harry. The Presidential Campaign just lasted way too long. =( Grew really weary.
S_in_washington: Umm. Larry. Palin’s quotes are scrolling on the screen before she actually says them.
ursulas: @amyloo I fear Sarah Palin will be running for President for 4 fricking years and the media will help whore her out
jillmatic: larry: are you going to the inauguration? palin: haven’t been invited! might go if i’m not too busy up there in alaska. bitch, please lol.
jamesbyers: Sarah Palin said she would love to go to the inauguration. She can keep dreaming. Obama aint that stupid LOL
eyewitnessabc7: Palin leaves door open to Senate run: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday she would consider se..
gsorensen: @Brookmeyer Palin is certainly making the media rounds now! I wish she had done more of this before 11/4. Oh well. (I didn’t see Greta’s.)
Imabong: Sarah Palin barbie should be called Igny short for IGNORAMUS
copperbird7: Yes! Someone just called it. Sarah Palin is shameless. That is a really sick way to live.
budip: RT @netdoc66 haha Sarah Palin is still calling the President Elect Senator Obama. She’s buggin’
CountryMe: To repeat what many of U R saying… watching Palin on CNN Why don’t she go away? LOL…Why R U watching her if you want her to go away? lol
lauranyc: From Portfolio: Katie’s Little Helpers: How Couric Prepped for Palin: At Quadrangle’s Fou..
RobboMills: Palin on CNN – geez – she’s a walking talking point – as facile as she is shallow – hubris sapiens – & utterly lacking any sense of shame.
mathewi: so Sarah Palin didn’t say that about not knowing Africa was a continent — shades of good old Dan Quayle:
jcola: So Sarah Palin’s an "everyday American." I guess that makes me something like an "every second Tuesday of the month American."
ChrisSick: Jeff Toobin has my back tonight on CNN: ‘Why are we criticizing Palin for answering questions we asked.’ Seems fairly stupid, doesn’t it?
scienceblogsrss: ScienceBlogs: The Onion Or CNN? [The Intersection]: Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday ..
andytowe: I’m at Starbucks savoring a pumpkin spice latte, conversation with friends, and doing a blistering impersonation of Sarah Palin.
iamnotstarjones: McCain needs to call Palin and explain that maybe the American people are tired of her uncouth public behavior.
litterthisheart: "Sarah Palin is a star in her own orbit." "Like Lindsay Lohan." LMAO. Oh, Keith, Lindsay is so much better now that she’s with Sam!
nate206: Gov. Palin will be on Larry King Live tonight 9 pm ET.
reuterstop: Cloistered for weeks, Palin is now everywhere: CHICAGO (Reuters) – Suddenly, Sarah Palin is everywhere.
littlelazer: @HuRa you were expecting a McCain/Palin poster instead?
wfpman: If Palin doesn’t want to get chopped up by the GOP she better become a Senator—they want to thow her under the bus like now!
MelMan65: Freedom of Speech should NOT include: Teaching hate/Murder/Rape nor should it cover KKK neo-nazi or Rush Limbaugh! makem a example!!!
Feynix7: Palin has the sense of humor of a rock.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her

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