Eating Each Other Alive… December 20, 2008

When will the carnage end?

odanielpavon: Palin urges GOP governors to keep Democrats honest
: AP – Sarah Palin called on fellow Republican governors to keep th..
LifelineLive: Saran Palin to appear on ‘Housewives?’
SalonMedia: Va-va-voom hair and Rick Perry’s jerk factor:
This afternoon, Sarah Palin held her first national pr..
rightblogs: [The Corner] Palin, the Governors, and the New Power in the Republican Party: Greetings ag..
cdotcompolitics: Palin urges GOP governors to check Democrats: APAlaskan Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during the Republ..
DanNunley: Reading "An Interesting View From The Other Side" re Palin Derangement Syndrome
environmentally: To Palin: STFU "Palin urges GOP governors to keep Democrats honest"
kitzzy: "yeah in that sense it’s not the thought that counts if it’s just palin ugly" – typo from my sis, or was it a Freudian slip? ;)
emtemporeal: Palin diz que republicanos não perderam força: A ex candidata a vice presidente dos Estados Unidos Sa..
geraldgreene: Wow! Palin is still campaigning. The poor GOP governors!
RACINE: The "Obama recession"?!! How stupid is Rush Limbaugh? Or rather, How stupid does Rush Limbaugh think we are?
roadkillrefugee: Tweety frames GOP internecine warfare as "Palin v. Pawlenty"
thinkprogress: Palin Trashes Media, Moments After Proclaiming Her ‘Respect’ For ‘The Profession&..
dailydish: Palin’s Presser: Exclusive video.
dailydish: Why Palin Still Matters, Ctd: A reader writes: Your post on Sarah Palin moved the ball. The issue is wh..
dailydish: The Logic Of Palin: Priceless: Asked why she chose to hold her first formal news conference now, she re..
bookgasm: @deepeight I’ve been grinding my teeth for months. I thought I’d stop once I’d stop having to hear Palin’s name every day, but nope.
vodamusic: The "Obama recession"?!! How stupid is Rush Limbaugh? Or rather, How stupid does Rush Limbaugh think we are?
sunizup: Sarah Palin baffles reporters still rehashing stump speech
kathunter: The Palin/Africa story was a hoax –
brutonnb: I just updated my 3 blogs at RSO on the bail out and Palin, Stepping Up is historical, Dirt is NASCAR/economy
jamesbyers: If the Republicans put Palin on the Ticket. Barak could sit back and watch SNL pick her apart again LOL
The_Patriot: 1452 days until we elect the 45th President of the United States, Sarah Palin; and 721 days until we throw the asses out of Congress!
wvpv: MSNBC’s Shuster Duped By Fictional Sarah Palin Leaker: MSNBC’s David Shuster was duped Monday by someone err..
roadkillrefugee: Tweety drilling Pawlenty over Palin’s future in GOP. Drill baby, drill!
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
twop: Relief World Wide As Palin Offers To Help Obama With Energy Issues
jkositz: Can someone PLEASE get Sarah Palin OFF THE TV?!?! Every time I walk by our news TV, SHE’S THERE. Can’t we move on? 2012 President, my A!
joethunk: #GoogleNews: Mrs Palin has also made a number of TV appearances this week – BBC News: BBC Ne..
jamesbyers: I want Palin to win the Republican ticket. Democrats would wait in line for 10 hours just to vote against her LOL
JohnRulz: Limbaugh Buys SUV For Kerrville Couple
jamesbyers: Bobby’s message of inclusion could attract the youth vote. He, after Palin, is really the biggest threat to Obama in 2012. We need plan now
petemalone: Why won’t Sarah Palin just go away already!?!
OTD_Colonel: Sarah Palin internet hoax. Unfair. But funny.
KNBCNewsraw: is covering politics…Palin speaks at Republican governors’ convention…click and watch:
gyokusai: New fodder for the media wars, including takes on Sarah Palin, Holger Jung, at #brandmeetsworld
Pontchartrain: Randi: "When God cracks that door open for Sarah Palin to go plowin’ through, I hope it’s the one marked ‘Exit’"
mediaguardian: Sarah Wildman: So all those post-campaign stories about Sarah Palin were a hoax – but everyone was ..
goedquist: If Sarah Palin even kind of appears on DH, they have SO lost a viewer.
lynn_cross: does palin think that she is truly a national player? i guess anything can happen with media manipulation and voter fraud.
krishnan: Info on Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a country hoax. ROFL.
megangcraft: ‘s issuing a message to Governor Palin: Your 15 minutes is up! Go away.
el_universo: Portada: Palin insta a los republicanos a controlar a los demócratas
iAmJulie: @TechnoMonk Yes, you’re probably right… Though I don’t want to see them! One Palin is already too much :)
Shoq: Why are we still laughing about Palin. The GOP and the media have insulted every American with this empty-headed bozoette. I’m sick of it.
nprnews: Palin, Other GOP Governors Vie For 2012 Limelight
Digicasity: Sarah Wildman: All those post-campaign stories about Sarah Palin were a hoax. But why was everyone so ..
MelMan65: Palin keeps proving that she is a "Circus show Freak" she should be ashamed of herself but she is too unintelligent to realise that…LOL
AndreaHK: There is nothing worth watching when it comes to Palin. I wish she’d stay in Alaska & be quiet. Talk about stretching 15 minutes of fame.
stix1972: Dennis Miller on a Roll about Palin and the Election: You just have to watch this video of Dennis Miller..

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