Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

fizmoh: just heard Hannity may do a fundraiser for Obama’s brother, if he sets up paypal I got $10 for the cause. maybe rezko can be helpful?!
truhe: @Phipz Frau Palin nimmt textedit
robmacomber: Written responses FROM STAFF?!? | | Yup. Unbiased media alright. Just like they treated Governor Palin. | #tcot
stevebuttry: No reports on Google news about Bristol Palin delivering on due date. Appears @mimijohnson doesn’t have to share birthday with him.
farkvideo: ♫ Stocks that are tankin’ and banks that are failin’ / Folksy expressions by Governor Palin / Cable news s..
consultingpulse: My favorite phrase from 2009 "Going more rogue" in relation to Sarah Palin, classic.
tiatia252: Well tomorrow thanks to ABC, we may learn something about Palin. Rove new game, Vacuum Politics – or Hide and Seek maybe it is not new?
tamerabennett: Trademark "Puck This Palin," Obama, McCain. Waste of money and time.
Rasyr: Brown should be impeached and run out of office. Limbaugh is an idiot, this is a Bush recession – Coulter is just a nazi in disguise
silas216: Once again, Mom embarrasses the family « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe…
HayleyLovesYou: Sarah, um … did … the media … treat Sarah Palin … unfairly … because … she didn’t … abort … her … … baby? – Rick Sanchez
Rasyr: Boy is he wrong! People don’t like Palin cause she is religious zealot who likely to turn church INTO state (not keep separate) if in office
JenJBissett: ok, why has sarah palin not gone away. i mean really, does anyone care anymore? im over it. s
hackerbabe: Sarah Palin rocks
wisequark: @mdhughes Call Sarah Palin!
Leslie654: @ricksanchezcnn not a sarah palin supporter but i am shocked by the way palin was treated by the media
urbanape: I feel like pullin’ a Palin, and GOIN’ ROGUE!
WSMV: From WSMV-TV: CNN – Palin’s Future Up For Grabs: She Lost Her Bid To Be Vice President, But Sar..
dailytelegraph: Palin to star at governors conference
melheraldsun: Palin to star at governors conference
adelaidenow: Palin to star at governors conference
Fred_Utah: @cnnireport @ricksanchezcnn no more sarah palin for me,.. not interested whatsoever
cmail_breaking: Palin to star at governors conference: DEFEATED Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin..
dallasite: From AP: "Palin is scheduled to deliver a speech at the annual meeting of the Republican Governors Association ‘Looking Toward the Future’."
TXPoppet: Just saw myself in mirror. Today’s hairdoo looks suspiciously like Sarah Palin on crack. Need a shopping cart to push while mumbling.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
djmarley: @asalvo its right up there with "Palin 2012"
NYTimesBlow: Debate Prediction: Palin Will Shine
jepaco: TPM: Deep Thought. Can someone tell Palin the election’s over?
dreamnotoftoday: History working against a 2012 Palin run for the White House
orbitz: memeorandum Why Palin Still Matters (Andrew Sullivan/The Daily Dish):
Andrew Sullivan / The D..
arleigh: if I were born to Sarah Palin, my name would be:
Crunk Petrol Palin
Lone_Wolf88: @Peppy007 Oh I so agree, I’m really sick of her now. If Palin does run on 2012 she’ll never make it pass the primaries.
arleigh: better late than never: if you were sarah palin’s child, your name would be —
myfaznet: Sarah Palin in den Medien: Die Sache mit dem Handtuch
davechen: @bac Palin 2012! Woohoo!
christchild2: sick and tired of hearing about dam Sarah Palin
jamesbyers: Governor Palin wont be getting any white house invites for 8 years. Barak is forgiving Michelle says fuck that bitch
Peppy007: @ricksanchezcnn Will CNN please let Sarah Palin rest in peace so the rest of us can do the same.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
TLAvideo: @Lone_Wolf88 Looks like my crucial brutal Sarah Palin is a ____ shirt may not go into storage after all
ariedana: We’re all ROTFLMAO over the Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll:
zakblogs: re: Palin interviews A) why is the filter of the media OK AFTER the election? B) Palin is incapable of taking responsibility for anything
GRPress: Plenty of eyes are still on Palin
j9lonehill: @ricksanchez–did you see now Sarah Palin wants to pal around with Obama-he must see America like her now huh?
Lone_Wolf88: Could Palin please shut the F up.

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