Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Why I Don’t Like Sarah Palin.
AVAY: Rush Limbaugh is such an ass:
ht125: Thinking abt how the Dems should respond to Palin.
davekell: Dave thinks Gov. Blogo is the consumate politician. Now he’s quoted Kipling’s "if" ("being lied about, don’t deal in…
ellestar27: @fishwreck thanks, just realized my followers went down a little, unfortunately not the Palin Freaks
Cipixxx: Keep meaning to watch the Palin thingy on YouTube, but keep having more important things to do, shocking, I know.
Newsday_Top: Is Caroline Kennedy like Sarah Palin?
Newsday_Politic: Is Caroline Kennedy like Sarah Palin?
Alla_H: Kvailas vimeo neįkelia mano video jau 4 valandas… o vis rašo 1minute left. Naujas blogo įrašas atkeliamas.
ramullen: The future mother-in-law of Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter Bristol has been seized in a drugs bust
lala111073: @gretawire Sarah Palin…the Palin family is middle class, hard-working parents with a mortgage. Born from a modest family.
freerepublic: Cheney: Palin no lock to be GOP nominee in 2012: Vice President Dick Cheney says he’s confident Republicans..
ellestar27: @goggans how about taking some of my neo conservative Palin lovers?
floridaBNN: Pekin Prattles: Do You See Bias, I Don’t See No Bias…….: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…..Palin was "lacking in experien..
Latinoreview: @devincf Oh and don’t for get Palin and Obama.
top_regional: usa: Sayonara, Sarah Palin | Election 2008 | AlterNet
DNCjournalists: tigerbeat: @scottstead he should ask Palin if she really had temper tantrums over her press covera..
newser: Michael Wolff explains why everyone loves Sarah Palin, and it’s not why you think:
alert_ginofusco: Views of Palin deteriorate as GOP looks ahead
Elegant_Waste: Yes! Palin 2012!
WBTV_News: Campaign 2008: Palin says woman on ticket would be good for GOP: Associated Press – Novem..
SalonMedia: Barone: Media mad that Palin didn’t have an abortion:
Political analyst Michael Barone has an intere..
tdaniel39: would like Sarah Palin to go away now. Here’s an idea; how about doing less interviews and maybe take a political science class.
rightblogs: [Instapundit] : MELISSA CLOUTHIER: Shame on John McCain for Not Defending Sarah Palin. "W..
denverposttalk: Comment: McCain: Don’t blame Palin: Poor DDD – You still believe that people voted for Obama beca..
Race42008: Race 4 2012 Essential Reads: Sarah Palin I will Run in 2012 or Beyond if God Opens the Door Sarah Palin..
HenryHoward: read in Time, Palin sez "Well, I’ve never been obsessive partisan." uh-huh.
joshtraub: Palin is setting up for a Senate run after Stevens is removed. And she will win it.
Charles_LePage: I am not a "low information voter" and I would absolutely support a Palin run for the Presidency. Of course,… re:
homo_superior: Why Palin Still Matters
Ant23: @PacSun I just got run over by Sarah Palin on a snowmobile… *ouch*
dansinker: Sullivan in rare form here. "I wish I had never heard of Sarah Palin. I wish this nightmare had never happened."
thinkprogress: Potholders, Caribou, And Snow Machines: Greta’s Hard-Hitting Interview With Sarah Palin: Afte..
zennie62: @brooksbayne Ok. But what’s your point about Palin? My guy’s President. We’ve got a big job to do. I know what’s going to happen to Sarah
kaijuisme: @dreamnotoftoday Views of Palin deteriorate as GOP looks ahead. Realistically, her only hope is if Alaskans elect her as senator. Not Prez.
msaleem: I don’t think Palin really gets what avant-garde means. The word she was looking for is absolute idiocy. (On McCain choosing her).
gawkk: The video, "Sarah Palin Interview on The Today Show – Part 2", has become popular. (
gawkk: The video, "Sarah Palin Interview on The Today Show – Part 1", has become popular. (
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
cricketwitt: It seems like since all the Sarah Palin flap, now the school shooters are girls. Thanks Sarah, for equal rights, even though you are against
jphillipsnews: The truth of your own depravity hurts…The media hated Palin for not killing her baby
idigg: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me
ianthealy: ZOMG!! Civil defense sirens going off! It’s not tornado or hail season…the Russkies must be attacking! To arms, Gov. Palin! To arms!
lacronica: Reaparece McCain tras fracaso electoral, defiende a Palin: El ex candidato presidencial John McCain apa..
mattrowe_test: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me
upsidedownview: Is anyone else freaked out that Sarah Palin is dressed up while cooking dinner?
TRUDYALMQUIST: finds it oddly coincidental: 2012 Prophecy and Palin 2012
3NewsNZ: #3News NZ: McCain defends Palin, talks about defeat with humour: In his first interview since c..
snackfeedbuzz: another one McCain Leno Palin Today 11/11/08 Nov 11 2008 CNN 11/12/08 Nov 12-McCain on Jay Leno Palin Today 11/11/08 …

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