Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

rsa2000: If you don’t believe me that we haven’t gotten over sex/race, tell me how many children does Palin have? Now, how about McCain? :)
pdicrescenzo: wonders if anyone told Sarah Palin the election was over.
DangerGirl6: Palin on CNN with Wolfe Blitzer NOW. She’s laying blame re defeat & sends a message to Obama: "My son’s life is in YOUR hands now!!"
irene4obama: Governer Palin your son’s life has been in the hands of the current administration until 1.20.09.
feednote: @michaeleast Palin stokes 2012 run speculation – Defeated Republican running – BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition
littlebrownjen: This Sarah palin chick is a trip! I mean really!
bbcworld: Defeated Republican running mate Sarah Palin further stokes expectations she plans a run for the presidency.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
DSSimon: Heading out on the 6:16–your basic 14 1/2 hour day and then I’ll catch the end of my kids basketball practice before watching Sarah Palin
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
startuplawyer: McCain Palin Bush/ Obama Biden Clinton / I hate politics
hairboutique: Just Published on the Blog: Sarah Palin – Blogger Insults ( )
BriefEpisode: wondering, is it terribly wrong of me to say of Palin on television after the election, that ya know? Her make up artist was worth it. Also.
deeper1mv: Palin"honored" to help Obama, then re-ups her Ayers assertions.
Blitzer never Nails her about her waco Secessionist friends!
joethunk: #FoxNews: Is Sarah Palin the Future of the Republican Party? Karl Rove Weighs in – FOXNews: Is ..
RedWolves: @gruber By the looks of Palin 2012 is just getting started.
KathrinOutLoud: Sarah Palin is quoting Oprah on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. Is she for real?
demandeuphoria: The baby will be named Nalip Palin, making it a palindrome. The bonus: any middle initial will do.
odorodoor: OK, it’s been a week… Can we stop talking about Sarah Palin please?
newestdiscovery: update: The Latest Absurd Defense of Palin (Are conservatives really so blind to Gov. Sarah Palin’s true lia…)
GeorgiaTwombly: Does Palin know that "progress" is a noun, not a verb?
quemiras: Ofrecen 2 millones de dólares para Sarah Palin por trabajar en una película porno: Sarah Palin tras perd..
dreamnotoftoday: Palin spotted in Miami
dreamnotoftoday: Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama
blisstini: how much longer until sarah palin goes away?
quarkmonkey: Someone needs to tell Sarah Palin her 15 minutes are up.
AliAkbar: @seanhackbarth My experience – it doesn’t send chills up anyone’s spine who doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh daily. Not anymore.
jaredbtaylor: I turned on CNN an hour ago to watch Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Sarah Palin. So far they’ve only shown about 10 minutes of it.
HuffNewswire: Wash. Post: ‘Palin as President’ Takes a Rest: By Garance Franke-Ruta Alaska Gov. Sarah P..
deeper1mv: The most telling aspect of the Palin issue is her radical religious views:
That the "Godly should "plunder" wealth of the "Godless"…WOW!
cosmic_dare: STFU and FU Palin. The campaign is over. You lost. You don’t need to continue the Ayers BS. God, this woman.
MelissaRyan: Sarah Palin is #notmygal, #notVP and SHOULD NOT be on my TV or Internet anymore. Geez.
cavacas: Enough Palin already!
britishpat: Sarah Palin for Asst. Secy of Manufacturing (clothing)
aalbornoz: Bueno, creo que antes de esta invitación "formal" para Palin, muchos ya lo habían pensado (Qué machistas!):
leiran: @norfredo Sarah Palin’s! I’d also take Bristol, if she were legal (not that it’s stopped her, so far)…
dr_wife: Will Palin just fade into obscurity already? I’m sick of her.
lawtonchiles1: Palin said that she’d be happy to be of help to Obama, even though he hung with "an urepentant domestic terrorist"
khal: LMFAO @ Palin thinking Obama would want/need her help ACCEPTED FOR 837P; 11/12/08 KWD
Porto_Rock: So Palin would be "honored to help Obama" but is "concerned about his ties to Ayers." Someone shoot her from a helicopter already.
LEODELEONJR: Was Palin offered millions to do porn video?
chengwang: Woot on Palin returning clothes to RNC: Several leading party members … said they looked forward to finally getting into Palin’s pants.
dnielsenmoore: "Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama."… and I’d be honored to start at QB for the Cowboys this weekend.
akvalley: Whole wheat cow, Batman! She said what? Huh? Per @cnn Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Palin TV: Number of comments: 3An independent group will run a pro-Sarah Palin ad ove..
oklahomaBNN: Sinister: Thought for the day: Why is Sarah Palin, who I might remind you isn’t a candidate for natio..
chrissieb: Wondering about HuffPost, CNN Politics, and Politico’s traffic – mostly b/c Sarah Palin keeps showing up ….
cfeduke: Just when I thought it was over… the news keeps covering Palin. /sigh
LEODELEONJR: yo tambien escuche eso de Palin

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