Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Jakanden: @MitchyD Well I don’t watch TV so I had no idea who she was till the Sarah Palin thing. She is indeed a geek dream girl.
evawesterberg: Läser en ny rapport om Sarah Palin #svpt
serenalove: OH THATS F*CKED UP! @slopfunkdust Mrs. Palin, what’s the difference between your mouth and a vagina?
Gavilles: loving the "Caribou Barbie" nickname for Palin. Clever, whoever coined that. rnc08
pillowfan: @TheOtherTyler Hold on… Sarah Palin why have you hacked Tyler’s Twitter?
zalias: Na va ir pirmieji blogo lankytojai,mm kol kas viskas gerai,įtikau ;D
sbonnin: @creativemuffin I thought that I read it that Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy’s mom got popped for drugs. That would be the future grandma
Halobitt: Joe Bowden leaves Senate to take care of his accident battered kids while Sarah Palin leaves a 4 month old baby with downs for VP campaign.
ker2114: Mother: "You should go outside and pretend you’re Sarah Palin!" 3-foot drifts in the yard.
creativemuffin: did i hear correctly…palin’s daughter’s baby daddy got popped with drugs? i would have to be high to marry into that family too!
ucs: Unconfirmed Sources Sarah Palin- "It’s amazing that we did as well as we did".:
The foll..
thomasav: @ricksanchezcnn Palin set herself up as an "outsider"… so she’s a bad choice. Jindahl & Crist do not seem like strong leaders either.
LoweDownDriver: Huckabee / Palin 2012!
julochka: would sarah palin just go away already? she was voted OFF the reality show…you are the weakest link, goodbye!
ricksanchezcnn: translation: which way now for gop? and who leads? palin, jindahl, crist? they meet in miami today
Wallaceh: Dear media – Lets make a deal. You can keep talking about Joe the Plumber, but you have to drop the Palin stuff. You cant have both. Mkay?
Appleando: @MamenMartinez (lo digo por Sarah Palin)
ricksanchezcnn: ok doing my hit now en cnn espanol with glenda. en miami, governadores se reunen. quien debe dirigir, palin, jindal, crist? que camino?
newsbusters: Camille Paglia Attacks Media’s ‘Sadomasochistic, Anti-Palin Orgy’: As press members on both sides of ..
SgtStretch: Is Sarah Palin so stupid that she doesn’t realize that half the country and most of the world thinks she’s an f-ing joke?
55SecretStreet: You would think Todd Palin could whip a few things up while Sarah does all of these "I-am-not-a-dumbass" interviews!
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
dashaver: 10:08 AM 11/12/2008
Rush Limbaugh On NBC Nightly News?
55SecretStreet: In coffee shop watching MSNBC talking about a possible Sarah Palin talk show. I called it!
Erica_Thomas: @ninastone watched palin interview with greta last two nights. So beautiful up there makes me want to visit even more. Stay warm
farkpolitics: [Obvious] McCain says Palin didn’t hurt his presidential bid, presumably referring to 2000: AP
zennie62: @brooksbayne I hate to burst your bubble, but Obama’s rating is now better than Palin’s which is around 60 now. And Palin’s in a battle now
fark: [Obvious] McCain says Palin didn’t hurt his presidential bid, presumably referring to 2000: AP
hal_hildebrand: Barone: Media wanted Palin abortion – – the right wing is completely losing their minds.
wyclif: Camille Paglia on Obama, Palin and the next four years | Salon
joethunk: #GoogleNews: McCain: Palin will play a ‘big role’ in the future – CNN: Calgary Heral..
nlj: Palin wolf-thinning project worked:
newsnet: From MSNBC McCain: Palin didn’t hurt presidential bid: John McCain said Tuesday that Sarah Pali..
libertyrant: @lesliecarbone @decidedlyright [Palin terror] IMHO she represents obamacrat fear that "silent majority" still exists.
TampaBayNews: Palin Returns To Alaska, Looks To 2012
plisken451: People that hated Palin for the wolf-killing should apologize to the caribou that survived w/o being eaten by wolves.
Reverse_Vampyr: @decidedlyright The left can’t be satisfied with defeating Palin, they must destroy her utterly. But they want us to lay off Obama.
theguyreport: The quickest way for Sarah Palin to go away is if everyone stops talking about her. This includes you Maureen Dowd. Enough w/the obsession.
editorialiste: Palin wanted to introduce McCain on elec. nite to "brag him up" and "do what John McCain just can’t seem to do for himself, bless his heart"
benjaminbradley: I wonder what would have happened if the Palin "hacker" had been caught hacking into Obama’s account?
emzanotti: I’m finding that those on the conservative side equating Palin with anti-intellectualism are also (conveniently) anti-woman. No surprises.
BrandonSS396: @jayrosen_nyu Interesting defense of Palin. Is she locked in a contest with Hitchens on the most absurd way to break with their party?
5ainte: Sarah Palin meets Joe the plumber?!
el_pais: John McCain defiende a Sarah Palin tras la derrota republicana: Han sido siete días de silencio por parte..
samuofm: Hmm, what would Palin call failed politicians who are thought to be idiots by the majority of the US population
xmath2007: Palin gives Obama conditional confidence vote on Iraq – – I’m sure he’ll cherish this ;)
WTOL: National News Now: Palin conditionally comfortable with Obama on Iraq
HuffNewswire: ABC News: 2012 Watch: ‘Sarah-Centric’: The Sarah Palin Image Refurbishing Tour has begun in..
snackfeedbuzz: watch Palin complains of ‘media games’-Nov. 12: In another section of his talk with Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin, T…

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