Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

gnk_corp: re: Palin’s favorables- Could it be that the beer-goggle effect of her roll-out, has been tempered by the sobering reality of her record?
politikfeed: [WELT] USA: Schwiegermutter der Palins mit Drogen erwischt: Sarah Palin steht der nächste Image-Gau ins Ha..
massBNN: Political Intelligence: Palin: Ready to work with Obama: In her latest national TV interview of her post-..
mikelw: God, shut up, Sarah Palin! NOW you give a gazillion interviews and it’s just more self-serving tripe. We get it. You’re *ambitious*
Sassmo: Dems should start donating to Palin’s 2012 campaign now… Nothing could work better at keeping Obama in office than running against Palin.
postpolitickr: Palin Not Ruling Out Senate Run
nitroglicerino: @cabezaBomba John Stewart es Dios. ¿Viste el del otro día que decía lo de que Sarah Palin no sabe que África es un continente? Me descojoné
fatheaddesign: Dear Sarah Palin: your 15 minutes are OVER, please do the country a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
vnandigam: Sarah Palin – swing vote!
cnn: Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama
virginiaBNN: Below The Beltway: Sarah Palin vs. The Blogosphere: Somehow, this doesn’t strike me as a good i..
aalbornoz: Escuchado por ahí: "Hay que crear un grupo en Facebook para que Sarah Palin acepte la propuesta de hacer un film porno" =/
denverposttalk: Comment: McCain: Don’t blame Palin: God bless his dangerous radical, Marxist, black, little heart!
tpmmedia: She Needs Help: With the cable nets acting as Palin’s enablers, who will organize the intervention?…
LEODELEONJR: Palin is gonna screw up again on one of these interviews and she will be toast.
cleshastaten: @jamesbyers What are you going to do when Sarah Palin is no longer news. You’re going to go thru withdraw.
polymath22: Limbaugh plugging life-lock. Says "it works" but lifelock founder was compromised!?
citizenrobot: "Palin Attacks Obama Over Ayers Yet Again On CNN" — HELLO WHOORE, YOU LOST. GO HOME. MAKE MOOSE CHILI. BE HAPPY. BE A GOOD MOM. GO AWAY.
iPh0neRSS: [CNN] Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told CNN today that she w..
jamesbyers: @leonspencer Yeah but still politics and they talk about Sarah Palin. I am going to go into Crisis if is hear Sarah Palin again.
Erica307: sarah palin makes my skin crawl *^$#)@%)&
kellyrich: There’s a Palin-a-thon on The Situation Room. That horrible woman is everywhere.
advodude: Why is Sarah Palin still talking? Doesn’t she have some moose to dress and some species to move off the endagered list?
emtemporeal: Sarah Palin está ‘muito otimista’ com governo Obama: MIAMI, 12 Nov 2008 (AFP) A ex candidata republic..
mlamont: 86% of Republicans, 27% of Democrats view Palin favorably: she could be a nice lady, but would u want her as VP/Prez? Rep.s, c’mon, really?
esurran: Sarah Palin needs to stop talking…please…we are done with her….
hieronymus: RT @jayrosen_nyu now I don’t have to explain why I’m still writing about Palin because Andrew Sullivan did it for me.
dailydish: The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXIII: Recalling Couric: Another little gem. Palin complained to Matt Lauer..
CountryMe: Palin’s talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking lol but what does she say? Answers most questions yes but no lol
firepile: Palin volunteering herself for a position in Obama’s administration. I didn’t think she could out-do her previous stupidity. I was wrong.
jamesbyers: @cleshastaten This constant coverage of Sarah Palin is starting to make it easy for me to tear myself away. You can help also LOL
samuofm: tap tap, tap a roo – palin interview
IngoL: Srsly, when u read the part about God and she "plowing through the door" u gotta ask if Palin ist he biggest dumbass in national politics.
ThePhoton: "Ofrecen 2 mdd a Palin por hacer película porno" xDDD
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
samuofm: If the democrats are smart they will prop up Palin as the future leader of the Republican party.
Spottie: Sullivan is not done with Palin
TBOcom: Breaking News: Palin: Woman On Ticket Would Be Good For GOP: MIAMI – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin..
jessicahalem: Palin says she’d be "honored" to serve in Obama’s administration. is this woman on drugs???
RosieBunnyxo: And on a final note: I’m so glad that Sarah Palin has been bagged, tagged, and released back into the wild.
sketoaks: I’m TOTALLY confused about Palin’s statement – "be honoured to help Obama". So confused…..
collisionbend: @CaraKeithley & also, you have Sarah Palin expounding on all those important things that she – also the energy crisis – & also William Ay…
tanyia: Sarah Palin I would be honored if you would shut up and go home.
cari2008: Man ARRESTED for WEARING McCain-Palin Tshirt @ Philly Obama Victory. Unbelievable! Is this Freedom?
mastertigress: "Sarah Palin Will Never Be President-Trust Me". – You betcha!
brevort1: Maybe I’m missing something…..Sarah Palin may be ok for gov of Alaska but, a serious future on the national stage? gotta be kiddin me
_101_: {cnn} Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told CNN today that she would..

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