Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

cdotcompolitics: Democrat questions Caroline Kennedy resume, compares daughter of president to Sarah Palin: WASHINGTON — A Democ..
ianqui: My blog just got a hit from Wasilla, Alaska. Maybe Sarah Palin reads my blog.
lcar1980: @xV!NCEx your neo-conservarive views are damaging the republican party we are a party in ruins i suggest u and your friends limbaugh, oriely
jamieobviously: Move over Sarah Palin. Barbie is running for president.
CenterLeft: Our latest story, Is Sarah Palin Related to Alaska’s Ice Queen?, on Headlines. You can find it here
Radioblogger: @JonathanSabin he only hates o’reilly. oh yeah, and fox news…and sarah palin…and boy, does he hate W…and cheney…and rush… #tcof
janeqrepublican: Dick Cheney Unapologetic and On The Money: On Biden: Not to be taken seriously.
On Palin: Not a shoo-in.
On Leah..
SingletrackM1nd: Chris Mathews: "She’s winning one battle, we’re talking about her." Me: "Well, shut up!!!" #Sarah Palin
urbang: Re-pinging @Afficionados_HH Palin’s views on bloggers. -sorry took so long to reply to this tweet, had to put on pyjamas and find basement.
tdwlehman: @nmartens Coincidentally, Maureen Dowd just referenced 30 Rock in relation to Sarah Palin in her latest column. What is the world coming to?
david_martos: Hoy, en "La red en Hoy por Hoy"… John McCain con Jay Leno, Sarah Palin en su cocina… y la tarantela del centro-derecha!
phoenix03: anyone catch the sarah palin reference on law and order
JohnVierdsen: Sarah Palin, conductor of the crazy train: Originally uploaded by johnv..
madlolscientist: I’m so bleeping sick of Sarah Palin, I wish a moose would eat her. No, not you, @MooseBoy. Dying of food poisoning is TEH MEGASUCK.
pckletchka: @theSwearRoom Fuck me gently with a chainsaw! Ass licking media types need to stop talking about Palin. Don’t give her fucking credibility!
Irishgal99: Watching McCain defend Palin on Leno is painful. I feel badly for him. I wish he had run the campaign his way.
wsujennifer: Just watched Palin interview. Will she never go away? God comments premeditated. Scary. Bush w/ a little brains!
chicagotribune: Palin: Wouldn’t hesitate to run for president: … Even though she says she never thought Campaign..
A_L: JMM: Can someone tell Palin the election is over
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
timelessss: Jon Friedman’s Media Web: Sarah Palin should be Time’s Person of the Year
YatPundit: i thought I was over blog posts spanking Palin, but Jane’s done good here:
blatherings: right on.: camille paglia on how democrats treated sarah palin:
“Liberal Democrat..
kevin_hunt: McCain, on Leno, groups Palin in with Pawlenty, Jindal as future of the Republican Party
denverposttalk: Comment: The Republican Party’s bridge to nowhere: …what a load of tripe. McCain/Palin got abou..
Atlanta_Arcelay: Browsing: Palin on McCain, her campaign … and clothes – TODAY: People –
palin_quotes: WASILLA, Alaska – Alaska Gov. #Sarah #Palin says she wouldn’t hesitate to run for the presidency in ..
palin_quotes: Still, #Palin said, "If your skin isn’t thick enough, you’re not ready for public office."
abfdc: @raypage Palin made a derogatory comment about bloggers
huffpost: Deep Thought: Can someone tell Palin the election’s over?… -tpmmedia
tpmmedia: Deep Thought: Can someone tell Palin the election’s over?…
kevin_hunt: McCain seems sincere about Palin.. proud of her… calls her marvelous… Says "Did you expect mavericks to stay on message?"
ee1013: I think mccain just gave a palin answer.
snackfeedbuzz: new video Palin sorts clothes for RNC-Nov. 11: The Soup’s Joel McHale talks about Spring cleaning arriving early in …
randomslagathor: Cmon McCain grow sum wrinkly balls and say palin ruined your campain?
gonzalolopez: Si Sarah Palin aceptará la oferta de hacer una porno seguramente no le iría nada mal. Lo que sea de cada quien, la mujer es una MILF.
kellyrich: Today someone asked me what I had personally against Sarah Palin. I don’t care for it when stupid people try to run the government.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
RamasScreen: Sarah Palin MAKE A PORNO?:

No doubt Sarah Palin is an attractive old lady, I’ve said that bef..

boshank: New blog post: Sarah Palin Striptease
markwharvey: “The liberal media attacked Sarah Palin because she did not abort her Down syndrome baby," -Michael Barone
randomslagathor: Is watching McCain on leno likes McCain as president didn’t vote for him because of palin
tulsaworld: McCain Dont blame Palin for failed campaign
Ryan_Durham: Wasilla, Alaska- Gov. Sarah Palin just sat up in bed after thinking of the perfect comeback to Katie Couric….215 hours too late.
pinkraygunguy: Pink Raygun Update! Geek Survey: Palin v. Blogosphere
robysapp: Trying to get off this computer and get into the spa then catch Sarah Palin on Greta’s FOX news show, then to sleep.
SempaiKevin: Got lazy, and ordered some Popeyes chicken with mashed potatos & gravy. Noticed some woman on the street looked just like Sarah Palin :0
Ooocanada: trying to picture palin ploughing through a door cracked open by god.

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