Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

AnyaynA: I’m done with the Sarah Palin jokes. I don’t look anything like her, and yes, I need glasses to see.
cheney_quotes: In another interview Monday with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, #Cheney said the the US prison at Guanta..
collisionbend: @CaraKeithley Well, uh, you have, uh, Wolf-uh-Blitzer, uh, inter-babbleviewing, uh, former Vice-Presidential, uh, candidate, uh, Sarah Palin
adlaigordon: In NH, Sarah Palin got more write-in votes than Bill Clinton! (18-13) What is this world coming to?!
cordblomquist: New Podcast at This week we discuss the auto bailout, 1st Amendment in Utah, and Sarah Palin the Senator.
marybeth77: still obsessing sarah palin. how is it possible that 49% of the public has a favorable opinion of her???
buzztter_en: my twitterank is, twitterrank, password, lunch, bailout, gmail, chat, palin, to give, google
BATMANVAPROMOTR: statements.LL should be an executive as someones label asap!..was the marco polo video an subliminal passing the torch gesture?.Sarah palin?
jamesbyers: There is a news anchor who looks like Palins twin came forward to say she is being e-mailed death threats because people think she is Palin
TheRealJesus: Sarah Palin, I just opened the door for you. *slams shut* Head fake.
madam23: I am sick of hearing about and seeing Sarah Palin….
claudiajoy: Palin please go away. NO stay Palin keep talking expressing your views & become the leader of the GOP. thanks! Obama 2012
dmataconis: New Blog Post: Sarah Palin vs. The Blogosphere
dmataconis: New Blog Post: Sarah Palin On The Today Show, Part Two
genepark: Palin tells CNN she doesn’t regret Ayers remarks
Mojos_Newswire: Are you sick of Sarah Palin yet?
DrAbbes: How is Palin like a child: "Very young kids don’t know the difference between truth and fiction."
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
DynamiteSoul: Why are they still talking to this idiot jerk of a female human? Too late Palin. The Bridge is over! he he he.
PoliticsFix: Palin leaves door open on Senate run – – The Politico
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
bruceww: interesting that will all of the issues of note the media is still enamored with sarah palin
gassho: I want to start a new course: English for politicians. Betcha Palin won’t sign up.
Dan_Cody: palin’s #1 priority right now is to serve Alaskan constituents…by going on as many talk shows as possible to hype her 2012 run!
mattyrosen: I wish Sarah Palin could trade places with the Mars Phoenix rover. We could finally stop hearing anything she has to say.
jamesbyers: Palin is campaigning for 2012 right now. We need a break. Lord help us. She is getting massive death threats.Has to increase her security.
heatherfrantz: Really sick of Sarah Palin. Why is she around even more now?
statesman: Correction: The alleged Palin call was on JB and Sandy, not KLBJ. I’m not vouching for the authenticity of the gov (though it sounds good).
BBerryblogger: Palin says woman on ticket would be good for GOP via aol 2012?????
terrenceturner: Sarah Palin sit the FUCK DOWN
mfraase: Wow. Andrew Sullivan eviscerates Sarah Palin and explains why she’s still important. And he’s a *conservative*:
arrowleaf: Palin’s 15 minutes should have ended on election night, but it looks like it’s only beginning. Media needs a story to replace Obama.
bondcliff: I say appoint Sahra Palin Ambassador to the "country of Africa" and get her of the TV
jamesbyers: With all the coverage you would think Palin won the position of Vice President. I am no longer watching CNN due to Palin coverage
BlackCanseco: Let’s take up a collection for a big slab of ice so we can float Sarah Palin’s delusional sanctimonious ass on off the coast of Alaska.
HuffNewswire: A. Sullivan: The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXIII: Recalling Couric: Another little gem. Pa..
HuffNewswire: A. Sullivan: Palin Still Attacks, The MSM Still Punts: Here she is on Blitzer today: Wel..
shelhorowitz: RT jayrosen_nyu Now I don’t have to explain why I’m still writing abt Palin b/c Andrew Sullivan did it for me.
susan_s_smith: Palin willing to work with Obama even though he pals around with terrorists .. Hm
Pillar_Strength: Let’s watch Sarah Palin dig her own hole. Newscasters are much too kind in so much coverage to a twit—-ter. More on the economy please?
sikkdays: So glad Palin didn’t win. It’s so dark in MI lately, it already feels like I am in Alaska.
iamnotstarjones: @jayrosen_nyu thank you for sharing the Andrew Sullivan post on Palin. It needs to be read by all.
mattpkelly: Even if you don’t like Sarah Palin, might want to check out her interview with Wolf Blitzer. She’s going to contine to be a squeeky wheel.
HuffNewswire: First Read: Palin spotted in Miami: From NBC’s Domenico MontanaroMIAMI — The circus has ..
claudiajoy: @Sarcomical thanks but NO thanks like Palin claimed she said about the bridge to no where & kept the money.
jamesbyers: @leonspencer Palin is on CNN saying she does not regret anything she said about Barak and Terrorists I can stand that woman
theoshu: wondering why Palin is getting interviewed by every news outlet. Can’t we agree to let her go back to Alaska and never hear from her again?
realtortweet: What? tease on CNN Wolf that Sara Palin will be offering Obama advice on how to raise children in the White House. Can’t wait to listen in.
NewsOnTwitter: YAHOO! NEWS – Palin says woman on ticket would be good for GOP
: AP – Alaska Go..
lindsayrees: @SandraTB I do also have a skirt on. But no, sadly I don’t look anything like Palin.

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