Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Bella_Casa: @DetroitVoice Sean Hannity doesn’t have a sense of humor, lol. I’d actually love a radio show that was right down the middle.
momma58: @susan_s_smith Rush Limbaugh. Funniest thing I ever heard. Light is leaking to the southern hemisphere. (poking fun @ global warming)
sidharthdassani: Prediction: Ranked 251-500 on Will Bristol Palin’s son have a "normal" name?
2012Palin: Sarah Palin Fashion- Before and After Pillaging Neiman’s « A Time …: For her address to the Republican Nationa..
biden_quotes: #Biden was supposed to say, "Governor Palin, your being here today sends a powerful message that when campaigns ..
svt16: Katie Couric is way more qualified to be VP than Sarah Palin.
Sarcomical: Palin interview on cnn now. she says Obama can ask her to help with energy independence. thanks!
claudiajoy: Palin is really brainless, dazed, deficient, dense, dim, halfbaked. if this is the face of the GOP good for the dems.
codyrsmith: Palin and Wolf: On the "Situation Room," this little exchange is bound to generate some headlines:
thrica: Palin is starting to come across as almost as much of an opportunistic harpie as Hillary.
statesman: RT @austinist – Sarah Palin allegedly calls KLBJ morning show. link to mp3: (thanks for heads-up, @stephensurefire)
rbirnholz: Why is Sarah Palin still running her mouth off? Or should I say "Runnin’ her mouth"?
teriobrien: Just watched McCain’s lame "defense" (as if!) of Sarah Palin. Can’t imagine how he lost.
kplicanic: Is the GOP SERIOUSLY considering Sarah Palin for 2012? Seriously!?
DynamiteSoul: Palin doesn’t deserve to exchange one word with the new administration. This b*tch is still bonkers! Lying ass.
muckalarkuary: @DocRemy I also wish Sarah Palin would go away. I think it would be better for her to shut up for awhile.
headlinenews: Drudge: Palin says woman on ticket would be good for GOP…: Palin says woman on ticket would..
cyn3matic: Palin, honey, the American electorate was Just Not That Into You. Let it go:
ursulas: true that! @emperornorton @ursulas Katie Couric says that Palin should lie low and learn how to govern.
davidcullen08: Why is Sarah Palin going on this media blitz?? Just go back and do your job in Alaska. Worry about those people.
RtrsIN_Life: Bush to write book; Palin may steal limelight
tanyia: Palin is really delusional if she thinks that Obama would want her anywhere near him after she said that he was paling around with terrorist
NewsHeadlines: Palin says woman on ticket would be good for GOP
RtrsIN_World: Bush to write book; Palin may steal limelight
popfeed: [perezhilton] McCain Defends Palin
Drudge_Report: Palin says woman on ticket would be good for GOP…
twishes: [-O] I wish a moose would eat Sarah palin and maybe people will stop talking about the twit.
theslowlane: wow, now I’ve heard it all: Sarah Palin throws her hat in the ring for 2012 on Oprah. Link here:
DailyMeStars: Bush to write book; Palin may steal limelight
Obstructionist: Quick world, let’s get Palin off the front page. Obama: say something! Russia: invade someone! Winehouse: vomit on stage!
nedr: Senator Palin. Just kill me.
SuddenlyMika: getting ready to watch palin on cnn for comic relief.
JuicyGossip: Perez Says: McCain Defends Palin:
Poor John McCain.
It must be tough having to go out and..
iPhil: A Sarah Palin não desiste de aparecer…
pgcomputerguy: Limbaugh is such an ass, Obama’s not even president and he’s placing blame for the bad economy. Unbelievable.
tanyia: I wish a moose would eat Sarah palin and maybe people will stop talking about the twit.
msfeistus: Why are people still talking about Sarah Palin? >_<
dmataconis: Listening to Sarah Palin on CNN Situation Roon via XM
iggyinMontana: Can I say Rush Limbaugh is a thug? I used to be a fan yrs ago but he seems so nasty with all the name calling.
greenwithbaby: NOOOOOOOO! No more Sarah Palin! Please! Give us a break already!
Sarkofrance: Sarah Palin pense à 2012… argh !
PerezHiIton: Hey, Check out my new blog post – "McCain Defends Palin" –
thepolitico: Politico: Palin leaves door open on Senate run: Palin says, "I feel I have a contract with A..
DocRemy: I wish Sarah Palin would go away
komandor: Sarah Palin interview on CNN…about to listen.
tarheelguy124: The biggest problem in America is Republicans like Palin being totally insane.
MomLogic: Barack Obama, Video Game Star: Obama must collect flags while dodging Palin, lipstick-wearing pitbulls, & lobbyists.
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her

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