Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Wise Move?:
‘SNL’ with Palin gets highest ratings in 14 years Author: aste..
indiankartoon: Palin has energized the party in the most remarkable way.
Yurdelite: – Sarah Palin is eye candy?…
NewYorkObserver: Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum Calls Jeff Jarvis ‘The Sarah Palin of Gurus’; Jarvis Calls Rosenbaum A ‘Thi..
SanchezSuperfan: @ricksanchezcnn Palin-Bot executing "remain in public eye" protocol. Engage Bill Ayers rhetoric procedure #4857. Proceed with terror-link.
huffpost: Sarah, We Love Thee So: Sarah Palin sat down for an interview this afternoon with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, an.. -tp …
tpmmedia: Sarah, We Love Thee So: Sarah Palin sat down for an interview this afternoon with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, an..
Rumpusgoopus: Four stories on Palin on the Political Ticker today. FOUR! Damn it CNN, enough already
jenngil: waiting with bated breath for wolf blitzer to grill sarah palin. i want to know what a real america is, hope he doesn’t wuss out.
Dorisanne: The negative campaigning of McCain and Palin is the cause of the uprise in hate crime. This form of campaigning should be out-lawed.
politicususa: Palin Thinks She is More than a Celebrity
mahmed11: @ricksanchezcnn That comment about Sarah Palin was false.John Sununu who was not pro-choice had 100 percent from National Right to Life.
SanchezSuperfan: @ricksanchezcnn HOLY COW SARAH PALIN IS STILL GOING ON ABOUT BILL AYERS?!? Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming! This can’t be true!!!
jerseymomma: OMG someone get me a New Jersey pin like Sarah Palin’s Alaska pin in the Wolf Blitzer interview
Lone_Wolf88: God Palin is a stupid bitch
Jillmz: @Blogesque LOL if Bob Bennett said twice yesterday that Palin is a "very intelligent" woman, I would give at least that to Cafaro-really
dreamnotoftoday: Palin in Obama’s administration?
ericepps: just saw a guy wearing a McCain-Palin t-shirt. It’s over, man, it’s over.
stevegarfield: BLITZER: "As we say, better late than never." The Palin interview will air in its entirety during CNN’s "The Situation Room.”
perezhiltonblog: McCain Defends Palin:
Poor John McCain.
It must be tough having to go out and lie to everyone!
klementine: sarah palin is bugging me….still. again. always.
ursulas: how come the idiot gop thinks it’s okay for Palin to be a celebrity? hypocrisy rules those asshats
boomchrpaige: good lord – looks like Ms. Palin just wasn’t ready to be out of the spotlight
VespaRos: @daniellehart chicken noodle, work sucks, and todd palin is a dingbat
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
RavenOfDespair: Is anyone besides me who is wondering where Joe Biden is? (Accidentally trapped in Cheney’s Man-Safe?) Palin’s everywhere, and she lost!
USATOnPolitics: Palin: Ayers is a legitimate issue; Obama will look out for military; Senate bid possible: CNN has..
scottros: Memo to Ms Palin: "Progress" is an intransitive verb. You can’t "progress this nation" or "progress America." That is all.
daniellehart: Another random thought: Just heard Todd Palin talk for the 1st time. He sounds retarded.
Mike_TVGB: CNN: "Palin’s future up for grabs" Yeah, exactly, Hustler or Playboy, it’s a toss-up.
WICKEDMAIDEN: @ricksanchezcnn unless you’re Native American, we’re ALL imagrants. rasist seeds are growing due to Palin/GOP negative camp feeding it
austinist: sarah palin allegedly called the jb & sandy show today. here’s the mp3 (as though you haven’t had enough)
iowaBNN: Iowa Liberal: A prediction.: Sarah Palin ends up on The Surreal Life before she sits in the Oval Office.
SanchezSuperfan: @ricksanchezcnn Palin leading the GOP = Congratulations on your re-election, President Obama.
new_yorkBNN: Power Plays: Camille Paglia Praises Sarah Palin, Maintains Valuable Right-Wing Cred: In today’s Salon..
mentoo: Shara Palin needs to resign !!!!!!!
Gardenbug2: @ricksanchezcnn I live in MN; hope Pawlenty doesn’t prevail; he hasn’t done anything for me. Palin is doing talk shows. I like Crist.
rikmeistr: Palin is just ‘Joe the Plumber’ on steroids…she too will pass…god I hope so!!
Reuters_Entmnt: Bush to write book; Palin may steal limelight
Rasyr: Hope it isn’t Palin!!! She would be a real life Nehemiah Scudder
lilatovcocktail: @Jillmz that is just surreal. @jeffcoryell asked yesterday whether Cafaro is Ohio’s version of Sarah Palin . Yes!
dailydish: The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin, XI: "Asking The Girls", Ctd.: Amazingly, Palin has now offered a third ver..
furrygirl: Sarah Palin is a sore loser. She’s the new Britney Spears: we can enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching self-destructive attention-grabbing.
RyanE1984: Palin said she would be happy to work with the Obama on Energy, and offered her "expertise". Hmmmm so she no longer thinks he’s a terrorist?
SanchezSuperfan: @ricksanchezcnn Of course threats spiked when Palin stated making accusations-The racist south is a like stick of TNT and Palin is the match
mikemadden: Palin offers to help Obama w/energy policy, presumably just to set up the punch line: "Thanks, but no thanks."
Rasyr: Palin didn’t just impugn his patriotism, she fomented hate and prejudice through her speeches!!! She deserves to be charged and tried
DebwillDo: watching rick sanchez. my heart is weary over the race hate coming from the hate groups. sarah palin helped to set fire to this flame.
thedayhascome: Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight to begin her nationwide Abstinence-Only High School Gymnasium Tour advocating the "Pull & Pray Method."

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