Eating Each Other Alive… December 21, 2008

When will the carnage end?

collisionbend: @Jillmz #1 thing Palin must learn: to shut her mouth. She’s a babbler.
DangerGirl6: Palin: So much blame to go around re McCain Palin ticket lost. I wish I had been able to speak more often to the media to get our msg out.
drschultz: Sarah palin speaking is worse than finger nails on a chalk board. See Wolf Blitzer interview to see what i mean. Gobbledeegook!
dylan555: Why Won’t Sarah Palin Go Away?
Mountainsister: Give me a break. Palin is a moron. At least she needs to get some education first. Maybe she could learn the names of the countries?
poder: The Wolf is interviewing Palin right now. Its official, she sounds like an idiot even without the McCain handlers.
huffingtonpost: Peter Clothier: Why Americans Still Need to Know the Truth about Sarah Palin: I’m disappointed thu..
LOSTNDASYSTEM: Palin sure avoids questions, in the interview on CNN.
shannonstacey: Why is Sarah Palin still on my television?
dailydish: Quote For The Day II: "With the cable nets acting as Palin’s enablers, who will organize the interventi..
xalfeed: -bbc americas- Palin stokes 2012 run speculation: Defeated Republican running mate Sarah Pa..
DangerGirl6: Palin: Don’t stick Middle Class w/financial burdens – lukewarm on 2nd stimulis package
jpong: I have now officially seen more one-on-one interviews with Gov. Palin now than I did during the campaign.
twitalytics: (BBC) Palin stokes 2012 run speculation
E_News: DWTS’ Lacey: Sarah Palin Needs to Shake Her Booty: Forget hunting season! Sarah Palin may want to think ab..
noxious399: Why does Sarah Palin answer a question about bailout for US automakers with foreclosed homes? Wait, why are people even interviewing her?
hashbang: Palin is being interviewed on CNN right now. Ticker says: "PALIN UNDECIDED ON AUTO BAILOUT". Why is this of interest to anyone?
mayankchandak: Palin stokes 2012 run speculation: Defeated Republican running mate Sarah Palin further stokes expectations she plans a run ..
DangerGirl6: Palin: $700 billion Wall St. bailout was the right thing to do. But cannot be assumed that taxpayers shud be bailing out everyone.
azusa_soleil: []Palin: I’d be honored to help Obama
Jillmz: re: the GOP govs gathering – I want to know if anyone is going to tell Palin the truth about her strengths and weaknesses
anthonytaurus: CNN: Wolf asked Sarah Palin a question. she responded. Wolf says, "I’m still waiting for an answer!" She just doesn’t get it. Palin 2012 LOL
CemB: @DonDahlmann palin geht zu big brother
elizabeyth: Foolishly thought that losing the election meant we wouldn’t have to see Palin’s face all over the news anymore.
DennisByron: I can’t believe how silly Sarah Palin is looking right now..hahaha
kevindonlin: Thought experiment: Rush Limbaugh calls blacks "bigoted and ignorant." It’s wall-to-wall news. So why is this not?
twop: Now It Comes Out, How Palin’s Staff Really Feel About Her
littlebrownjen: Ok now I’m just being mean, but palin’s hair and makeup definitely miss the campaign funds.
twop: Palin Claws Back At McCain Advisors
DangerGirl6: Palin: don’t want to play blame game, lets move forward. Asked about Auto Bailout: wants more info on plan. Undecided at this point.
DonDahlmann: Schon die zweite US-Sendung heute mit einem aktuellen Palin Interview. Hab ich was verpasst? Ist die Wahl nicht vorbei?
wbir: Accused Palin e-mail intruder argues for misdemeanor instead of felony : Attorney Wade V. Davies also argued..
Epiphany23: Does Salon publish Camille Paglia just to piss people off? You be the judge:
chad518: I just can’t figure out why the media is still talking about Sarah Palin.
DangerGirl6: Palin: Now is the time to reach out to Obama & new admin & offer some suggestions to help work together.Im ready to help Obama re: Energy.
JennLWilliams: sara palin is such a dumb c*@#… get off the tv please
Cheavor: Palin still talking about President-Elect Obama paling around with Terrorists.. wow
andrewcherwenka: The world just breathed a collective sigh of relief. Palin has offered to help Obama.
poggibonsi99: time for some Blitzer – some person’s on tonight that I tried to remember – Palin? bah. (humbug)
Cheavor: Why are all these Political folks still trying to keep the talk of Palin alive?? She’s still the same dummy
MKE: CNN: "Sarah Palin says she’d be honored to help Obama." I’m confused. Didn’t she already help him get elected?
_101_: [bbc] Palin stokes 2012 run speculation: Defeated Republican running mate Sarah Palin further stokes e..
Egonx: OMG: The election is over, she lost, when are we going to STOP hearing from Palin?
eleicoes: #eleicoes Bush vai escrever livro; Palin pode roubar a cena – JB Online
QuickFacts: Augsburg College hockey player from Alaska wearing Palin pin assaulted on election night, given black eye.
irene4obama: Governor Palin…I typed in my southern accent.
jdelabar: Just make Sarah Palin go away.
CaryRN: @dan_hughes I tried to upload a pic of the Palin invite to twitpics but alas, I’m incompetent.
tnr: THE STUMP: Palin as Yoda

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