Eating Each Other Alive… December 26, 2008

When will the carnage end?

mrfletcher: Okay, I had to laugh…: see Sarah Palin pictures
stevemullis: Sarah Palin’s 2009 calendar is the #1 Amazon office supply. Read that a few times, let it sink in.
smarmythatguy: @magicant1983 According to Palin it’s god holding us tighter.
WordsOfQuipdom: $64k Pyramid: "A sack full of dimes, Sarah Palin, Schrodinger’s Cat, and Gatorade." "Things that would make a terrible Vice-President."
charliehart86: 2:44 grandma says mom is pretty like Sarah palin. Things begin to unravel
CMarkGriffin: @dcagle Light skinned black man with hair like blogo ducking a shoe for the old guy?
hiddenfall: Palin. The anti-drug:
akkricket: @rcarrasco I love Sarah Palin…=)
happygirl616: @tonydornacher Bacteria clearly haven’t found God yet. Sarah Palin could probably help them. She’s my Good Christian role model.
rcarrasco: Navarrette: Sarah Palin understands small-town America –
donfubar: It’s Friday, that must mean a new 1Up Yours is online! Will Sarah Palin make an appearance? Tune in to find out!
oregonBNN: Jack Bog’s Blog: Clutch player: Nothing riles up readers more than discussion of Sarah Palin’s miracle birth (an..
tigerbeat: RNC chair candidate @chipsaltsman gave goodie bag 2 RNC members w/CD incl Barack the Magic Negro 1st played by Limbaugh
poplifebiz: Sarah Palin Calendar 2009
RachaelDickson: just went to frankoma pottery w/ aram and my parents. (in oklahoma now) my mom bought a cool mccain/palin elephant mug- white w/ red flecks
008jtd: 15 Spopolano negli Usa i «12 mesi» con Sarah Palin : «Hockey Mom» è al secondo posto nelle vendite di calendar..
JayRyanAstro: Awesome letter to Sarah Palin from the Mat-Su Frontiersman (AK) – really nails the election, Dems, Repubs — #tcot
rockstarpolitic: 2008 was all things historical from Obama, Palin, Hillary, markets, etc
olivr: Et depuis Blogo, c’est comment Twitter ?
cherrystem7: OMG puke fest Palin Cal 2009- havent u totured us enough listening to u speak- now we have to look at u year round
youlist: <a href=" "> palin porno video tube </a> , [u...
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Calendar girl: Number of comments: 1
The 2009 Sarah Palin Calendar is available.
billfinger: I would order a 2009 Sarah Palin calendar, but I'm afraid it would send the wrong message to the polar bears.
rinf_community: Ann Coulter Loves Palin ... Displaying the Right's Problem in a Nutshell
bluenile777: Want to know what the world will be like with Sarah Palin as President? check out
ccadelago: David Kurtz: Chip Saltsman's Christmas gift to RNC members was a CD that includes the Limbaugh "satirical" tune, "Barack, the Magic Negro."
tiddlytwinks: New Post: Sarah Palin Calendar & Blokus Board Game #1 Amazon Best Gift: announced on Friday ..
rickt: i can has sarah palin calendar? and steel-tipped darts?
2012Palin: New York - Sarah Palin Calendar Gives Us Excuse to Mention Sarah ...: Sarah Palin! She's such great copy! She's ..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin Calendar!: Want to buy the Sarah Palin Calender 2009? LALATE has for you the Sarah Palin Calendar 20..
jkp1187: Apparently, the Sarah Palin calendar is now a hot seller.
droombos: las dat jerney in de politiek wil OMG ;) dat is crisis en Palin tegelijk
locuta: @marcnext @droombos Sarah Palin en crisis... same thing!
twitterpatedme: @bitchinmona Driving home yesterday I saw a McCain-Palin sign that no one had removed from a hillside. I kinda wanted a Red Ranger BB Gun...
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: MSN Says Ridiculing Palin Is the Top TV Moment of 2008
locuta: @droombos Sarah Palin.
bitchinmona: Lunch was yummy going down. Hope it's as good coming up after seeing "Maverick 12" Palin-for-Prez baseball tee. STILL seething. Gross.
kellysims: Kicking Blogo tires.
ACContent: The 2009 Sarah Palin Calendar: The 2009 Sarah Palin Calendar is Amazon's best selling item in the Office Supplie..
haripakorss: Blogo 1.2 Adds New Options: A while back we looked at Blogo, a unified blogging and microblogging client. Now th..
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) Newsweek Uses Year-End Edition to Take Potshots at Palin
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Newsweek Uses Year-end Edition to Take Potshots at Palin: Newsweek sprinkled throug..
dalionqn: The woman that I call Sarah Palin in my office is WAY too excited that she got a Wii for Christmas, lol!
beccaomgz: At my grandfather’s house. Still no talk of sarah palin. So far, so good.
instapundit: SARAH PALIN TOPS AMAZON BESTSELLER LIST. Okay, it’s in “office products,” but still . . . (Via th…: SARAH PALIN ..
newsbusters: Newsweek Uses Year-End Edition to Take Potshots at Palin: Newsweek sprinkled throughout its year-end double issu..
sbose64: Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy’s Mom Arrested on Drug Charges /Gawker: Top Stories/ – The mom of Levi …
leonnea: I hope that the 20 something sporting the pink Palin 4 Prez baseball jersey with #12 Maverick on tha back was exercising great sarcasm.
niltiac: @jayrosen_nyu I know! It’s like the McCain aides who wanted to be off-the-record when defending Palin. Some are afraid of their own shadow.

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