Eating Each Other Alive… January 12, 2009

When will the carnage end?

macadvocate: @AlexanderDSM The audacity of that woman and her NBC stunt the other week astonished me, the fact that Hannity took the bait–not so much!
Chealion: Re-installing Office 2008 for the fourth time in the last 2 months… Not sure what I do to corrupt my install that nothing will open.
Dave_T: Photo: Sarah Palin condoms.
redatando: E o PT deu a largada no projeto "Sarah Palin Tupiniquim". Agora vai, Dilma
polymath22: #Hannity thanked #cheney for keeping anything from happening since #911. Guess he forgot #anthrax.
nloeillot: 気をつけて下さい! Sweet life in France can corrupt Japanese girls…
muncman: Just saw a "PALIN 12" license plate.
Aerocles: RT @ozsultan OMG, Sarah Palin condoms.
ozsultan: OMG, Sarah Palin condoms.
lizscherer: RT@davewiner. Sarah Palin condoms I cld make a few comments but will hold my tongue for a change.
eddycole: RT: @davewiner Photo: Sarah Palin condoms.
breakaway23: Sean Hannity is a no-talent assclown
abarclay: @minerva08 :-) nah! Listening to Rush Limbaugh
davewiner: Photo: Sarah Palin condoms.
DarenB: Palin should be careful of @TheRealBobPoe. Check out him and his bid for AK governor.
loradow: Adieu NYC. You’re a little dirty and a little crazy and that’s why I love ya.(note the "ya" shout out to Sarah Palin)
Virtualgoodz: when I say "ya" now always with sarah palin’s most famous "and i’ll get back to YA" in mind ! always a good laughter!
Flash: @curtismchale You figure the hardware is bad or the firmware is corrupt?
SteveJax: @andersoncooper No. Sarah Palin pushed her kids into the media during her entire campaign. Obama did not! Double standard my ass!
jay_lass: missing sarah palin. she was good theatre.
kolpanic: @shayman A radio button that gets Rush Limbaugh
kentsclark: @Stern_Gang Torah says slavery is OK, but only from neighbor countries. 4 US does that include Russia? Palin can see it from her house #Gaza
potentiate: @brooksbayne Palin. "It was sanctioned by God". Bush. Cheney. Pat Robertson. Just about every GOP I know.
gculliss: Really liked this cool video "John Ziegler Takes on MSNBC’s O’Donnell Over Palin" (
pomeu: @apbarros Minha preocupação é que em 2010 a gente está mais próximo da Palin que do Obama. :-(
Caraway: getting ready to hop in my car and head home! An all new Hannity is on tonight…Fox News!
AblativMeatshld: @gattaca get in line! I offered to corrupt the process first!!
lilithiz: " This image appears corrupt. Please upload a different image." Qual foi orkut?
ungarop: @flightblogger Do you have a source on that Sarah Palin wuote? Classic.
spicermedia: windows Windows 7:Fail. Apparently my x64 download was corrupt. Now I’ve got to try downloading it again…
BeEtLjOoZ: RT @thebcast #TCOT #thebcast We’re back live at 4:05pm w/ John Ziegler w/ Sarah Palin
pigactor: Did you hear Rush Limbaugh today? I contacted Cathy (she called Rush 2day) who made the Ramp4Paws dog ramp: #tcot
EvilTeam: sarah palin on keith olbermann: "THAT guy is EVIL!"
polymath22: #Hannity to have #dickcheney on radio show in 10 minutes. Sean to fellate dick.
stevenleckart: "what is it that drives someone to believe the worst and perpetuate the worst in terms of gossip, lies?"-s. palin
ganjablue: Change, Fail: Obama will continue the ignorant, prejudiced, and corrupt policy of previous administrations, prohibition.
glenngiven: "Palin had the beneficial effect of splitting her party between her admirers and people who can read." lol
Mitch_M: So let’s get this straight; Burris may enter the Senate after being picked by a corrupt governor, but Franken wins and can’t be sworn in?
nuvonewsweekly: Rogers: Pondering Palin vs. Kennedy –
KalAx: For some reason I JUST realized that there are definitely other people in the US named "Sarah Palin" and am feeling so sorry for them!!
stevenleckart: sarah palin on keith olbermann: "THAT guy is EVIL!"
lefebvre: Windows 7:Fail. Apparently my x64 download was corrupt. Now I’ve got to try downloading it again.
robertmurray: what do we have to do to vote this guy (and Palin) off the island?
SirEkim: @ricksanchezcnn Maybe Joe the Plumber followed Palin’s example: She sees Russia and can be VP. He watches TV and can be a war reporter…
AndrewAltenburg: @anamariecox just finished watching the BSG mini and agrees, but if Tigh is McCain does that make Mary McConnell Sarah Palin?
INFECTEDPB503: @EA maybe you could help? Where is Obama/Palin for Mercs2? I can’t figure out how to access them. THX
austinmiles: Dear Nigeria: Pretend to be the corrupt CEO of one of the Hundreds of failing companies in the US and you have a chance at scamming people
myspyderweb: Just got reminded that it’s also Rush Limbaugh ‘s birthday today. Think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.
VerenaFuchs: Palin: Couric, Fey profited by ‘exploiting’ me
dougrichards: Just in time for the inauguration -Sarah Palin calendar. FAIL!

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