Eating Each Other Alive… January 20, 2009

When will the carnage end?

mjmcardle: OMG Sean Hannity has a dating service. This must be stopped. Think of what that gene pool will look like in a generation.
judyistweeting: @forbetaorworse Know your corrupt net-neutrality-hatin’ Alaska republicanz from your blue-blooded Boston-Irish drunk-drivin’ democratz, yo!
aidasani: Hitesh .. it is now upon all of us to shut up and pretend that Sarah Palin rules for the next 3 years and 8 months.
timweber: Prediction. Next election is a throw away by the repubs using Palin then in 8 Hillary will win. The the repubs will win it back after 1 term
DustyGriswall: Rush Limbaugh said the "poet" today sounded like the voice on this car’s GPS. lol
jonathanlieberm: @hober People like Biden because he is not Palin
twaboutMCCAIN: twaboutMCCAIN> @spiller2 You supported McCain/Palin? Or Clinton?
spiller2: @daraghlally McCain/Palin
astrosteve: @avflox I can just see some fanatical Republican (Rush Limbaugh?) touting today’s Dow performance as a sign that Obama will lead us to ruin.
shelbailey: A look at what Palin is doing on the big day
daraghlally: @spiller2 You supported McCain/Palin? Or Clinton?
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Britney Spears – WOMANIZER! Palin on SNL! Madonna Divorce!
Reggie20: Palin interview help Couric’s career….
Rainderrr: @shortyawards I vote for @Charlestrippy in the Shorty Awards Finals for #humor because he beats Sarah Palin any day.
paprikacha: My public speaking prof mentioned the possibility of Palin being mauled by a moose. I am in love. Or at least deep awe.
amreldib: I wonder where Sarah Palin were today?
FixedR6: @wingrove you mean Palin
abrunelle: Betsy says, "could you imagine if today had been McCain & Palin?"
memoriadei: The reason this inauguration was peaceful is because O won. Had it been McCain/Palin, would look like Iraq.
tpryan: @adrocknaphobia actually rush limbaugh already said he’s not giving obama a chance.
zonker: Whew! The 8 years of the Theocratic Neo-con regime is over. Let’s send them (and Palin, "Joe", others) to the dust-bin of history.
MissAnesthesia: Bid on a Sara Palin Effigy- Noose Included
CandaceSalima: @Adam_Bitely – Sean Hannity, yesterday, said $180,000,000! With a struggling economy, not a good sign of economic wisdom.
gilrogers: @bradjward definitely ‘you know’ …. You sound like Sarah Palin that way.
unewhaven: @bradjward definitely ‘you know’ …. You sound like Sarah Palin that way.
hotdogwheel: Someone should check if sean hannity is hanging from a ceiling fan.
2012Palin: Darin Murphy: Far Right Inaugurates Palin as "Their President" (HuffingtonPost): In an unprecedented moment in h..
chas4prog: N.B.: the factually challenged fat boy is rusH limbaugH
swanksalot: @moryan and wtf: "women hand out babies"? Benedict’s been listening to more Rush Limbaugh than is healthy
Lawyer_Tom: has closed down. My sources tell me that Sarah Palin has called dibs on this website for 2012.
pandamonial: @bellware there are people that you follow that are beyond corrupt and lack any integrity. Not just MS based
aebennett: @SkinnyDan Well, over 50% of our population is mental then. I’m just happy Palin is nowhere near DC.
Lizz_A: @dtcdeals Personally, as long as it’s not McCain or Palin, I’m happy. Palin REALLY pissed me off. + it’s hard not to get swept up in events.
pjmommy: The Big Discussion: When Sarah Palin discussed teaching children about abstinence rather than safe sex practice,..
hobbinator: @JohnCleese so then, I take it you’re GLAD we didn’t inaugurate Sarah Palin as VP today?!!? ;) Yeah, me too! Big time! Time to move FORWARD!
darthsunshine: thinks she better take the McCain/Palin sticker off her car now :(
NickLongo: I can’t stop laughing at @reland1 .I wonder if she hangs out with Sarah Palin in Alaskarkansas. … Jellyfish in underwear, love it :)
chaosreactor: @williac Example: A large number of people pirate music because they generally feel the system controlling its distribution is corrupt.
karljones1: @NateHamilton You can always count on Hannity for a laugh.
aebennett: @SkinnyDan I guess 85% of our population is mental then…I’m happy about having a new president, and I’m happy Palin is nowhere near DC
raquefella: love those Sarah Palin Solid Gold dancers from Oklahoma.
vellica: Also thought: THANK GOD it’s not Palin on that step being saluted as she taggs along with aged McCain.
bellware: it’s astonishing what kind of decadent and corrupt behavior you can get away with if you’re willing to serve microsoft
alaskaBNN: Alaska Chinook: The "Porta-Party" Ticket: It was so refreshing to see Sarah Palin absent from the inauguration, ..
jadedbarbie: Apparently someone likes my AIM away message: "Like Palin’s brain I am not here."
Meryl333: Only 17% of people say they don’t approve of Obama. Rush Limbaugh is there for them.
Shpaige: I refuse to recognize obama as my president .. FROM NOW ON … Sarah Palin is my president . yay sarah palin !
REalaska: Governor Palin announces 50% renewable energy goal by 2025

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