Eating Each Other Alive… January 20, 2009

When will the carnage end?

saywha: @thefirst3rd ballin’ > palin
mainelife: @mainemom you forgot Sarah Palin….she’s a Peanuts character right?
ThursdayGirl: Seriously Sean Hannity? It’s Hannidate – for like-minded conservative singles: Where do I sign up???
sassykitts: @Viva_Voce Any of them would have made a better candidate than McCain; if it hadn’t been for Palin, BO would have mopped the floor with him
drthomasho: NO Hannity tonight? SHUCKS! #SGPball
bigkafka: @khemboy Palin/rifle: just poking fun at her….
ET_nowplaying: Without the filter – Sarah Palin likes to talk to us without the media getting in the way. –
leglbegl: Ann Coulter on Hannity today was ticking him off with her graciousness! HH right about the rightie crazies on Clinton. #hhrs
Emmi20isAwesome: @Mega_Dude1 i look like sarah palin when i put my glasses on and she sounds eerily like tina fey
Viva_Voce: Last night on Hannity Dick Morris said B Clinton once told him that Repubs and Dems were in agreement about aiding the poor & lower class…
chucklasker: @NickLongo Yeah, #tcot is like Sarah Palin and Karl Rove in bed.
Durin: @DorkmanScott Rush Limbaugh’s comments perhaps?
Governor_Palin: Governor Palin Announces Release Of Energy Guide
kitsunenoir: Rush Limbaugh is a fat piece of shit that the world would be better of without:
dspark: "Alaska has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates and that’s just in the Palin’s driveway." Comedian Johnny Steele.
Eyebee: @Forian I’ve always considered Limbaugh’s opinions to be insignificant and puerile.
Forian: Limbaugh hopes everyone fails (except him of course). re:
RViddy: @ijustine Would you prefer a Palin Water?
facedub: New Template Upload: Palin
boogabee: Watched the inaug., quite impressive. Can’t help but wonder though if the same fuss would have been made were Palin the 1st female VP.
AmericanSweetie: @amandacarpenter also back in oct thanks for the trackback on TH to my blogg about the Palin rally. I have a ton of traffic now! #sgpball
zenpundit: @selil No reason for FOXnews to cry They will go ratings BOOM with the first major partisan blowout. Ditto Rush Limbaugh
CreativeArtSoul: Just an observation and not that I really care…but where was Sarah Palin today??
wpeterson: At inauguration party, pouring out a sip for my homie Sarah Palin for her help electing Barack Obama.
Governor_Palin: 2006 Republican Gubernatorial Debate Part 1: Sarah Palin
PeteCooke: Im sick of all these guys like hannity and rush, all they say is negative. Leave the guy alone,Obama call them sour pusses in his book!!!
twaboutMCCAIN: twaboutMCCAIN> THE FIRST FAMILY « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, J..
tripleKML76: She sounds like Sarah Palin
silas216: THE FIRST FAMILY « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more
Gissur: just came back from a huge protest in Reykjavik Iceland. Finally people are stepping up and going after this corrupt ministration!
LakeMtkaLiberty: (VIDEO) Glenn Beck chokes up introducing Sarah Palin: I can tell you this, it’s not what you think. This puts a ..
MyndeMayfield: of course the stock market dropped today. it’s based on the ‘old (corrupt)’ & is no longer a viable barometer. it’s broke(n), remember?
wizard7926: @justasundaygirl rush limbaugh is a fucking racist prick.
downtheticket: @AliAkbar Hey man! We have Lee Greenwood AND Billy Ray Cyrus! Just ask Hannity! And if you disagree, you’re un-American.
tonyperaica: Melrose Park among "worst small towns to own a home." It’s also one of the most corrupt. #ildirt #ICOT #TCOT
joshthewebguy: In other news, Rush Limbaugh continues his role of chief DB:
sarandipity: Hannity is cracking me up. Brills. Well played, sir, well played.
grandmastaj: Honestly, what do people expect to gain by pissing on an important milestone in US history. McCain lost, Palin’s a fraud.
thewordofgeorge: i would fuck sarah palin until her vagina and my penis turned into dust
CapitanAcab: Ahora que he recuperado la serenidad, twitter no me deja quitarme el avatar de Sarah Palin. Mierda. Así no hay quien me tome en serio.
KKDur: #hhrs I like D.Limbaugh’s column about Repubs not drinking the kool-aid w/ the Dems. b/c of BO’s personal attributes.
davechurchill: is the Sarah Palin of the math society
cchwhere: Ben Smith: …Republican operative emails: "As I watched Biden take the oath of office, I thanked God that it was not Sarah Palin up there."
dievampiredie: Obama. Obama. Obama. What up Palin?
mjmcardle: OMG2: Even funnier is the Hannity dating site is running a "Chinese women seeking love" banner ad. seriously.
TariAkpodiete: drug-addicted rethuglian blowhard scumbag Limbaugh on his wishes for the new president: "I Hope Obama Fails"
bryceb: @justasundaygirl rush limbaugh is a big fat idiot
justasundaygirl: Rush Limbaugh said he hopes Obama fails? <angry face>
hannity: undo

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