Eating Each Other Alive… January 21, 2009

When will the carnage end?

janieo: @ricksanchezcnn well of course he wants him to fail otherwise,what would he have to say? take a pill limbaugh.
BuzzDash: Are you still interested in what Sarah Palin has to say?
mister_raroo: @missus_raroo Plus, they like idiots like Rush Limbaugh!
cutestmidget: @jasminf i love colleagues who corrupt ;)
Lok52: @ricksanchezcnn Obama’s statement now makes better news than limbaugh.
dmooney9: @itsonlywords define socialism b/c Sarah Palin never did so what do #tcot consider socialism.
jochan1977: R/T @cyn3matic @ricksanchezcnn If Obama fails, the country fails. WHY DOES RUSH LIMBAUGH WANT THE COUNTRY TO FAIL? You should ask him that.
gbishop35: @rebeccamoon don’t corrupt him in the womb with onions.
UnionSt: @nowtoronto Well, Palin can get someone to look it up for her.
kevross: In midsentence about how in the hell do we have all this confidence because of Barack, Limbaugh’s show is interrupted by "The Magic Negro"
whereisang: Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. There, I said it.
daveburdick: So… is this Palin encouraging transition towns?
teaspout: "Courage is grace under pressure." -Hemingway / Watched BBC Michael Palin Hemingway Travels & can see this with bullfighting in Valencia.
califdweller: @ricksanchezcnn Limbaugh wants obama to fail? Rush – wake up and realize that your hate-mongering days are coming to their rightful demise..
Fritinancy: At Inauguration ball last night in Oakland, talked w/ woman who’d voted twice for Bush and supported McCain till he picked Palin.
lateniteneal: I’m back! Palin 2012!
davfar: Fighting the FTP/font file problem again. Posting fonts to FTP site always tends to corrupt the font. Gotta ZIP ‘em first.
minimoniotaku: @ricksanchezcnn Lord knows, if anyone knows about failure, it’s Rush Limbaugh. #tcot #tlot #elephant_hunt #wingnut
LordPerky: @stephenfry Last night I got drunk. Ended up taking home a sexy parrot! Had her on the sofa. I woke up in the morning. It was Sarah Palin !
freerepublic: Governor Palin Releases Energy Guide: Governor Palin Releases Energy Guide Goal: 50 Percent of Electricity Gener..
thinkingpoints: Perverse pseudo-patriotism: Limbaugh says "I Hope Obama Fails." And if Obama does fail, what of America?
WineWonkette: @cyn3matic et al Why Does Rush Limbaugh Hate America?
calebhays: @cdixon25 i’ll agree with you on the pre-emptive strike business (which I agree with), but Palin is a big "govt efficiency" proponent.
ray_campbell: Right now I am listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio.
LAist: Own a Piece of West Hollywood History: The Sarah Palin Effigy:        This ad..
deansms: Does Wilkow’ voice sound similar to Hannity? I went five hours one day thinking, "Hannity is on the air a long time today."
arnor: I fully expect Palin to run in ’12; on a platform of Obama being too elitist and smart to represent "real" (aka. stupid) Americans…
calebhays: @cdixon25 I don’t think palin is a "neocon" … What makes you think she is? #tcot
calebhays: @reimagin preach it! (re: Gov. Palin)
johncollins: @suptaco burberry scarves stopped being cool when sarah palin wore one.
kevross: Listening to Limbaugh and wondering where black Republicans fit in. If we praise Obama, we’re RINO’s, and it we dog him we’re Uncle Toms.
TMV: First Day of Operation Redemption – Rush Limbaugh:
As President Obama makes his way through his first full day ..
Mini_Nova: Movies Michael Palins New Europe HD Suisse Ep 3 Roumanie – ALF-RDI (1S/0L): Michael Palin’s New Europe-200..
_vinyltap: they’re pissed b/c of his snide commentary during the inauguration and Obama’s speech. WELL HELLO?you’re playing RUSH LIMBAUGH during the…
gregular: Students reduced to tears upon hearing Limbaugh commentary on inauguration
chi_weets: Rush Limbaugh claims he is "Doctor of Democracy". I foresee a flew of malpractice lawsuits coming:
oneluckygirl: Tina Faye is on Sesame Street right now…or is it Sarah Palin? I can’t tell.
katiekuntz: I agree. But I was hoping McCain would kick the bucket and Sarah Palin would get it. I lost faith when they all voted for the bailout.
craxy: @fXE20170 The Palin/Fey jokes just won’t stop. I’ll probably go back to them more often than not.
katiemorrow: @elemenous "The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think dif …
scstrr: I wonder if ZFS technology in some sense can finally fix file corruption issues like this. My Sync Services dbs/files are also corrupt …
dmooney9: @itsonlywords. I certainly hope so but the rhetoric of Hannity ORielly stirs anger. Olbrrman and Stewart make us laugh. Must stop anger.
Audrey_T: @ShockTwist It’s okay. I’ll have fun shooting animals with Palin and…getting pregnant. That’s what Alaskan’s do, right?
Chris1051: Glenn Beck Gets Emotional Over Sarah Palin
lancerichard2nd: Limbaugh is on!!!!!!!
HighPlainsBlogr: Blaming Rush Limbaugh and Conservatism for Republican Woes
cafen8d: Palin on Bush doctrine… I prefer the Brazilian
david_n_wilson: @HarlemWriter updating now, but still…I can’t imagine it’s the Desktop Manager causing your sync not to work. Something is corrupt.
crazeegeekchick: RT @travel_freak Airlines threaten to move flights from Atlanta (fyi – ATL has some of the most corrupt leaders)
PopRule: Popped! – Palin Snubbed by McCain Dinner Guest List?

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