Eating Each Other Alive… January 22, 2009

When will the carnage end?

aprilliesel: Sarah Palin gives her State of the State Address tonight. And I have a board meeting with my Republican Womens Federation club. #TCOT #SGP
hopeinhell: @amoir yes.. it’s good to know you can corrupt them young if you just put in a little bit of effort.. :)
lolnewz: Rush Limbaugh sez "HAI, AI AM NOT GOEN! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!11111eleven"
scooplarue: Finally, the truth: Housekeeper and Taxes Are Said to Derail Kennedy’s Bid… on Drudge and Hannity. #TCOT
altern1ty: @hannity not everyone can have perfect hair and perfect fashion sense, Shawn! Leave the poor guy alone. :)
hannity: @ricksanchezcnn Your tie and shirt clash badly.
eclairre: How sad… I can’t get it to download — "corrupt file". :/
tjonsek: RT @joeschmitt Me,(edited…) Darth Vader, Sarah Palin, a guy who says Stoked & a cat. And I’m in 2nd. Please vote:
lbautist: vzw sync is working again. not sure why. maybe the corrupt msg was from last week. #ihatemanagingpdas
flippytheclown: pci.sys missing or corrupt. this sux
knucklehead13: @WVULauren Oh, wait-there was the time they put the McCain/Palin sticker on my car I didn’t discover until I got home…
evansfield: Just had the unfortunate experience of hearing Limbaugh rant against the new admin. Really? After one day? Franken was right about that guy
alejandrodanois: peta wants vick to get a brain scan, yet no one requested the same for sarah palin and her moose killing?
mattlanger: Things That Would Be Funny If They Weren’t True (vol. 1,472): Sarah Palin is shopping a book.
riebschlager: Can someone please explain to me why Rush Limbaugh is relevant? Please phrase your answer in the form of a boot to Rush Limbaugh’s face.
tennesseeBNN: Tennessee News Platoon: Details of the corrupt bargain in Tennessee emerge: We now probably know most of the ter..
muttmutt: @brlittle Latent homosexual tendencies, I suspect. Limbaugh and his big, fat cigars… Sometimes a cigar **isn’t** just a cigar! :-P
trappermark: @JoshuaDRollins I KNEW Rush Limbaugh was behind the whole union thing. I knew it!
Sutowd: I Hope Rush Limbaugh fail!!!! He is too negative for my taste. What happened to patriotism? Rush open your mind….
indianaBNN: Indy’s Conservative Hardball: Rush: "I want (Obama) to fail": Rush Limbaugh.Love him or hate him, he’s never bee..
lyndonbjohnson: Saw a great shirt today: I’d fuck Sarah Palin…by voting for Obama
lefat1: would mccain/palin have thought of this?
tlestage: Obama has been president barely 2 days now and already that douche bag Sean Hannity is ranting about him. Oh well.
joeschmitt: I’m in a popularity contest with Darth Vader, Sarah Palin, a guy who says Stoked & a cat. And I’m in 2nd. Please vote:
markehrlich: at work listening to Hannity & Medved …
kylekeesling: @Ddrucki case in point: Sean Hannity
GoogleNewsElect: Sarah Palin may be shopping a book – Los Angeles Times: Monsters and Critics.comSarah Palin may be shopping a bo..
leursism: @MattQ90 Sounds like an MFP… are you sure it’s the mailbox that is corrupt? Or is the app itself?
Tolemac: @Shmoe Limbaugh is a disingenuous clown that does not deserve our attention.
TemporalFlush: @SomethingGirl although one should note that the Rush Limbaugh Show might be described as three hours of paranoid hysteria, 5 days a week :)
bkgodfrey: @jmp5329 had to step away from my desk, what was Hannity saying? (was it about Gitmo closing or Geithner’s approval?)
GregMyers777: Sarah Palin is on the offensive against news organizations,bloggers she says are perpetuating malicious gossip about her and her children
stevedrees: @stales forward the attachment to a gmail address and see if you can open it in google documents. Could be a corrupt attachment
laurentio: Warning: Windows 7 beta could corrupt your MP3s!!!
GregMyers777: Palin to news organizations: Leave my kids alone
mccombover: Rick Sanchez and Wayne Slater on Rush Limbaugh Hoping Obama Fails:
Posted in Barack Obama, News, Politics, Rick..
bbhm: Idiot alert: "I hope he fails," Rush Limbaugh on day two of President’s term. If Obama fails the country fails.
CBSNewsHotSheet: Book Or TV Deal For Palin?
HuffNewswire: MediaMatters: Limbaugh offers "teachable moment" for struggling "Marie" – says he is not "whining" ..
tabbiewolf: Also, Rush Limbaugh hoping that President Obama fails? That’s totally asinine.
jmp5329: Holy Moly Hannity was on a tear the opening of his show today #tcot where are the tums?
michaelspence: @Nobilis @sonicsociety Stipulated. The problem with bloggers: no peer-review. At least Big Media has it. even if corrupt.
Shmoe: Rush Limbaugh "I Hope Obama Fails" — And progressives are the anti-americans? Pot, meet Kettle.
petercoffin: Dropping Rush Limbaugh song idea
ElectionWatch: Sarah Palin may be shopping a book (Los Angeles Times): The former GOP vice presidential candidate is reportedly..
sgaudin: Interesting how Rush Limbaugh calls himself a patriot, yet he says he wants President Obama to fail.
giorjess: persistence pays- just got Jerry Rice on the Sean Hannity Show- cross your fingers. here we goooooooooooooo!
twaboutMCCAIN: twaboutMCCAIN> Meghan McCain refuses to comment on Palin

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