Eating Each Other Alive… January 24, 2009

When will the carnage end?

javantiger: Not a peep about Rush Limbaugh’s response to Obama’s comment about him and the GOP. Rush hits Obama with laser guided precision. #hhrs
aprilliesel: @gretawire I’m launching on Feb. 11,2009 for THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION… SARAH PALIN! #TCOT #SGP #UGOP
GlennBelverio: @YuliZ Sarah Palin, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy & Camille Paglia (last one I’ve had lunch & dinner with several times).
LATimesdishrag: Sarah Palin seeks $11 million for her book? Dream on!: Does Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin think she can get $11 millio..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin may be shopping a book (Los Angeles Times): The former GOP vice presidential candidate is reportedly..
aprilliesel: @gretawire I saw her State of State LIVE. SPOT ON! I plan on moving to Alaska in 1/10 to campaign 4 whatever Palin wants 2 run for. #TCOT
trxckster: trying to recover a "corrupt & unreadable" NTFS volume
marks76: Tom Zarek is Gov. F-Bomb Blogojevich? I’m scared that I actually agreed with Zarek (not Blago). What a mind frak. #bsg
effle: Great thing about Twitter is that you can find out palin is selling her shoes on eBay–67 TIMES!!!!!
TerenceSmelser: Reading: "Limbaugh Responds to Obama – Byron York – The Corner on National Review Online" ( )
gretawire: Governor Palin had words for President Obama, Former President Bush … and …: Governor Palin had a few…
derrickcarlisle: @aprilliesel alaska, Palin… That’s awesome. Let us twitter/ #TCOT folks know if we can help. Does ur profile say ur in Manhatten?
spsexton: Why is Sarah Palin showing up on my Facebook sidebar? Where’s my whiteout?
aprilliesel: @derrickcarlisle Hey I’ve got to get use to this weather. I’m moving to Alaska to campaign for Palin next year. So I’ve got to adapt. #TCOT
dabobert: never drop a laptop is truer and more useful than never shake a baby. shaking babies does not corrupt data
rgkeith: Merc most viewed: eBay buyer refuses to complete purchase of Palin effigy with noose: A Sarah P..
rolita816: Rush Limbaugh’s response to our pop star president:
dfjkl: watching SNL presidential bash right now. The Palin/Couric interview re-enactment part is now. AWESOME IT IS!! I love Tina Fey!!
stageleft: There’s nothing wrong with listening to Limbaugh, it’s when you start believing he’s right that the problems start
kelly2277: RT @kelly2277 A MUST FOLLOW!!! Finally, the liberals have found Rush Limbaugh’s soul mate!
BarackObama_: Limbaugh Responds to Obama
GretaLiveWire: Governor Palin had words for President Obama, Former President Bush … and …: Governor Palin had a few…
littlebytesnews: If you could have lunch with three people alive who would it be? Mine:The Pope,Fmr Pres GW Bush& Sarah Palin ☺ #3forlunch
Shoshi: @kaylanicream Rush Limbaugh is a HUGH idiot. I actually think he’s jealous…
DavidGuenthner: Rush Limbaugh responds to Obama’s personal attack #tcot
KWBehrens: Why have we stopped hearing about these Democrats? These people are as corrupt now as 2 months a go.
kaylanicream: Rush Limbaugh says he hopes Obama fails. If Obama fails the country fails. What an idiotic comment. He’s such a racist idiot
natemaggio: In NYC and just meet Sockington, the creator on Comic Sans, the hip hop podcaster, and the peeps that made the Palin vote posters! Dooope.
nalinu: watching world news. interested in the search for truth? the true stories behind the events? British media is corrupt.
katiejr: @wajiii should have taken a drive out Hwy 30 towards Astoria before the election…homemade McCain/Palin signs in almost every yard.
copydoctor: awww, come on, give it up for Sarah Palin and whoever is selling her shoes on eBay, with John Lee Hooker . . . ♫
briantoth: Both of my hard drives attached the AirPort have corrupt files. Doubt it’s a coincidence. I really need a more reliable storage method.
mike_difonzo: controversial Palin Mannequin Sold 2247
newsblaze: If Sarah Palin Made a Pop-Up Book It Would Sell Even Better…
wajiii: Driving through downtown Salem, just saw a McCain/Palin bumper sticker for the first time ever — on an SUV with Washington plates. Hmm.
CalgaryRealtor: @unmarketing I’d go for Tina Fey, Sarah Palin and Keith Olbermann #3forlunch
kelly2277: A MUST FOLLOW!!! Finally, the liberals have found Rush Limbaugh’s soul mate!
euonymous: insider trading info in the (very corrupt) brokerage business
NewsOnTwitter: CBS NEWS – Oops! Palin Fan Mistakenly Bids On Effigy: A Sarah Palin supporter won an eBay auction, bid..
gifford89: @elarosee Palin is the best weapon the dems have! She’s worse than quayle! ;-)
boltron: OH "He’s a good guy he’s just a little overly corrupt"
worldgate: @pennjillette The inaguration means nothing to republicans because they lost and are bitter clinging to john mccain and palin.
DonnaLloyd: @garylamb I became a corrupt wine drinker when I married the son of a preacher : ) Lee will forgive if I send enough money there way:)
VS2008: Sarah Palin schrijft boek: Nu zij geen vicepresident is geworden heeft Sarah Palin alle tijd om een boek te schr..
jonmovroydis: Alinsky’s Rules?: Radio talk show star Rush Limbaugh predicts that Rush Limbaugh is being targeted by Pres..
FeedSquirrel: Fix for: 500 Null Corrupt form data: no leading boundary –
bapartofmylife: RT @infidelsarecool "Limbaugh Responds to Obama"
smoothup: Hopefully the conservatives will listen to Rush Limbaugh and not bend over to kiss Obama’s behind
AryeDirect: Saw this: ‘Obama vs Limbaugh’. Got me to thinking ‘Limbaugh vs Limburger’ would be a draw. Both smell as bad!

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