Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out — on March 21, 2009

We are hurting in the money department

No, wait! The love of money is the root of all evil! So are we less evil because we don’t have any. Or were the Fatcats who got us here more evil?

Go figure…

ki6amd: I have to wonder… why aren’t people mad at the people giving #bailout to #AIG ? Oh, Obama is involved… I forgot #bailout
2009-03-22 00:02:40 · Reply · View
osfancy: Reading: AIG Bonuses $218 Million, Not $165 Million, Blumenthal Says #bailout
2009-03-22 00:02:32 · Reply · View
voiceofthetruth: @donlemoncnn Great show! People are speculating about the Bonuses with AIG and are blaming different people. #bailout
2009-03-22 00:01:40 · Reply · View
feefer2: WSJ says Obama/Geithner are supposed to announce the details of the bank bailout plan tomorrow: bump for financials? Or sink like a rock? #bailout
2009-03-22 00:00:29 · Reply · View
xthedarkknightx: so 218 million in bonuses at AIG and now our government is upset. Washington, please stop letting us down #bailout
2009-03-21 23:56:26 · Reply · View
2009-03-21 23:55:25 · Reply · View
MagnoliaWahine: Greithner is guilty, as he negotiated the AIG bailout. Stop blaming your staff and resign! #bailout
2009-03-21 23:53:56 · Reply · View
DaveMadison: @itsonlywords The AIG recipients of the bonuses did not do anything that required legal trial #bailout
2009-03-21 23:52:11 · Reply · View
tyrus67: If now AIG fails , how do tax payers get their money back ? or i banks return the bailout and fail , did all this serve any purpose ? #bailout
2009-03-21 23:49:55 · Reply · View
Roths_child: Bushido Culture, AIG Bonuses, Wall Street and Accountability #bailout
2009-03-21 23:49:43 · Reply · View
HAMLETTINTL: @donlemoncnn The nerve of some on the right justifying AIG’s junkets and bonuses with MY TAX DOLLARS. This really really hurts. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:49:12 · Reply · View
CBSRadioNews: Coming up at 8pmET: Analysts are eager to see details of latest bank bailout program that could be announced as early as Monday. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:47:09 · Reply · View
updataholic: Economy Wrap-Up: AIG Bonuses, Toxic Asset Plan: Waves of anger continue to flow from Capitol Hill across America.. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:42:22 · Reply · View
jedijetton: Did some reading today. Wow the bailout and AIG along with "O’s" other work is not going to smooth. The press is starting to turn some. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:40:45 · Reply · View
dncblogs: Will Regulations Save Us? by dday The supposed saving grace of the Obama/Geithner bank bailout is that at least… #bailout
2009-03-21 23:38:03 · Reply · View
Shaundrie: @donlemoncnn my mother loss 1/4 of her retirement.AIG instead of givin bonuses y not refund the money that was loss 2 the account holders. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:37:14 · Reply · View
baffled: AIG bonuses "higher than thought" – just when you thought you couldn’t get any angrier over the whole bonus thing… #bailout
2009-03-21 23:33:33 · Reply · View
topix_usnews: AIG Gives Connecticut’s AG Blumenthal Data on Bonuses (Update3): "…no basis under Connecticut law for these me.. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:31:33 · Reply · View
maestro147: AIG bonuses ‘higher than thought’ . #bailout
2009-03-21 23:30:26 · Reply · View
egoldstein: Amplify’d: The government (Goldman Sachs) bailing out AIG (Goldman Sachs) to bailout Goldman Sachs #bailout
2009-03-21 23:30:14 · Reply · View
FrankClinn: The furor over the AIG bonuses is a smokescreen to distract us while they steal our children’s future. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:30:08 · Reply · View
masslivenews: AIG bonus protesters visit Connecticut’s posh Fairfield County: News of the bonuses last week ignited a firestor.. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:30:08 · Reply · View
anointd2srv: @donlemoncnn AIG giving taxpayer’s money as bonuses is not the same as gov. spending our money. AIG officials aren’t public officials. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:29:59 · Reply · View
loveusa: Chris Dodd admits to adding loophole in stimulus bill that allows AIG Bonuses!! #bailout
2009-03-21 23:28:35 · Reply · View
infernocloud: Be mad at the government for giving AIG the money. AIG had contracts for the bonuses. If you support property you have to support contracts. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:27:32 · Reply · View
ALNWealth: Protesters visit AIG officials’ lavish homes.News of the bonuses ignited a firestorm of controversy and even death threats against AIG #bailout
2009-03-21 23:27:25 · Reply · View
wwcasey: Were you mad that #AIG financial paid $165 million in bonuses? Then you’ll be livid to know it was really $218 million. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:27:22 · Reply · View
roberthdavis: AIG bonuses got you down? Learn to manage your finances in a God’s wayJoin us at #churchonline #bailout
2009-03-21 23:26:04 · Reply · View
loveusa: On March 3rd NY congressman Crowley asked Geithner about preventing the AIG bonuses #bailout
2009-03-21 23:25:16 · Reply · View
brokebroken: @donlemoncnn I’d better not hear some right-wing nut defend the AIG tax-funded bonuses as "earned" but the accuse Obama of being a socialist #bailout
2009-03-21 23:24:19 · Reply · View
mg_us: AIG bonuses $218 million, not $165 million, AG says: The ongoing AIG bonus controversy continued Saturday as Att.. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:24:19 · Reply · View
Luvbunnees: @donlemoncnn tell loudmouth that if AIG is allowed to hand out bonuses, the others will follow suit. Drop in the bucket, huh? #bailout
2009-03-21 23:24:14 · Reply · View
ChuckComplete21: @donlemoncnn Outraged over 165 million in bonuses versus 180 billion in bailout funds for AIG. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:23:12 · Reply · View
rednett: @datilcowman I agree with you about the AIG bonuses. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:21:04 · Reply · View
rc2010: Kratovil AIG Bailout Press Release:  Personal press release calling for district voters to contact Congressman F.. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:20:26 · Reply · View
ChuckComplete21: @donlemoncnn Why are AIG bonuses causing such outrage? Who loosed this shadow banking credit default swap fin. system on the world? #bailout
2009-03-21 23:20:14 · Reply · View
brokebroken: @donlemoncnn How can AIG bonuses be irreversible(contract law)if they’re based on performance or to retain talent (snort)&they stunk@job&/or #bailout
2009-03-21 23:19:40 · Reply · View
victorgaudioso: AIG gave away 218 mil in bonuses! Dude I will happily run their business into the ground for that kind of $$. Maybe I have the wrong job?? #bailout
2009-03-21 23:17:54 · Reply · View
brokebroken: @donlemoncnn Okay, I get that AIG bonuses might be irreversible (contract law). But if they’re based on performance or to retain talent (sno #bailout
2009-03-21 23:14:51 · Reply · View
djlewis: AIG paid $95B out of $170B TARP bailout to counterparties, etc. Great to know — but what about the other $75B?! #bailout
2009-03-21 23:14:33 · Reply · View
pronline: Public Fury:     As I hear and read more about AIG and the public’s outrage about executive bonuses, I thought b.. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:13:31 · Reply · View
lilindian: More AIG mess – wouldn’t want to be an exec living in Fairfield County – demonstations ugly. $218 million paid in bonuses – figures r off. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:13:20 · Reply · View
enki09: It looks as though AIG implemented the new retention bonuses in 2008 to replace the old executive bonuses that Cuomo blocked in 2007!!!!!!! #bailout
2009-03-21 23:12:33 · Reply · View
brandon_wirtz: @JoeDuck Why would it be? I’m not for AIG bonuses, but come on, you are going to hire replacements? #bailout
2009-03-21 23:11:57 · Reply · View
vanillacokehead: retweets @JoeDuck wait – the bonuses in question are for *past* work. Happy to pay bonuses to those who get AIG out of the *current* mess. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:11:07 · Reply · View
zagrrl: OK OK. AIG bonuses understated by $53 million not $50 million. Rounding error, so sorry! Won’t happen again, ha ha. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:10:50 · Reply · View
joeduck: @John_Corey wait – the bonuses in question are for *past* work. Happy to pay bonuses to those who get AIG out of the *current* mess. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:09:53 · Reply · View
BernieKram: Huffpost – Activists Protest Bonuses At AIG Executives’ Homes This is what happens when the wrong fires are stoked #bailout
2009-03-21 23:08:09 · Reply · View
aftermathradio: They Came for the AIG Bonuses, but I was not an AIG Employee…: Note: I usually save full quote-links to stories .. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:08:04 · Reply · View
francismata: RT @ZAGrrl AIG bonuses were – wait for it – UNDERSTATED! By about 50 million according to CNN. #bailout
2009-03-21 23:05:15 · Reply · View

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